LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting # 4112, 6/22/2016 PDF Print E-mail

Gavin Claypool presiding

Nick Smith, Scribe

Patron Saint: Ed Baker

President Gavin Claypool called the meeting to order at: 8:02 pm

Minutes of the last meeting

Named: Scratch for $2 as Cartago delenda est, [the phrasing of Cato]

Committee Reports

Election Committee: opening and recessing of nominations will occur tonight. The procedural president runs the meetings, is liaison to the board and to the outside world.

Registrar Jeromy introduced Ashish, a visitor, introduced by a friend.  A writer in his native tongue, but wants to learn to write in English. Astronomer.

Treasurer's report: she's back

Program (CLJII)

June 2nd : Nominations for club president tonight, after which we will watch episode 5 of Star Trek Continues

June 9th:  Procedural officer elections on, after which we will watch procedural officers. President, VP, Registrar, Scribe and Treasurer. All 6-month except for Treasurer, which is a 12-month job.

The 16th features a fine auction.

The 23rd features Peter H Brothers on the 60th anniversary of the American release of Godzilla,  King of the Monsters.

June 30th features More Like the Movies, for anyone not away for holiday or convention. Videos from CLJ II's youth.

A Moment of Science with David Okamura:

The big science news was the successful launch and landing of a SpaceX rocket, and the equally successful inflation of the Bigelow module on the International Space Station.  It took an extra day for both attempts, but the delays were worth it. It will take a few weeks of testing before astronauts enter the module, and so far we don't know if this latest Falcon 9 is reusable -- it came down hard and is leaning a bit.  But Elon Musk is looking ahead, announcing that an unmanned Dragon capsule will land on Mars in 2018, with human missions as early as 2024!

Special Orders of Business:

Jim Busby passed away this week, after a recent hospitalization. His wife Arlene sent out word this morning.

Eric Hoffman is still in shock, because Jim was just here in April. Eric knew him for a number of years. Jim lived with Patrick Fahey for some time before marrying Arlene a few years ago. Jim was an old movie buff and into old TV shows like Perry Mason. Jim and Arlene had been very quiet about his recent medical problems, so his passing was a shock. When things started to get going again in Aerospace, Jim was involved with the Columbia Memorial in Downey.

Hare mentioned that Jim would contribute to just about any conversation.

Tom Safer enjoyed Jim's ability to help people calm down, by putting things into perspective. Tom greatly appreciated that, and was happy that Jim found someone special like Arlene.

Jerry was almost speechless, but mentioned that we last saw Jim when he came to Larry's presentation at LASFS. Jim had only come to the club two times in recent months.

Matthew viewed Jim's company as a treasure. If he knew about an important event or vote, he would make an effort to attend. Matthew officiated at Jim and Arlene's wedding.

Michelle mentioned that Jim loved Arlene with all his heart, and how worried Jim was when Arlene was hospitalized soon after their wedding.


June 25th at Beyond Baroque there will be an auction which somehow includes things related to Ray Bradbury. More on this later., the short fiction online magazine, which did a presentation at the bookstore of Mystery and Imagination, also involved with this event.

August 22nd, the Ray Bradbury Read, near the L.A. Central Library, noon to 3 pm. Celebrity readers, but non-celebrities are being considered.

CLJ II mentioned that June 25th is the 140th anniversary of Custer's Massacre. That's also the birthday of Rosemary's Baby, in a different year.

June 19th is Debra's birthday party at the club. The barbecue will be in use.

Eric Hoffman announced that 2nd Saturday of June, 2 pm at Dark Delicacies will be a special event with an actress from the Lovecraft films like Re-animator, and other special things.


3rd Saturday of June at 10 am, TSPC will not be cartoons, but instead Star Trek Continues, hopefully episodes 5 and 6, thanks to the kindness of director James Kerwin.

Jerry mentioned: A British magazine announced that there is a hole in the sun, but in fact it's just a really big sunspot. Pseudo-science announcements of sodium trailing the moon are misplaced versions of ion trails that have been there for a long time.

Scratch: Opposition to Mars recently, but not as close as it will be.

Gavin announced that he is suspending his campaign for re-election.

If nominated, he will not run. If elected, he will not serve.

Debra asked people to put away chairs after the meeting.


Eric Hoffman watch the Animaniacs Star Trek parody

Darnell Coleman said that X-Men Apocalypse was good and well worth watching.

Tom Safer mentioned a collection of Bela Lugosi films that he found to be quite good.

New business: Nominations for the procedural office of President of LASFS

Jeromy [declined]

Matthew Tepper

Debra Levin [declined]

Nick Smith

Scratch [declined]

Marcia Minsky

Old business: none

Aetna warning: at 9:00 pm

Move to adjourn to the program at 9:05 pm

[not included in meeting]

Patron saint notes from the Hagiography

Ed Baker

Served as treasurer, custodian of part of the library and secretary

supervised a newspaper delivery crew

was once limited to a maximum of three languages or three coinages in his treasurer's reports, which he sometimes delivered in Esperanto and sometime announced in terms of Esperanto coins.

known for his [always clean] double entendres and for having a very good deadpan expression.

From Milt: He was young when he joined the club, and the girls of LASFS delighted in making him blush, because his ears turned red. He joined an APA called “The Cult” which wore cloaks, perhaps without daggers. He tried to translate an issue into Esperanto, at which point the other members threw him out.

Ed came to a tragic end, as a murder victim, unsolved.

Meeting # 4111, 5/26/2016 PDF Print E-mail

Gavin Claypool presiding

Nick Smith, Scribe

Patron Saints: Dee Dee Lavender and Joyce Lloyd

President Gavin Claypool called the meeting to order at:  8:02 pm

Minutes of the last meeting

Named: sold to Eric Hoffman as “Ba-de ba-de ba-de ba-de ba-de I have no idea what he's talking about”

Committee Reports

Program (CLJII)

May 26: The Outer Limits episode “Zzzzzz”

June 2nd : Nominations for club president after which we will watch cartoons.

June 9th:  Procedural officer elections, after which we will watch procedural officers.

The 16th features a fine auction.

The 23rd features Peter H Brothers on the 60th anniversary of the American release of Godzilla, King of the Monsters.

June 30th features More Like the Movies, part 1, for anyone not away for holiday or convention.  If there’s another day in the month, it will be the rarest day in June.

President's report: Gavin was asked to say a few words about Ray Bradbury's time in LASFS at an event at Clifton's Cafeteria. Tied to the citywide read of Fahrenheit 451.

A new book was donated to the club, Dadr'ba, by Tetsu 'Go 'Ru Tsu 'Te

Elayne is back, but not feeling well.

David Okamura’s Moment of Science:

E.T. has come home [External Tank]. It's now at the Science Center and will be connected so that the shuttle will eventually be put into launch configuration.

About self-driving cars, what's the next step? Self-driving big-rigs. There seems to be a shortage of new truck drivers, about 47,500 nationally. Expected to nearly triple by 2024. David hopes the programmer hasn't watched Duel.

Falcon launch postponed, due to a glitch in a 2nd stage component. They have to be careful, because this one is launching a satellite to high altitude, so it may be another difficult landing.

Further up: Mars. We're not the only planet experiencing global warming. It's in the end of an ice age, one that's lasted the last 370,000 years. Most of the water on Mars is locked up in ice, but may change color as the ice melts. Researchers now say that there were large seas at one time, due to evidence of tsunamis cause.d by asteroid impacts.

We have rovers on Mars, but it will take time for humans to get there. NASA is experimenting with upright robots for the Martian environment.

We have downplayed the intelligence of Neanderthals, but they may have been more intelligent than we've given them credit for. A cave in France, sealed off for many years, is being excavated. Researchers have found evidence of Neanderthal habitation, including stalactites and stalagmites broken off and laid out in circles. There is also evidence of fires being made in the caves. More digging necessary to find out if artifacts are buried in the calcium deposits from water dripping.

Committee to gouge auctioned off flavor of the month: June Moffatt paid $5 to make it Canada Dry diet ginger ale.

Special Orders of Business:

We lost Wilbur. Actor Alan Young passed away at the age of 96. His career stretched from 1939 to 2016, and included roles in the George Pal movies Tom Thumb and The Time Machine. While his face is best known from his being the human star of Mr. Ed, even more people have heard his voice. For the last 30 years, he was the voice of Scrooge McDuck for Disney, and also had long runs as 7 Zark 7 on Battle of the Planets, and as Farmer Smurf.

Also, we lost Cato, [not the Green Hornet one, but the Pink Panther one]. After an acting career of 60 years, Burt Kwouk [pronounced kwawk] died this week. While best known for his role as the servant whose job it was to attack Inspector Clousseau to keep him on his toes, he also appeared in Dr. Who, The Avengers, Space Precinct, three different James Bond movies, two Fu Manchu movies, the good version of Rollerball, The Last Remake of Beau Geste, and the amazingly titled I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle.




Gavin took the Expo Line to Santa Monica, and it does get within walking distance of the Santa Monica Pier. Might be of some interest because right outside the entrance to the pier was an entrepreneur with a telescope and a tip jar. Strong enough to see Galilean moons and other cool stuff.

Nick mentioned that there would be a special showing of a movie on June 4th of the film that inspired the writing career of Octavia Butler, because it was so bad. LASFS members will be invited to the showing, and Nick will bring the information next week.

Eric Hoffman encountered a bad Persis Khambatta movie.

Tom Khamis is sponsoring two movie days, first on May 29th, featuring horror anthologies. These will include several Robert Bloch films. Then on the 30th, it's Star Wars Ripoffs part 2.

Debra's birthday party is on June 19th, open to LASFS members and guests. Potluck organized by the usual Eylat.


Gavin has finished read The Eyre Affair, and now he thinks you will need to read Jane Eyre before reading it in or it won't be as good.

Nick reviewed I Hate Fairyland, by Skottie Young. Sick and twisted story about a girl who gets trapped in Fairyland for 27 years, and goes quite mad.

Eric Hoffman reviewed Never a Bride, a funny and weird horror movie monster parody. By Paul Magrs?

Jerry Pournelle commented that Heinlein suggested that authors destroy their early work rather than publishing it. Now, with self-publishing, authors are tempted to keep and publish works that should have been thrown away. He's currently reading a story where the author simply over-wrote a knight vs. dragon, to the point of distraction.

CLJ II reviewed the fractional digital channel called “Movies” shows lots of old movies, but with commercials. Robinson Crusoe of Mystery Island, which is an edited Republic serial, cut down to 100 minutes. This is only a slight edit from the actual new parts of a serial, but sometimes awkward. It does indicate they have access to other such films.

Scratch: speaking of things on cable, the building he's in has the world's cheapest cable hookup. Sometimes a channel will appear and disappear.

Eric Hoffman noticed that the El Rey channel is NOT Spanish-language. Just strange old stuff, like low-budget martial arts movie.

Scratch mentioned that a gentleman who just left his building had networked all the old satellite dishes to his TV. Some of the images are sharp and clear, others not, but he's having fun.

New business: none

Old business: none

Aetna warning at 8:48

Adjourn to the program at 9:01 pm

[not included in meeting]

Patron saints notes from the Hagiography

Dee Dee Lavender

Fan of mysteries as well as SF

an excellent hostess.

was active in First Fandom and N3F

helped her husband Roy put on the World SF convention in Ohio

Joyce Lloyd

Has worked for years as Hotel Liaison for Loscon and other conventions.

On the Board for Gallifrey One.

Has served as Hotel Liaison for several local conventions.

Meeting # 4110, 5/19/2016 PDF Print E-mail

Gavin Claypool presiding

Nick Smith, Scribe

Patron Saint: Tom Digby

President Gavin Claypool called the meeting to order at:  8:01-ish pm

Minutes of the last meeting $1 to Scratch as Redheads are Smart

Guests: Elizabeth Terlinden, who has worked on crew of TACIT productions, accompanying Jacqui Baric

Mark Silver, a sys-admin/computer nerd who likes SF in many forms

Josh Dylan, brought to the meeting by our other Josh

Committee Report

The Committee to bring Conventions back to Los Angeles: Marty reported on the history of Corflu, for which he and other members of LASFS won the bid for 2017. It will be held at Warner Center Marriott in April of 2017. Elayne is also on con-com, along with Milt Stevens and Karl Lembke.

Program (CLJII)

Tonight’s program, A Big Auction.

Tom Safer Presents will be on May 21st, featuring Big Hero 6.

FWEMS on May 22nd with a number of Arthur Franz movies, some Mars-themed.

May 26: A sudden lack of Phil Proctor, due to family gathering, but something on video will be presented. It is hoped that Mr. Proctor will be able to appear later in the year.

Nominations for club president on June 2nd, after which we will watch cartoons.

Procedural elections elections on June 9th, after which we will watch procedural officers.

The 16th features a fine auction.

The 23rd features Peter H Brothers on the 60th anniversary of the American release of Godzilla, the King of the Monsters.

June 30th features More Like the Movies, for anyone not away for holiday or convention.  If there’s another day in the month, it will be the rarest day in June.

May FWEMS will have

LOSCON 43: Sci-Fest has offered LASFS some free tickets for the performance on May 21st.

LOSCON was at Whedonopolis, and made contacts as well as sold some memberships

David Okamura:

It's big, it's orange, and it's floating on a barge. The space shuttle will befuel tank moving through the streets on Saturday.

Meanwhile in space, the space station has completed its 100,000th orbit, 2.6 billion miles on the odometer. 16 orbits per station day.

You need rockets to get there. Remember last week's news about SpaceX nailing the landing? Re-entry exposed the booster to more heat, and it has sustained major damage, and will not be reused. This will be a benchmark to measure against other boosters.

Robot self-driving cars of the future don't have all the bugs out yet. The real fear is that they will worsen gridlock.

The large Hadron collider has been off-line because the power line got gnawed by a weasel. Yes, pop went the weasel.

Anyway, they will be firing it up to higher energy levels soon, to see what else can be learned.

Dr. Pournelle points out that Jeff Bezos has used space ships for sale.

In the 1950s, the Minuteman commanders had punch card decks for different targets. It took five hours to change the target that way.

Special Orders of Business:

You shouldn't retire. Morley Safer died right after retiring. It could be catching.

Longtime character actor Ian Watkin, whose work included both live and voice work in various SF, fantasy and horror productions, including an early Peter Jackson horror movie called Dead Alive. Most notable to LASFS fans was his part in the TV adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s “The Anthem Sprinters.”

Also, animator Makiko Futaki, who had worked with Studio Ghibli since its start. She was assistant animation director on Tales of Earthsea, and an animator or key animator on most of their films from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind to When Marnie Was There.

Astrophysicist Andre Brahic, whose most famous discovery was that Neptune had rings. Because one of them is discontinuous, he got to name the parts separately. Because he’s French, he named them Liberté, Égalité, and Fraternité.

Actor Michael Roberds, who played Uncle Fester in The New Addams Family, and was also in such films as Elf and Hot Tub Time Machine.

Very sadly, we also lost award-winning comic book and animation writer and artist Darwyn Cooke, whose New Frontiers story is what DC should have used for the recent Superman/Batman movie, according to many fans.

Zach Lockhart, a fan who worked con-ops regularly, passed away on Sunday from a form of cancer at the age of 24. RS Con-Ops will be having a bonfire memorial in his honor.


Dr. Pournelle announced that the polio virus is being used to treat mesothelioma. Still very experimental, but the disease is otherwise quickly fatal.

Lawrence M. Schoen has received the Kevin O’Donnell, Jr. Service Award award from SFWA. Sadly, they didn’t hold the awards ceremony in Klingonese.

Nebula awards: Naomi Novik's Uprooted  won for best novel. Other winners were:

Binti, by Nnedi Okorafor as best novella;

“Our Lady of the Open Road,” Sarah Pinsker, best novelette

“Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers,” Alyssa Wong, best short story

Mad Max, Fury Road somehow beat out five better movies for the Ray Bradbury Award.


Debra Levin—Whedonopolis was a lot of fun.

Mike Thorson—Saw Civil War at the theater now at Coldwater and Victory. Immensely impressed with the theater, now a Cinemark. Stadium-style seating, but really good. Every seat is like a first-class airline seat, padded recliner, including footrests. Concession stands include low-budget items.

Matthew Tepper commented that he and Debra often go there. Assistive hearing and other special assistance available. Century 8 is the name of the theater.

Milt read Fifth Season, a very clever novel in structure. Dismal is the single word to describe it, though. Not sure why it was nominated for both the Hugo and Nebula. Technically good, but not much fun.

Frank was waving and pointing at CLJ II, who reviewed two items:

Season close of NCIS, which is clearly SF, managed to get rid of a character in interesting ways.

Also, the final episode of Castle sort of wrapped things up.

Nick responded that this was the most frustrating ending since Blake's 7, and it became fantasy with that ending.

Frank Waller watched the season endings for Flash and Agents of SHIELD. Very good.

Gavin Claypool reviewed The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. Imagine, if you will, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, with the audience interacting with the screen, only in this book they're doing Richard III, with a casting call just before curtain time.

CLJ II reviewed CBS on demand, which has done something vile. They held off posting the final episode of the Big Bang Theory, and then linked to the wrong one.

Dr. Pournelle thinks it would be interesting to revive Firefly with Kate Beckett joining the crew. He saw another production with the actress who played the mechanic on Firefly. She and an actress from Buffy were at a con discussing the troubles of getting that next good part after being on a cancelled show.

Also reviewing Judith Tarr's Rite of Conquest, but won't finish it, well-written but it is not his cup of tea. William the Conqueror with magic added..

David Okamura commented that Tomorrowland is no more, mainly a Star Wars land in waiting, except for Autopia, which hasn't been changed in decades. The sponsor is now Honda. The big sign you go through, and some of the other signs while in line, are film clips of the 1958 Disney Magic Highway. Self-driving card programmed by punch card, made up of modular units which can divide.

New business: none

Old business: none


CLJ II has been working on the anthology idea, and a lot of the Forry award winners are saying yes. We now have officially enough promised to make the idea work.

Aetna warning at 8:53 pm

Adjourn to auction at 9:14 pm

[not included in meeting]

Patron saint Tom Digby

From the hagiography:

Whimsical and insightful fan writer


one of the Fan Guests at Confrancisco (Worldcon 1993, San Francisco, California)

Lee Gold published an anthology of his writing in 1993:  Tom Digby along Fantasy Way.

Known for unique and creative personal presentation

The Larry Niven story, "What Can You Say About Chocolate Covered Manhole Covers?" featured Tom Digby as the alien robot.

in his APA-L Zine, "Probably Something", he once wrote that it must have been fascinating to live near the airport in the last century, because you'd only be disturbed by clip clop of horses as they took off.

Meeting # 4136, 11/17/16 PDF Print E-mail

Vice President Matthew Tepper, pinch hitting

Kristen Gorlitz, scribbling

LASFS meeting #4136 was called to order at 8:01 PM

This week’s Patron Saint is

John Trimble

Elyat Poliner

Milt Stevens

The Patron Saints were given three rousing cheers!

Marsha bid $3 to name the Menace “#NotMyChicagoCubs”

Special Order of Business

Committee Reports


CLJII - tonight’s program is a big, super duper, poorly kept secret auction

11/24 - Hide-n-seek meeting, program of watching Marty Cantor go mad with power

12/1 - nominations for president

12/8 - further nominations for President, elections for president, vice president, scribe and registrar

12/15 - a really good auction

12/16 - Gift Exchange

12/25 - Winter Holiday Party

Treasurer’s report - we had to spend a bunch of money on the bathroom, so we are even less able to spend money than the last time.

Update on search for a new building - continuing our search, broadened our parameters, looking for a building but also looking for property to build our own steel clubhouse, hope to come in cheaper than what we are selling this building for. Want a 5000 sq/ft building.

Time Bound Announcements


Moment of Science

David Okumura - Not much breaking news except a rocket successfully lifted off bearing three astronauts to the International Space Station. One is a female, it will be her third stay on the ISS and she will again be mission commander.

Special orders of business-

Fold musician and author and editor Milt Okun passed at age 92. He founded Cherry Lane music. If you heard fannish music in film, he probably published it. Music career lasted from the 1950s until recently.

Lupita Tovar passed at the age of 106 playing the Mina Harker equivalent role in the Spanish version that was filmed in parallel to the Bela Lugosi Dracula. (Well, longevity is a side-effect of being bonded to a vampire.)

Eric Hoffman added - she also acted in foreign language version of Cat and The Canary -The Cat Creeps

CLJII - The Lantern O Jack was passed around by a lovely assistant to collect donations for the Winter Holiday Party

Sat 19th from 12pm - until not much later we will be unloading stuff into the club for Loscon.

Wed the 23rd at 7:00 pm we will be loading the truck. There will be pizza. Volunteer hours are double for those who help load.

We also need volunteers to set up on the 24th, tear down on Sunday the 27th and unload on Monday the 28th.

Loscon will be taking place Thanksgiving Weekend with David Gerrold and fan guest of honor Nick Smith, and Tim Griffin as our special musical guest

Auction - The committee to gouge started the BIG auction

Booksale books will be packed up tonight for Loscon, and the and they are looking for assistants to help pack up the library.

Raw Science Online TV

The American Library association just discovered fandom.

Dec 3rd high noon Forry’s birthday party.

Tony - question about library

CLJII - Disneyland holiday season has revamped Small world so it doesn’t have the same song constantly, and it has Christmas music. The Jingle cruise - features new, unimproved puns. Now through the end of the year

Tony - Announcement   Live the dream is having a poly-meetup.

Old Business




Miscellaneous Announcements


New business.


In the absence of any further business...

A motion to put away chairs and tables and run screaming into the night passed and we adjourned at  9:27pm.

Meeting # 4135, 11/10/2016 PDF Print E-mail

Vice President Matthew Tepper, pinch hitting

Karl Lembke, scribbling

LASFS meeting #4135 was called to order at 8:01 PM

Leigh Strother-Vien  bid $2 to name the Menace “#notmypresident”.

Next week, maybe someone will name them “#NotMyWorldSeriesChamps”

This week’s Patron Saint is

Woody Dodge

The Patron Saint was given three rousing cheers!

Special Order of Business

We lost Jean Jacques Perrey an artist who worked in electronic music. He was one of the first to use the Moog synthesizer. He wrote Baroque Hoe-Down, the theme for the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Matthew Tepper announced Tom Safer will be screening Ice Age, Collision Course on the second Saturday of the month, here at 10 AM.

Committee Reports


11/17 - super duper, non secret really, really big auction

11/24 - Hide-n-seek meeting

12/1 - nominations for president

12/8 - further nominations for President, elections for president, vice president, scribe and registrar

12/15 - a really good auction

12/16 - Gift Exchange

12/25 - Winter Holiday Party

The Lantern O’Jack was passed around by the Lovely Assistant to raise funds to pay for the Winter Holiday Party. There will be food, films, fun, frivolity, foolishness, and further.

The registrar introduced Stewart Honey, here from London. He learned of us from Francis Hamit and Mike Donahue.

Time Bound Announcements

Francis Hamit is recovering nicely from his hip replacement surgery

Moment of Science

David Okumura - There will be a supermoon Monday, the closest it’s been since 1948.

We know humans have interbred with other hominids. We’ve found Denisovan and Neanderthal DNA in our genomes. Scientists have found another strain in the human genome. It’s a good thing we’re finding it now, since all traces of ancestral DNA are being purged from our systems.

In London, they’ve found remnants of the old stage at The Curtain, with a tunnel leading from one side of the stage to the other, presumably used to allow actors to disappear from one side and appear on the other. Text analysis shows that Marlowe helped write parts of a few Shakespeare plays, which as been much ado about nothing. Text analysis is difficult because Shakespeare’s use of language changed as he matured.

Alas, there was nothing about Francis Bacon. (Had to bring that home somehow.)

Jerry Pournelle has a NASA report. They have produced one millinewton of thrust per kilowatt of power on a reactionless drive. Any amount of thrust greater than zero is really significant, so if it pans out, this is much ado about more than nothing.

Old Business

CLJII rose to explain what we were about to embark upon. Questions were addressed, and we auctioned off the color of the ballot we were to use.

The nominees elected to seats on the Board of Directors are:

* Gavin Claypool

* Mike Thorsen

* Kristen Gorlitz

The Aetna warning sounded at 8:55 pm, in the middle of the above festivities.


Milt Stevens is almost to the end of Death’s End by Cixin Liu, the third in the Three Body Problem trilogy. IT has colossal concepts involving other dimensions, superweapons, and so on. It’s still interesting. It has lots of essay and lecture material, which you sort of need to explain these concepts

Rob Powell reviewed Dr Strange. It was enjoyable. Not a big blockbuster. Excellent visuals. The 3-D was not overpowering. Story is very consistent, and it does fit in and Marvel continues its tradition of easter eggs after the credits.

CLJII saw Qplanes, a 1939 British SF spy thriller, Ralph Richardson is a bumbling spy and Lawrence Olivier is a test pilot.  An unnamed foreign power whose representatives speak with a German accent using their ray guns to shoot down experimental planes so they can steal the parts. Nice, understated British SF with comedic elements.

Eric Hoffman added, heroine in the film is a lady who made her mark here, Valerie Hobson, heroine of Bride of Frankenstein.

Jerry Pournelle: Every year the local mystery writers association has a New Orleans party. Met a chap named FitzHugh and we talked for a while. His best known work is Pest Control. Turns out to be a murder mystery with SF elements. The main character is an exterminator, who wants to develop a way to kill insects biologically without poisons. The story involves a series of very improbable coincidences. Think Inspector Clouseau as someone everyone thinks is an assassin.

IT’s silly but well crafted.

He’ll probably read another of FitzHugh’s novels.

Hare Hobbs notes John Carpenter, with his son and son-in-law has some albums out.

Eric Hoffman:  Kurt Siodmak wrote a thing called Donovan’s Brain. He wrote some Universal features including The Wolf Man. He wrote the story as a jungle thriller, with Lon Chaney, Jr as the investigative head of the jungle police. The other film is called The Adventures of Tartu, An investigator is sent to investigate a lab where they’re coming up with a missile and a deadly poisonous gas.  Frank Waller impersonated

Miscellaneous Announcements

Someone on Facebook is impersonating him. If you get a friend request from him,

Mike Thorsen: Royal Island Mango Soda is quite good.

There was...

No new business.

In the absence of any further business...

A motion to put away chairs and tables and run screaming into the night passed and we adjourned at  9:15pm.

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