LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting # 3482, May 6, 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

President George Van Wagner lobstered meeting number 3482 to order at 20:12:07

Special Orders of Business: There were no SOB stories brought to the Emperor's attention.

Someone pointed out that today is the 89th anniversary of the birth of Orson Wells.

The Menace were read and approved as "Where's the Remington when we need it". The other motion was defeated because it's not nice to knock a feather when it's down.

We have a program – Brett Achorn will show some anime.

The Registrars: Introduced Rainy and her daughter Melina LeVecque, and someone else whose name was lost in some general confusion.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

This is one about whom George has plenty of nothing to say. And frankly, so does everyone else.

Ed Green: Bob Null is an incredibly important member of the society, both in the work he does, and his nature. He's a nice guy. He's also the only three-time winner of the Evans Freehafer award. This is awarded to the one who's done the most good work for the Society over the past year.

Karen Anderson noted that Null is the marker for the first order infinity. (And Bob is, indeed, a LASFSian of the first order.)

Marty Cantor appreciates how handy Bob's been when Marty had to get to the hospital, and Marty has returned the favor. He also appreciates the help Bob gives in producing De Prof. He's missed very few collation sessions.

Hare Hobbs – when he first started coming to Lasfs in 80, he figured Bob Null must have been around a while. Turns out he'd been coming for only a couple of months. He just jumped in and got very busy doing stuff.

Leigh Strother-Vien: Without Null, this club would have probably screeched to a halt sometime in the 80s.

Joe Zeff: Null has done so much for logistics at Loscon, the position is the Bob Null position. He once accepted Fan GOH, on the provisoin that he do his logistics work. AS Veep, he redefined responsibilities as vice president.

MBT: Everyone has concentrated on meritorious aspects – helpful, hard worker, etc. Bob is in his quiet way, a fun person. He enjoys lots of things and will quietly share. Fond of songs of Stephen Foster. Ardent numismatist. He's also up on the history of Turkey and nearby areas of the globe.

CLJII: Bob is one of those whose willingness to help is not predicated on his interest in the material for which help is needed. His ability to help has been improved by his retirement. Thanks to LASFS, he's no longer stuck at home on the computer.

Bob Null was Three Cheers and absolutely nothing. and a pair of soda fairy wings...

Committee to Gouge: Has returned from the wilds of the midwest.

Rosie introduced yet another guest, whose name was drowned out in general hilarity.

Old Business: None!

New business: One piece, delivered with appropriate signatures.

Proposed: in recognition that North Hollywood High School finished fifth in the science bowl, the LASFS send a letter of congratulations to the members of the team and their advisors.

Passed without dissent.

Committee Reports

CLJII: We have a new serial starting tonight – Adventures of Captain Marvel. Three times in 20 years is not too unreasonable. FWEMS theme this month – All Mysterious Island All Day.

Dr AZ reminded us about the craft fair and bake sale on 6/5. Volunteers are always welcome.

Zeff: Magic the Gathering tournament – if it happens – will materialize here tomorrow night. (I thought it was your turn to cast the summoning spell!)

Greg Bilan – last week was LaLaCon 10. Thanks to all who helped make it possible, including those who showed up. Three cheers were given to all who helped, and especially for Greg Bilan – LaLaCon's Vice Chair – a bowl of gagh...

Ed Green had his two standard reports – Mike Thorsen passed the plate for the Spire. Fugghead standings are: DCS way out in 1st, 3300 votes. Christian 2nd, Ed Green 3rd, Royal Canadian Mounted Marty Cantor 4th, Matthew Tepper 5th, The Notorious Dr Sideburns 6th, Tad Daily's New World Order 7th, Marty Cantor in various flavors occupying the next few places, and Jerry Pournelle bringing up the rear at -155 or thereabouts.

Cinema Anime will take place this Saturday, featuring stuff not always found in stores.

Time-Bound Announcements

Over the next two weeks, there will be two bright comets in the sky. To see comet, go away from the city, and take a pair of binox.

Francis Hamit announced a pitch for a site online, Sends books, dvds, and personal items to troops overseas. Also, games and cards. Choose your service, choose your theater. (Even the theater of the absurd?)

George reminded all, this Sunday is the second of the month, and we have a board meeting. Following that, will be our usual Second Sunday gathering. Those who have no fear of LASFS and Sausage can watch us take a turn for the wurst.

Gruppo Sub Conscious will be playing at Hallenbeck General Store in the very near future.

C LJII announced that he has a couple of copies of Amazing Adventures left for sale.


John reviewed the Da Vinci Code. It's a thriller, involving a very different sort of grail quest. It's an interesting read, and lots of fun.

Karen Anderson added the information that the current issue of Discover has an article telling what in the Da Vinci code related to Fibonacci numbers is accepted and what is made up.

Doug Crepeau: In the movie Shreck II, the voice of "Puss N Boots" will be Antonio Banderas.

CLJII got to see a Japanese film, Gojira, in the "new restored" version, as released in 1954. Rialto films has resurrected the original and added American English subtitles.

Scratch pointed out Larry Niven who has a book. The Flying Sorcerers has been reprinted.

Mike Thorsen saw Hellboy, abd was impressed with FX and not that impressed with story. It was almost a formulaic adventure plot.

Fannish Committee Reports

George Van Wagner had a personal favorite entry for Darwin Award. Daryl Gates entered the World Belly Flop Contest. He dove off a bridge into Rock River some 20 feet below. This river is noted for cold water flowing at high speeds. No one knows why he entered, because "He don't know how to swim." (Well, it was a "belly flop" contest – not a word about swimming...)

Joe Zeff notes that after Phil and he moved to the new apartment, Phil loaned him a book on various mathematical weirdos, cranks, and oddballs. One chapter dealt with people who had discovered arithmetical tricks in base 12. One society of such folks even published a journal – in Esperanto.

Hare Hobbs reported on "As The Hare Turns". Monday, he had to work unloading a truck. Told it would be $130. When truck didn't show, Two people, instead of 4, spent 3.5 hours unloading. Then, Hare got to open all those boxes. Then he spent some time torturing himself with TV shows – time he had promised he wouldn't waste – especially on that awful mini series, "10.5"!

CLJII had a first-hand stupid crook report. Sitting in his apt watching "I Spy", he heard a crashing noise outside his apartment, followed by a display of red and blue lights outside his dining room window. He peeked, and then retreated to a more bullet-proof part of the apartment. A person in a van was fleeing Glendale's finest, and decided to escape by running over a spike strip, flattening his tires, and turning into the driveway. He got as far as the speed hump outside his door before the car wouldn't move.

Ed Green had another stupid citizen report. Being on public transportation, he now takes blue line to Long Beach to get home. One time, the bus had stopped at staples center as game was letting out. Next stop, two members of LA County Sheriffs got on. To the three folks who had been celebrating with lots of beer, they said, "It's good of you to take public transportation home." "Yep," they said, "right to the park and ride." In a change of plan, the deputies got off at the same stop the revelers did.

Doug Crepeau stopped at Golden Apple, and invited Aaron Magruder to LASFS. We may appear in a vast white-wing conspiracy some day.

Francis Hamit gets weird magazines. One for small business people is featuring "Private space development" this month. It's happening. (Yes, I know one of the magazines he gets is "Wired Magazine". That's not the only weird magazine he gets.)

Phil Castora – surrealism in everyday life – Joe Zeff and he have moved to another part of town. A number of times a day, they hear street vendors playing various tunes. Turkey in the Straw is popular. Music box dancer is also popular. Fur Elise is also popular. (What, no "Chicken Dance"? Is that only a Glendale phenomenon?) (Phil added that it's Fur Elise by Beethoven, not to be confused with "Fur Elise" by Death Row Records.)

Don Wenner had a celebrity sighting at the Autrey Museum. A western cowboy showed up, also known as a space cowboy. He graciously refrained from blaming the bullet hole in the bar on the Maverick in the back.

One member was driving in east LA, along Indiana Street. A guy in a Lincoln had to slam on the brakes, and hit his back bumper. He fled when a cell phone was displayed. The fellow is now in the custody of the CHP.


Bill Ellern announced JPL's open house next weekend.

Francis Hamit notes that the full 53 page report on Iraqi abuse can be found at It's thorough and well-written.

Ed Hooper is still trolling for Linux users.

Hare Hobbs – two weeks ago, on the red line, a guy with headphones was watching star trek DVDs on a portable player.

Stacy left her denim disneyland shirt at LA LA Con. She'd like it back.

CLJII: two items. Fun one first – He's been having to take the bus from place to place. and reading Bat magazine. Tired of reading about bats, he opened up Smithsonian, found an article on bats. Greg Barrett had previously mentioned the young woman who was attacked and almost kidnaped. This took place a few blocks from here, and the suspect was not caught. Be on guard. (He has apparently been caught in the mean time. Maybe he got stuck in the Emperor's driveway.)

Brett Achorn moved to adjourn to anime....

The meeting adjourned at 21:15:33

Meeting # 3481, Apr 29, 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

President George Van Wagner lobstered meeting number 3481 to order at 20:13:59.

Special Orders of Business: None have reached the ears of our official SOBber.

The Menace were read and approved.

The Registrars: found no guests to rat out to the club. At this point, Len Moffatt pointed out Carol Sperling, who came to hear Frankie Thomas. She's a member of the Blustering Gales. Paula Sayle, head of the BG, sits to her left. A couple more old time members of the BG were in the back somewhere.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

Two weeks in a row, President George is familiar with the saint of the week

Larry Niven, whose work George was familiar with. He's a real human being, and a nice one, too.

Karen Anderson notes that he listens to what his fans tell him, and writes sequels to take critiques into account.

Ed Green: He is a shining light of LASFS and fandom. He's a fan at heart. He's a writer, and a genial host. He's a good poker player. He's Ed's oldest friend in the society. It's a pleasure to say that about him. He's knowledgeable, and it's frightening that he actually listens. We're luckier for the time he's spent under our roofs.

Doug Crepeau: Larry's specialty is hard SF. One thing he said about his SF – "I couldn't have written Dragon's Egg because it required too much real science."

Niven was recommended to Jeff as a "Next Author".

Larry makes people feel appreciated. He's a great dancer. He showed Janis why the Waltz was considered a dangerous, naughty dance. It's possible to make someone tipsy with the dance.

Ed Hooper: He's an atypical quiet fan, just there, and contributes not through the amount of verbiage he produces, but through his presence.

Hare: Once heard Pournelle say, Larry was born with a silver spoon in his mouth the size of a snow shovel. Despite that, he's stayed down to earth. At a recent film showing, he openly enjoyed the George of the Jungle movie. (Watch out for that integral tree...)

MBT: First person he ran into at a con was Thom digby. "do you have any idea where Larry Niven might be?" Well, you might ask that fellow over there. It was Larry Niven.

Ben: He rocks!

Vanessa: The committee on hagiography has found an omission from the Larry Niven file. It fails to mention that he looks most dashing in Regency attire.

at BoucherCon, the kids' programming included a murder investigation, with the examination of the crime scene and all. One of the kids had volunteered to be the murder victim. Larry came in to the room, and exclaimed in delight, "Oh, look!! Someone killed Harlan!"

Larry was given Three Cheers, and a brand new Remington so he can shoot off some stories.

Committee to Gouge: announced, the sooner you pay, the sooner the treasurer stops yelling at you.

Old Business: None!

New business: None!

Committee Reports

Marty Cantor announced there are De Profs available for the pick-up on the Lizdesk.

Ed Green: Cathy Beckstead passed the plate for the Spire project. The new version of the Fugghead contest – due to a great disturbance in the Forced, DCS 1st, Ed Green, and Christian are within spitting distance of second place. Lots of others trail. The last meeting of May will see the close-out of the contest. Vote early, and vote often.

Dr. Arizona announced the Craft Faire and Yard Sale. Two spaces have been sold, the rest are $5 for a 6X6 space. Come one, come all, sell craft, sell cruft.

Greg Bilan thanked all who helped with the Festival last weekend. A list of the coalition of the helpful will be printed in De Prof. LaLaCon 10 takes place this weekend. It starts Saturday at 8:30 AM with cartoons, and continues from there.

Seeing no further appointed committee reports, we move to disappointed committee reports...

Time-Bound Announcements

Frank Waller has veggie chips for $3.50.

CLJII let everyone know that the physical therapy is working, and the Winter 2004 Amazing Adventures is now out.

Matthew Tepper: Tomorrow is a re-release of Life of Brian, "The Second Coming" of the film.

Gina announced the memorial service for Linda Underhill, Faire worker, at Main Stage at Ren Faire. We lost her at the beginning of April.

Karen Anderson announced the availability of Violets and Vitriol, a collection of essays and papers by women Sherlock Holmes fans. One piece is by Karen Anderson.

Scratch: There is a website that acts as a clearing house for letters to GIs. This is similar to sending letters to "Any G.I." Operation Also,

Doug Crepeau: The character BD has lost a leg in Fallujah. (Whose was it, I wonder?)



Fannish Committee Reports



CLJII had a misc that won't wait until next week: Our program this evening is Frankie Thomas.

The meeting adjourned at 20:55:22.

Meeting # 3442, Jul 31, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

What I really love about the LASFS – it likes to help. What I really hate about the LASFS...

Meeting number 3442 started hopelessly at 20:15:01.

Special Orders of Business: We have just the one, mentioned in passing this week. Leslie Hope, who appeared in a number of fantasy and science-fiction films. One film, Paleface, featured a car that could do tricks like Trigger the Horse. (So where is the trigger on a horse?)

We had a Moment of laughter in Bob Hope's honor.

This October, FWEMS features the first five road pictures, which takes in a substantial part of going around the world.

The Menace were read and approved as "a roomful of crickets".

The Registrar: Ben Massoglia introduced Greg Snyder, here promoting his play, Romeo and Juliet, the last battlefield, Shakespeare in the style of Star Trek Classic. Glenn Colflesh was introduced and complimented on his clear handwriting.

Tonight's Patron Saint: Tonight's saint sent a two page bio. Sean Cleary. He's been out in San Bernardino for over a decade. He's attended several Loscons, attended the club for a while, and then vanished. The bio has been sent off to Vanessa Van Wagner,

Scratch said he's a nice guy, with a good sense of humor. He plays D&D, and his daughters are intelligent and have great promise.

George Mulligan said, "He builds excellent furniture."

He was given three cheers and "don't spend another thirteen years away from us."

Committee to Gouge: demonstrated Tadao's ability to add numbers on the fly.

Old Business: None

New business: None

Committee Reports

Charlie Jackson has left the building. Therefore, he has no committee reports.

Brother Thorsen collected for the spire project as is usual.

Time-Bound Announcements

Ed Hooper announced that Angelina Jolie gets to meet Mr. Shake Hands Man Sunday, on Banzai

Christian McGuire announced on behalf of Kris Bauer: The Estrogen Zone will be featuring a Kate Hepburn film festival: Little Women, Bringing up Baby, Woman of the Year, (African Queen). On Golden Pond. Adam's Rib if no African Queen can be found.

George Van Wagner announced that once again, a week from tomorrow, 8/8, GSC galumphs into the night at HGS. 10:00, $5 cover.

Francis Hamit announced, Dateline, tomorrow night, will have a segment about the other 5 POWS and what happened to them.

Thorsen: This Sunday is TRIPE.

Karen Anderson announced that she'll be toastmaster at ConChord this weekend. If you want to know where filksinging came from, be there and ask, because she invented it.

Ed: Library still needs volunteers. Elayne still has patches. Mail-in ballots must be received by 8/15. Hand-carried ballots must be handed to people going there by the last week in August.

Hare Hobbs announced that he'll be bringing the DarkStar DVD Sunday.

Ed Green: Starting in August, sodas will no longer be 3/$1 on Second Sunday.

Ron announced he has a house and garage full of books he's been trying to get rid of. He's found the County Jail is happy to take books, as is CSUN, and some high schools (Poly in Arleta). Also check with the VA.

Christian: You have to get some money together. One of our own has been named Fan GOH at Baycon. The lucky person is Elayne Pelz.


No reviews.

Fannish Committee Reports

Matthew Tepper announced 2, and 1721. Some people just don't know how to tell a joke, said Ed.


Phil Castora: 2 blocks down the street, you'll usually see U-haul trucks. Cloth seat, AC, automatic, letters pasted on. On one of these trucks, a critical letter fell off. We now have "cloth eats".

Doug Crepeau: Who remembers the flash crowd stories by Larry Niven? There's a phenomenon in NYC, the inexplicable flash mob. This turns out to be performance art, coordinated through the Internet, people just show up for the heck of it.

Sandy Cohen: Terry Karney, still a member of the club, was sent to Iraq. He developed a problem with his feet, a form of arthritis, now at Walter Reed Hospital, slowly getting well. The Scribe was instructed to procure a get-well card.

The meeting adjourned at 21:01:37.


Meeting # 3480, Apr 22, 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

The scribe finally being ready, meeting 3480 was called to order at 20:12:01

Special Orders of Business: We have some. Someone not particularly actively involved in SF or F, Handsome Harry Babbitt, of the Kay Kaiser band. Also, we have lost Walt Wallitt, from Gasoline Alley.

Fred Patten announced that sometime last week, Mitsutero Yokoyama, the creator of Gigantor, etc, died at age 69, from burns subsequent to smoking in bed.

The Menace were read and approved as "McDulterated".

The Registrars: Michelle Pincus introduced the other acting registrar. Michelle has four guests, and Grey Troutman, comes from the website, Deborah van Sandt, from the Lansing Sci-Fi assn. She brings Erik Dahlgren and Jamie Saint-Anthony. James Sweet was introduced by Ben Massoglia. Bill Curry came back after a lapse, and John from Warner Brothers has ventured back in.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

Bill Warren, one that President George actually knows....

Allen Rothstein had kind things to say... Film critic, associate editor of Leonard Malton's yearly book of movies available, and co-authored "Fandom is a Way of Death" with Allen.

Hare recalls Bill wrote a book – Keep Watching The Skies, an account of science fiction from 50 to 57. Part two covered the period from 1958-62. Part II wound up being 3 times the size of part 1. Funny thing was, many people thought they had found mistakes, but only one of them turned out to be a real mistake.

CLJII notes there are plans for a second edition. Charlie's been tapped to help out. He did find a few mistakes here and there. The book is not just what the movies were, but there is autobiographic info sprinkled through the book.

He was our Lord High Janitor for a while.

Three cheers for Bill Warren, and a four-channel digital transfer...

Committee to Gouge: showed the club that Shirt Happens.

Old Business: None!

New business: None!

Committee Reports

CLJII reminds us Frankie Thomas will be here next week. He's a fun speaker. This Sunday at 2, FWEMS features Mermaids, featuring two movies with Miranda the Mermaid, Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid, She Creature (2001), Splash, and Little Mermaid.

Greg Bilan announced the Festival of Books, this weekend at UCLA. If you're looking to volunteer, we're looking for volunteers. We have water, munchies, and stuff for members of the LASFS. There will be a pair of Rays there Saturday. Harryhausen and Bradbury. Festival hours are 10 AM to 6 PM.

Ed Green passed the plate for the Acquire the Spire project. We're at the $700 mark, and we need $1200. (Gisp!)... The standings in the fugghead contest were mostly unchanged, and the contest will end early in May. (Reality correction: $700 turns out to be $560, for sufficiently large values of 5 and 6.)

Tadao announced LaLaCon. (Isn't it amazing how many melodies LaLaLa will scan to?) Buy early, buy often.

Dr. Arizona announced June 5th will host the second annual craft faire and swap meet. $5 for a 6X6 space, first come, first served. See the Doctor with questions. There will also be a bake sale. Donations will be accepted at any time. The doctor promised to pester us weekly. How weakly???

Time-Bound Announcements

CLJII got another fine envelope, which means he's the adoptive father of another bat. This is a Mexican Free-tailed bat. John DeChancie asked when the Bat Mitzvah was to be.

Allen Rothstein announced: Selina Phannara is in the hospital, at least until the end of next week. She has been diagnosed as extreme bipolar, so if she's offended you in the past year, she's blaming it on that. Send cards. On a happier note, his youngest son, Stephen, AKA Gamma, will be in a concert in Schoenberg hall at UCLA, 8 PM. His is the first piece on the program, and it's caused a tremendous stir among the faculty. In a good way. He'll open for some guy named Beethoven.

Hare emphasized the importance of contacting Selina so she knows people care. It was moved that the club send a card.


Karen Anderson reviewed two things: The Nebula Weekend was wonderful. It was put on by her wonderful daughter. Speed of Dark won the award for best novel.... and other pieces won other awards. Soon to open SF Museum, now in corner of Paul Allen's Music Experience project. IT will have rotating exhibits. Dramamine on request. The restrooms are in the middle of the museum, but apparently they don't rotate. The restrooms are marked with the biological symbols... XX/WZ XY/ZZ, a marking that is definitely for the birds.

Frank Waller: Tech TV, 12-1 AM, "robot wars" SF, Fantasy, Tech, all stuck into one. He's now trying to figure out how to program his VCR to record it. The host is Craig Charles, who was Lister on Red Dwarf.

John, speaking of guy things, notes Spike, the first For Men's channel. One program on the channel is MXE, Most Extreme Elimination, from Japan. Not labeled SF, but I dare you to tell us what it is.

Matthew Tepper has seen the show. It's dubbed, and the dubbing is very silly... The very Japanese competitors are given names like Simonson, Mbomba, Jones, etc...

Fannish Committee Reports

George Van Wagner, under "Things that make you go Bleah"... The Rumanian govt is gearing up for membership in EU. They're trying to put a stop to the traditional practice of vampire killing, and enforcing laws against disturbing the dead.

Joe Zeff pointed out that, as a side note, if the authorities are right and there's no need for the procedure, the dead are not being disturbed at all. If they're disturbed, they needed the staking.

Somewhere in here, it was pointed out that traditional vampire killing required more than just the stake. At the very least, there should be a baked potato and some sour cream on the side.

Hare Hobbs notes that a week after the Book Fair last year, he watched a rally in New Zealand. It's a combination of Warner Brothers cartoons, the Doo-Dah Parade, and other insanity. Look for it this year.

Doug Crepeau reported on a stupid crook report within 2 blocks of his place. A guy was being evicted from his place at Orchid and Highland. He had a gun in his hand when he opened the door. A search of the apartment found four hand grenades. He probably won't have to worry about housing for the next few years.


Hooper still interested in starting a Linux Users Group.

Doug Crepeau: On Craig's List, under casual encounters, "My Brother Barry and I need your help, I'll Do anything". This report turned out to be about a parody, and not about any people real, imaginary, or complex conjugate.

CLJII introduced our program, David Gerrold.

The meeting adjourned at 21:07:20.

Meeting # 3479, Apr 15, 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

President George Van Wagner called meeting number 3479 to order at 20:12:01.

A couple of pertinent quotes: "the point to remember is, what the government gives, it must take away."

Special Orders of Business: None!

The Menace were read and approved as "set a literature professor on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life".

The Registrars: Michelle Pincus introduced Mary Turzillo, brought here by her husband, and Elise Toth, brought by Michelle.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

Stan Burns, another saint George doesn't know.

Matthew Tepper: Stan Burns was a member when Matthew joined in 69. He had come to LASFS because of a school assignment to devise a questionnaire and find a bunch of people to respond to it and analyze the results. History does not record his final grade. He published an APA-L zine for many years. He has a business repairing VCRs and other electronica.

Ed Green: Stan Burns is a photographer and was doing great things before digital, still does great things. He shares an unfortunate set of circumstances. He came in about the same time as Sandy Cohen. There is enough resemblance that they tend to get mixed up. Of course, whenever it happened, people would be amazed that such confusion was possible. "Gee, Sandy, how could anyone ever mistake you for Stan?" "I am Stan..."

Jerry Pournelle: Stan was able to survive at the high stakes poker table for many years, and still shows up at Larry's parties.

Len Moffatt notes that Stan is currently going back to school to become a teacher. It's amazing how much crap you have to go through to become a teacher. That's to prepare you for the crap you go through after becoming a teacher.

Stan Burns was given three cheers, and a stop bath. (Too many fans have done that already.)

Committee to Gouge:

got thanks for whatever the heck it just did.

Old Business: None!

New business: WE got a post card from Bill Anderson, currently on Navarone.

Sage Break:

Jerry Pournelle sounded off on the President's speech. His comments can be found, for the most part, on his website, when you have thyme.

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it, and applying the incorrect remedies. – Marx

Committee Reports

CLJII: Next week, our guest speaker is David Gerrold, SF TV writer. Week after, Frankie Thomas. 4th Sunday of this month, FWEMS theme is Mermaids. There will be movies.

Ed Green announced Loscon 31 has a fourth GOH. LASFS GOH will be David Gerrold.

Brother Thorsen passed among us with the collection plate to Acquire the Spire.

Fugghead. Christian is still leading, with Ed Green in second place. DCrepeau's sensitivity 3rd. The Royal Canadian Mounted Marty Cantor is 4th, Matthew Tepper in 5th, The Notorious Dr. Sideburns is 6th, Tad Daily's New World Order is 7th, and various incarnations of Marty Cantor are in the next five places. At -52 votes, Jerry Pournelle is in last place.

Greg Bilan announced the BookFest, last weekend in April. Booth 440. Stop by and we'll have stuff for members only. If you wish to help at the table, that will be appreciated.

Safer announced tonight's program, Animated cartoons – Income Taxes and the gaining and losing of money.

Tadao announced – Ren Faire is coming up. And for LaLaCon, Tomomatsu Mobile... (la donna mobile...)

CLJII notes the VT Replacement Fund offers video tapes. 25¢ each. They are Beta version.

Time-Bound Announcements

Fred Patten announced Saturday, starting at 1, CF/O will be showing anime.

Not quite as time bound, next Saturday, there will be a tribute to UPA cartoons.

The Vandenberg website was announced. Gravity Probe B should be launched this weekend.

A returning member was amazed at how clean and neat the club is – for the moment.

CLJII: Something time bound – those who like coca cola, the last of the Passover coke is still on the shelves. Once it's gone, it's gone for the next 48 weeks or so.

Bill Ellern announced the JPL open house next month.


Tom Safer rented the original Lady Killers, with Peter Sellers, etc. It was very entertaining and fun to watch.

Doug Crepeau: Reviewing Bush's answer session with the press. He missed his obvious mistake – consenting to have that press conference.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff reported that after 18 years in one location, has been forced to move. One thing to move was a refrigerator. He's no Felix Unger. He used a do-it-yourself car wash to clean the fridge.

Ed Green shared an e-mail. A corporal from a Marine Corps battalion is facing court martial charges for misuse of property and killing a camel. He launched a toe missile, and the two crossed paths.

George reported on a TV ad in Colorado's Better Business Bureau – call us first. You inherited a fortune. You called a lawyer. Now it's his fortune. The lawyers took offence. Now it's their fence. (Possession is nine points of the law.)

Tom Safer: From KNX radio, a number of things at McDonald's have a high fat content. During this announcement, under the news reader's tip of the slung, "Mc Donald's Adult Happy Meal" turned into McDult's... The adult happy meal contains salad, water, and a pedometer with nutritional advice. (I advise against eating the pedometer.)


Frank Waller announced the chip of the month – barbecue ranch.

Hare: has been mentioning that he wants to encourage book reviews. He's been doing most of the reviews. And people should show up at the "what are you reading" panels.

The meeting adjourned at 21:26:07.

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