LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting # 3418, Feb 13, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3418 started at 20:11:30

Special Orders of Business: Lana Clarkson, one of the Amazon Women on the Moon, died of a gunshot wound in mysterious circumstances last week.

The Menace were read and approved as "Actively stealthy lead balloons".

The Registrar: Two foolish mortals wandered into the club. They will be introduced later.

Patron Saint: Craig Miller

Ed: Known since first days in fandom. Craig Miller, who doesn't often show up, but did tonight. (Notice that Genny didn't say anything...)

He's here, and he's a nice guy, and he gave the club money.

He's chaired just about every kind of convention you can imagine. Helped put on first two Star Trek conventions in LA, worked for Lucas Films, Worked on Star Wars, and is an active writer whose credits include many cartoons on TV now.

He helped start original LASFS showcases. He has also worked for Henson.

He was given three cheers, and fireproof pants for his pocket dragons.

Committee to gouge: failed to address the question, "How do you make a Charlie Hoarse?" and auctioned off a happy umbrella. Tadao remained in ignorance.

Old Business: After this week, the mailboxes go away....

Fugghead standings were announced, including two new candidates,

"For Marty Cantor" and "Against Marty Cantor", so you can vote for or against "For Marty Cantor" and "Against Marty Cantor". Let's see. "Against 'against Marty Cantor'" would be what? Four cents?

New business: Loscon 31 presentations were offered to the club, leading to a vote on the winner. The candidates for Loscon 31 chair were, in order of presentation, Greg Bilan and Ed Green. Mauve ballots were turned in, and the winner was Greg Bilan was the lucky stiff who doesn't have to chair Loscon 31. Condolences to Ed Green, who once again failed his saving throw!

Registrar, again: The foolish mortals were introduced as Mark Caldera from Tustin and Gerald "Jerry" Maier.

Committee Reports

Greg Bilan: Festival of Books. We will be at the same booth we were at last time, #440, in the main quad area, where all the writers and stuff are.

Susan Gleason: LASFS will have a craft fair, 6/7, and we're putting out a call for crafters. Cost to crafters is $5 per table. The fair will also feature a bake sale.

Time-Bound Announcements

none! Quick! Move on to...


Rick Foss having viewed a book, reviewed a book, The Getaway Special, by Jerry Oltien. It's about an engaging and fun mad scientist who manages to get a science package up on the shuttle. Said package does something very much unlike what NASA thinks it's going to. He doesn't hijack the shuttle, but takes it on a joy ride to places where NASA didn't think it would go. It's a fun book, with a good level of humor, and a good read.

George Van Waggoner reviewed an audiobook: the Science of Superheroes, by Grash and Weinberg. What are the scientific bases for superhero powers? Not surprisingly, a few are quite improbable. Some aren't.

Fred Patten C/FO Sat, 1-8.

Hare Hobbs: Doing LASFS history research through purchases. Rotsler movie, The Street of a Thousand Pleasures. Blurb implies a lot more plot than it has. Mostly Rotsler and naked women. Better than most of its ilk. (I've seen rotsler movies, and there's a lot of boring going on. – CLJII)

Trying to get to LASFS with Murphy sitting on shoulders. It only rained while he was bicycling from place to place, and construction projects moved to place themselves in his way.

Bill Ellern announced that on 2/26, at the Beckman auditorium, there will be a free lecture by the author of The Physics of Star Trek

Marty Cantor: Midtown NH neighborhood council electing officers of board. 2/28 - 3/1. 10-10 Fri, 10-4 Sat. Two lasfs members are running for two positions on board. Anyone who lives or works in NH area can vote. Bring proof of residence or employment. Vote early, vote often.

Fannish Committee Reports

Don Wenner: Took over for Bruce Pelz last week. He went down to Ensenada on one of the larger Carnival ships. Not too much happened of any note, but one thing they did was have a session for non-professionals to play their instruments. One lady had a theremin and played some songs. She did rather well.

Zeff: 2 reports: 1: A man was having trouble with DSL. After 3 days of outage, called in. First thing he said, he's leaving for work and doesn't have much time to deal with it. Now he decides to call

In the second, he got to deal with a relay call. For those not in the know, this is where the operator passes messages to and from a hearing-impaired person. Since these communications were in writing, it's a bit surprising that when he asked for the customer's area code, he got the zip code.



The meeting adjourned at 21:16:37.

Meeting # 3417, Feb 6, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3417 started at 20:09:27

Special Orders of Business: Bob Null: Good news from surgeon. Nothing has spread, so they're going ahead with radiation and colon section. Many call this a glowing report.

Charlie Jackson covered the rest, from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Norman Panama, who with Melvin Frank worked on a couple of the road pictures, produced Lil Abner, and worked on many other SF-ish films.

Anthony Eisley, who appeared in The Wasp Woman as Fred Eisley, and in Hawiian Eye with Robert Conrad. He later appeared as a villain on The Wild Wild West.

Robert Rockwell, actor, who was in a number of SF films, and was Jor-El in The Adventures of Superman.

Now the sublime: the crew of the Columbia, who did not quite finish their mission – or let's just say they reported to a higher office for their debriefing.

A full minute of silence was held in their honor.

The Menace were read and approved as "combined".

The Registrar: We have guests, and the good news is he fits right in. John Eubank. Blame Marty.

Patron Saints:

Mike Glyer, was tonight's patron saint, breaking the string of saints Ed knows nothing about.

Ed: pleased to call him a friend, and has had the pleasure of working with him on several conventions, and has been allowed to see his entire Hugo collection. (except for the one he deems too ugly to keep in the house.)

Marty Cantor said, He not only produces the finest fannish news zine, File 770, but is one of fandom's best writers. And he's a nice guy

George Mulligan: No insult intended, but he's one of the wittiest secretaries we've ever had. Of all the conventions I've worked, the Worldcon he ran was one of the most enjoyable.

Eylat: Worldcon 96, working with Mike was great. He's a very friendly person, and I enjoy spending time with him

CLJII: he's one of those who feels that if a job is going to be done, it should be done as well as possible. Lots of compliments about the green room when they worked on it together. Brings great dedication to everything he does. Now, he's a family man, which means less time for us. Very pleased to call him a friend.

MBT: Privilege to work closely with Mike on 1996 worldcon. At times, right at his side while he was making immediate decisions. Was impressed with how he was able to decide quickly, capably, rationally, and in good humor.

Zeff: Good secretary: As someone who's done job himself... if you look at some of the meeting minutes, know this is what he composed on the fly in longhand.

Hare: Most of this is secondhand. Floating worldcon committee. New Orleans discovered way too late that they were over their heads. They called on Mike Glyer, and others. They took over. They jumped in and did what they could to make the con worth it. But since it was in New Orleans, people went to Bourbon St and had fun anyway.

Scratch: A hell of a nice guy.

Xian: File 770 – He's the continuous publisher. In the years I've been in fandom, it's the only fanzine I've ever taken a liking to. Even after 35 years of spending his life in a culture composed of adult children, he decided to take on the responsibility of a real child. We expect him to raise a wonderful new adult.

Ed: Wrap-up... New father, doesn't show up as often as we'd like. If his daughter has half the benefit we've had of his generosity and kindness, she'll be blessed.

Three Cheers and one for you, nineteen for me.

Frank Waller

Ed: One of the more shy members of the society. One of the fellows who never does. I'll open the floor so people can say nice things about him. So raise your hands. Now.

Xian: Made a mark on the club, first as Harry Mudd when he was into his Star Trek costuming period. Later doing his best to be helpful, sometimes too enthusiastically. He's brought a sincere desire to fit in to the club.

MBT: During terms as president, had many occasions to take pot shots at him, and Frank took them with good grace. I only meant some of them.

Joe Zeff notes that he found a good way to earn sainthood. He made a habit of regularly donating gourmet chips and snack foods for auction. To those whose second biggest hobby is eating . (If it's not manga,., it's mangia. – CLJII)

Three Cheers and chips, cookies, nuts, pretzels, etc...

Committee to gouge: The barbershop quartet divided by two committed some film-flam with a camera.

Cathy was not up for auction, but now we're haggling over the price...

Old Business: Next week, the mailboxes go away.

Fugghead of the year standings were announced. Three new nominees were added to the list.

New business: none..

Committee Reports

CLJII: Fourth Sunday, having FWEMS. Theme is Detectives. Sherlock Holmes, Charlie Chan, Mr. Moto, etc. On the 4th Thursday, we have a video program, courtesy of Tom Safer, two episodes of Animated Star Trek series. One written by Larry Niven, one written by David Gerrold.

Joe Zeff: Non-science committee announces that the magic tournament will be here tomorrow.

Brett Achorn, Cinema Anime this Saturday, 1 to 8, or later, on the big screen. Another small announcement: Invited to attend Tech Academy Awards. Will be busy Sat March 1. Let it be noted that Brett was responsible for some of the technical work that's being awarded.

Tadao Tomomatsu, Loscon Committee. Pasadena Tabernacle of Salvation Army sent a letter expressing appreciation for helping with the toy drive.

Karl announced the new web design.

CLJII: Having not heard it elsewhere, reminding people that we have a BOD meeting this Sunday. Board meeting is open to all clubmembers. Following meeting, second Sunday open house. Bring burnables for the barbecue.

Time-Bound Announcements

Eric: A couple of years ago, there was a tribute to Jack Pierce. The producer's been fighting to get Pierce some recognition. Thanks to Scott Essman and support from Universal, Sunday will feature a lifetime award, presented at the Max Factor Museum. Halloween Morning, Pierce will get his star on the Walk of Fame.

Fred: Those who can't get enough Anime, Next Saturday is C/FO, which meets here, 1-8.

Tad: UCLA will have a memorial service next Tuesday, 5 PM. Also, wrote an essay about Columbia, and it'll be in USA Today, some day.

Bob Null has the photograph of the Columbia, normally hanging by the library.

Cathy Beckstead announced that in a week and a few days, we'll be having Gallifrey 14. Welcome to the Frey. We'll have Colin Baker and Peter Davidson, two of the Doctors. And lots of others. (Knock, knock...) Airtel Plaza in Van Nuys, costs are cheap at half the price.


Tad: donating a book to the library. Bradbury, an Illustrated Life. It's a very cool book.

Fred Patten: among other illustrations in book, include early fanzines, which Bradbury contributed to.

Matthew Tepper: Pen and Teller, have a new series on Showtime, "Bullshit". They take on frauds, con men, and others of their ilk. First episode was on the peopel who claim to communicate with the dead. Second, alternative medicine. They really laid into reflexology. Do they have the guts and lawyers to take on Scientology? Penn gave his monologue while surrounded by a flock of ducks.

Next episode, 10 or 11 on Frinight, people who claim to have been abducted by aliens.

Zeff: Last Sunday was monthly TRIPE meeting. You missed some good stuff. Recent farscape episodes, one of which was too well timed. It was strange Sunday to see an episode based on seeing that the hero's father doesn't go up on the Challenger.

CLJII Cartoon Network at Midnight-thirty, TWThF, features Lupan III, based on manga character created by Monkeypunch. Lupan III is the world's greatest thief, grandson of the world's greatest thief. Goes around the world stealing stuff. Features a law enforcement person almost as effective as Inspector Cleuseau. Dialog is very clever, very topical. Great fun.

Volume I of Lupan III, original manga, very crude in comparison with what he's used to.

Fred: Kazuhito Kato, not too happy with Monkeypunch pseudonym. Now he's so popular, he's not going to change it.

Also, Kato was self-trained as an artist. He didn't want to grow up to be a fisherman, and taught himself cartooning, inspired by Sergio Aragones from Mad Magazine.

George Mulligan: Most brilliant and twisted animated series now being rerun sun-thu 11. Futurama. Look at it if you missed it on Fox.

Mark Poliner: CNN's caption writer. During Columbia coverage, caption writer was writing about height and speed of shuttle at breakup. 200 miles up, and 18 times speed of light.

Other unclear on concept reports followed.

Fred: WB Publicity event to launch Matrix barrage: releasing three new movies, a video game, and other stuff. VP merchandising: 2003 is all set up to be the year of the matrix. Start with DVD of original movie, then live action, 5/15. Enter the matrix video game same day. May, direct to DVD of animatrix, feature length compilation of seven mini-movies, each by a different Japanese studio. Final live action movie due out in November, "The Matrix Revolutions".

CLJII: review recent goings on in El Beso Del Vampiro. So complicated, he's unable to review it in any brief statement. But he's not caught up. Besides, Pournelle's not here.

Fannish Committee Reports

Tepper: This AM, preparing for work, brushed out goatee. Men who don't shave enjoy less sex and are more likely to have a stroke.

Joe Zeff announced impending lay-offs at Earthlink: The entire call center will be closed down. Will not be working at Earthlink as of 3/21. Thread has drifted..

Mark Poliner brought up the stupidest lawsuit. A man in England was sent a valentines day card by the Sheriff with invite to turn self in. He's suing for emotional distress because his girlfriend thought he was getting the card from another woman.

Several airborne vehicles are thinking of using active stealth. Put a plasma around craft to deflect radar waves. Second, Aviation Week and Aerospace. Ideal fuel for hybrid rockets, solid kerosene = paraffin. Better than other hybrid fuels

Allen Rothstein. A man was sentenced to 10 years, after choking a passenger on a bus, stealing his shoes, stealing a car, and then jacking a van occupied by a women's karate team.


Null: They're working on the street in front of the building. Look out for randomly placed "no parking" signs. No parking till 4 PM except Sunday. We'll see trenches in front of club shortly.

CLJII: The Magic Number at end of January = 53.

The meeting adjourned at 21:31:06 to comments about the Columbia disaster.

Meeting # 3416, Jan 30, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3416 started at 20:11:07

Special Orders of Business: CLJII is not here, and will not be SOBbing. Ed has a special order of business.

Bob Null has been diagnosed with colon cancer. He's here, and will be available to talk with.

In the short term, there may be some changing of duties. He'll carry on as VP with as much as he feels comfortable doing. If you see anyone filling in for Bob, it's for his health.

We all hope this works out well and quickly. Prayers and good thoughts are definitely soliced.

The Menace were read and approved as "the whole enchilada".

The Registrar: Dr. Arizona the archaeologist was unable to dig up any guests.

Patron Saint: Mike Luwish, son of Emil Luwish. He gave us money, and good to his father. "I never heard a word against him" – Francis Hamit.

He was given three cheers, and something memorable next year.

Ed Green spoke about the next patron saint, Gary Louie. He passed away far too young, in 1999. Gary was one of those who deserved the title, "big hearted". "I miss his humor," Ed said, "I miss him."

Hare said, "This last loscon, I really missed him. After unloading the truck, we would go to the art room to help set up." Gary was great at spotting when Hare drifted off and getting him going again.

Tadao said that it was fun to know Gary. When working in the Library, they would exchange oranges, making a ritual of it. Gary's ghost has caused Tadao to make it to the finals of the Maj Jongg tournament and lose to whoever else was in the finals.

Len: Whenever Scifi put on bouchercon a few years ago, Gary got involved in working on the program book and the bibliography for Ed Hoag, guest of honor. He did all of the basic typesetting to send to the printer. This involved translating between computer formats, as well. When he got involved in something, you could depend on him down to the nth degree.

Zeff: from the very first day he showed up, he threw himself into helping the club run. He was elected to the BOD the very first election on which he was eligible, and was on the board the rest of his life. Gary is the first person to have accumulated enough money to become a saint posthumusly.

Marty Cantor: He was a very quiet presence. you might never notice him in the room. But he got involved in jsut about every activity of the club. One of the most valuable members of the club. He was a lego collector. He died about a month before Legoland opened.

He was three cheers.

Committee to gouge: auctioned off a boomerang. Well, we tried to throw it away...

Old Business: Minor omission from the fugghead contest: Mark Poliner should have been on the list.

New business: No formal motion, but let's get a sense of the LASFS (HA!) Shall we move that the Poliners be banned from sitting in the front chairs?

Further business.

A document has been filed with the superior court of california, case # 42, complaint for damages.

Plaintiff, Mark Poliner. defendent Tadao Tomomatsu. Cause of action: deadly humor.

("Breathe, goddammit, breathe!" said Ed, "I'm not doing mouth-to-mouth.")

Committee Reports

Elayne Pelz: told check your entries on the roster.

Liz Mortensen announced that today is last day to announce intention to pay annual dues. If you're installing, make a payment by tomorrow.

Dr Arizona managed to dig up a guest! Terry, who was selling knives at Loscon.

Time-Bound Announcements

Bill Ellern has a small bag of cards. Ann has been cleaning out the garage, and they've found surplus gaming cards. Includes LOTR, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. There are also a bunch of cards for Dune. Also, in hand, a few selected cards. Legolas and others.

Fred Patten has the latest issue of Yarf, plus a few old issues.

Hamit announced, 1: his roommate back from texas. 2: On 3/29, at 9:00, the copyright registration clinic will take place. $5 for club members, $15 for everyone else.

Chaz Baden is donating a bunch of 3-ring binders to whomever. See him if you want one or more

Mike Thorsen announced this month's TRIPE.


Rick Foss had two book reviews: Ken Whorton: Divine Intervention. Style is very Heinleinian. It has some of the qualities of Heinlein juveniles. There is actually a legitimate reason why one of the heroes is a kid. It deals with the question of what sort of religion might develop on a spaceship that's been underway for years. We see a culture trying to live according to a garbled mess of earth religions. It has believable characters and interestingly flawed villains. If you like arguing religion, you'll enjoy this book.

The other book is "Half Life" by hal clement. It's a good idea, but it's a shame about the implementation. Rick wound up flipping back and forth to keep track of the people.

Someone saw a film festival: "The 48-hour film festival". Someone went to 20 directors with a project. "You have 48 hours to conceive, direct and turn in a movie". It couldn't be porn, and it had to be no more than 8 minutes long. A lot were quite funny. Think of it as film making as an extreme sport

Jerry Pournelle reviewed a train. LA turns out to have a rapid transit system that works. He went to San Diego to see his grandkid. Got on a train at 2:45 in Santa Fe. Was home by 6:30.

The object he was going to bring to review was a tablet computer from Compaq. It's very convenient to be able to sit there and scribble stuff. You can do it in the dark, on trains, etc. You don't need a keyboard. In 2 years, there won't be a physician in the world who doesn't have one while making rounds. You can take any normal document and put an image of it on the thing and edit it. They're wonderful. The tech has arrived. Closest thing to 1973's Mote in Gods Eye pocket computer. It even has a speech to text converter.

Fred Patten had a combination of review and announce: those who read APA-L saw comments about Tamala 2010, released in Japan this month. He was intrigued by the press release saying several million were spent on CGI to recreate early the style of a 1930s black and white cartoon. it's about a cat that goes around saving the galaxy. Caption is "See me, hear me, eat me". I thought I saw a pussy... cat.

Look for it in May at the Hollywood Egyptian, at the Annual Anime Festival.

Don Wenner: The Braille Institute has an audio compass. If you listen real close, you can understand what it says: "east, west, north, and shit." $60.

Breathe, damn you!

Greg Bilan reviewed Shanghai Nights, calling it "great for those who enjoyed Shanghai Noon". It Includes a gentleman from Whitechapel.

Veritas, on fox, is a hysterically funny, and interesting SF story.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff: While listening to the radio, he heard the flying fickle finger of fate award. All the way over in Pennsylvania, the FFFoF pointed at 57 year old woman who bought not 1, not 2, but 3 magic wands from a psychic who told her that any one of them would chase her bad thoughts away. They cost $1800 each. When they didn't work, she went to the police to complain they didn't work.

Mark Poliner: The Internet had a slowdown last Saturday. Worm that uses a security breach in Microsoft SQL servers. Started because the SQL servers at Microsoft did not have Microsoft's latest security patch update, which would have prevented it.

Second: A gentleman decided to prove that he was a real man. He drove the wrong way down a one-way street. There were no fatalities in the ensuing 5 car pileup.

At an animal sanctuary, a woman managed to climb up and stick her fingers through the bar. The lion accepted the offered fingers. And took the rest of the arm. It's Not Darwin a award, because the woman lived, and had passed childbearing age anyway.

Phil Castora notes that scientists have recorded music on DNA.

Matthew Tepper notes that attorneys for shoe bomber appealed for clemency on the grounds that he was only doing what he did to defend his religion, because it had kept him from a life of crime.

Pournelle: Surrealism: driving here, just as he pulled up, he heard on the radio that OJ Simpson's daughter called the police to intervene, after OJ had beat the crap out of her.

Ed Green, reporting for the Dromedary committee, notes that the USAF has issued an advisory to all pilots, especially those on close air support, not to buzz camels. It upsets them and throws off their mating cycles. USAF has paid off $2 million in suits and fines. There is now a 500-foot bubble around all visible camels.

Breathe, damn you!


Tadao: A store called comic con has a 50% off sale on everything except new items. See the flyer Tadao read.

Hare: After his adventure in Hollywood, he's been named LASFS's little green man. He really was green that day.

Francis Hamit, saying "I hate to inject a note of practicality," stated that there are hinged lid plastic boxes available at Wal-mart for $3 each.

Ed: Because of the length of the meeting, he has managed to update results for fugghead contest.

The meeting adjourned at 21:18:40.

Meeting # 3415, Jan 23, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3415 started at 20:13:23

Special Orders of Business: Some very serious items this eve. Virginia Kidd,

agent and author, 1/12 after a long illness; V Heinlein, 1/18; John Mantley, TV Producer, Gunsmoke, the 27th Day, 50's SF film; Richard Crenna, actor, Real McCoys and occasional SF anthology; Al Hirshfeld, whose works were used as the basis for a segment in Fantasia 2000. These notables were given a long moment of silence.

The Menace were read and approved as "Mark is a toon -- hahahaha thud".

Agenda modification: In years past, we've had a way to honor people who've done interesting things around the club. This is the fugghead of the year contest. We've tried to make it more acceptable, and after consultation with many members, living and dead, we're bringing back the Fugghead of the Year Contest.

To nominate someone as a fugghead costs $1. To vote, deposit 1¢ per vote. You can cast positive and negative votes. Negative votes cost 2¢. The contest runs till the end of April, winner gets a speech in his, her or its honor, given by the being in second.

The Registrar: announced a guest, Chris Sugden, who lives in Temecula. He's a cousin of Selina's

Patron Saint: Rick Sneary

Len said, Richard Monroe Sneary, a jiant (sic) in fandom, nationally and internationally. He gave money under the regime that began the building fund. He did a lot of stuff for the club. When Forry was honored as a saint, Charlie said, look around you, he's responsible for a lot of it. In the 50's, the club ran into some hard times due to some fussing and feuding. No one wanted to do anything, except for a handful who held the club together. Rick was Director and Treasurer. Sometimes the Treasurer would dig into his own pocket to pay the rent on the facilities the club was using. It's a shame no one kept track of these donations. He donated money, work, and loyalty.

Marty Cantor said, Rick came up with slogan "South Gate in 58". That's where, theoretically, the Worldcon was held. There were no facilities in South Gate that would accommodate it, so South Gate and Los Angeles held a trade, so the hotel would be considered part of South Gate for the duration of the con.

Matthew Tepper: noted that the trade was accomplished by a joint proclamation by the mayors of LA and South Gate. (Len confirmed the story.) Mayor Weaver of South Gate came to the convention and read a proclamation signed by the Mayor of LA.

He had bad spelling, because he was very sickly and was tutored at home. He didn't like it when people published his work as spelled, but it was more interesting that way.

Three Cheers and a typo.

Gail Selinger, became an active member in the 70's, became a partner with Frank Gasperik. She's often remembered as "in conjunction with", and deserves to be remembered in her own right.

Matthew Tepper recalled that she was a public schoolteacher in NYC.

Allen Rothstein notes that she created "Coof", a typo of "Coffee". She forgot to correct it, and so people wound up coming up with recipes for coof.

CLJII: She doesn't come around much because she's plying her trade as an authoress.

Three Cheers and a typo-writer.

Committee to gouge: auctioned off a bunch of crap.

Old Business: none

New business: none

Committee Reports

Marty Cantor told the club to save LASFS money on postage, and pick up their De Profs.

Tim Merrigan called for collators!

Elayne: The spreadsheets are posted for the directory. Check your info, correct it as needed. We'll publish around the first of March.

CLJII announced, tonight we have a video program, a screening of One Million Years BC, a Hal Roche movie.

4th Thursday of next month, a video program, provided by Tom Safer: the animated version of Star Trek, one written by Niven, one by Gerrold.

Sunday, 4th Weekend movies. By request, we're having a Richard J. film festival. "Sands of Iwo Jima", "Day of the Animals", "Once before I die", "The Green Slime", and "Latitude Zero" – a fine day of fine films.

Time-Bound Announcements

The Prodigal Club-Goer: Ray Bradbury will be at Book City, 2/1, 6801 Hollywood Bl,

Eylat: Mark is fine. He has the flu. He is not known to make a habit of passing out. He just thought Tadao was that funny.

George Van Waggoner announced that Dark Delicacies will be hosting a Bradbury Signing this weekend.

F Waller: has guacamole tortilla chips for sale.

Allen: I got out of a sick-bed for this.


Hare: went to Hollywood to see a movie. He didn't see a movie. Instead, he went to Farmers Market, bought a cheese enchilada and spent the next two hours in the bathroom. Not as much fun as the movie, but the yawns were in technicolor

CLJII: The plot of El Beso Del Vampiro has become too complex to continue updates. There are a few amusing notes. The father of the couch potato vampire attempted to threaten Boris, claiming to be Count Dracula. He was very surprised when Boris magically teleported him into his lair and announced that he's not afraid of him.

Hare asked, "is this accurate?" CLJII replied "I'm not guaranteeing accuracy, I'm only guaranteeing to make Jerry laugh for a few seconds." Jerry applauded.

Ed Green declared himself at a loss for words. And there was much rejoicing.

Tadao: For those who like classic Atari games, he found a box with joystick, attachable to TV sets, with all the classic games built in.

Fannish Committee Reports

Zeff: Yet Another Unclear on the Concept Report: Last Friday, talking to a man on the phone. He had a problem that needed a lot of research, including finding stuff out that we didn't have access to. Joe recommended trying e-mail support. He accepted the email address, and then asked for their phone number.


The Heinlein society is hoping to expand blood drives into all parts of the fannish and even the non-fannish world. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for details.

Len and June were in an accident Monday. As the cop said, any accident you can walk away from is a good one. The other guy ran a red light for the privilege of shaking the Moffatts' hands. Too bad he had to go and shake the rest of them, too. The car is in the shop, pending repairs.

The meeting adjourned at 21:04:35.

Meeting # 3414, Jan 17, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

One ringey dingey, two ringey dingey, is the meeting to whom I am speaking?

Meeting number 3414 started at 20:11:38

Special Orders of Business: Withheld until next week.

The Menace were read and approved as "chickets crirping".

The Registrar: WE have a guest! John Garza, hiding in the corner.

Patron Saint: Jeff Siegel, Lt. Col (ret)

Jerry Pournelle said that he was Alex's best friend while the two were growing up together. Barry Workman and Jerry Pournelle helped him get his appointment to the Academy. He was recently married in an Air Force chapel. Now retired from the Services, he's attending a seminary to become a Lutheran priest. He's a SF fan, and once came up with money. The brat pack is all grown up now.

Fred Patten said his name is misspelled. (We have a professional misspeller to take care of this. Don't try it at home.) He's one of the fans who arguably is responsible for anime fandom. He was one of the group who in 1976 watched the cartoons off channel 52, since they were so weird. "These are neat" they said, "could we see any more of them?" He also prompted the idea of starting a separate club.

Three Cheers and a bird in his future. (or wings at least)

Committee to gouge: auctioned off a bunch of stuff, with an intermission for first aid.

Old Business: none

New business: none

Committee Reports

Elayne Pelz: will be working on a directory!!!!!! Proof sheets will be up next week. Check address, phone number, e-dress, make sure they're correct.

Cleanup committee: We'll be moving the mailboxes behind the treasurer's desk. Empty your box if you have one. It will turn into storage for forms and such. There'll be some reshuffling of stuff in the front of the room. You have until the end of the month to react.

Cantor: There are people who tend to leave things in the APA-L room. Anyone who does printing, if you do multi-day printing, take your paper with you between sessions. Any paper left will become a donation to the club. If you really need to store paper, talk to Marty.

Time-Bound Announcements

Anyone bidding for Loscon 31, have your presentation ready for the February board meeting.

Francis Hamit took the time to officially promote his copyright registration clinic. 3/29, 9 AM. Press releases going out. Already have two students from Loscon flyers. LASFS members are charged $5.

CLJII: Still has subscriptions available for AA. Just AA = 13.50, AA and Extra Added = $17.50. Price increases at end of month.


Meep reviewed "Rabbit Proof Fence", an Australian movie, depicting movement to eradicate half-breed aborigines, by kidnapping children, educating them, so they could be proper servants for upscale homes. Story of two kids who escaped and walked home.

CLJII: El Beso del Vampiro gets more and more interesting. Principle vampire has son who's a werewolf, a girlfriend who's a vampire, and the boy isn't the son of the woman the vampire wants, he's a changeling exchanged for her real son years ago. The girl vampire found this couch potato, and turned him into a couch potato vampire.

Jerry Pournelle: See The Two Towers! They did it fairly well. They made an interesting compromise with the book. Gangs of New York, which is stupid. It's imbecilic. No attention to history, and very little attention to cultures at the time. They got lots of stuff wrong. And the publicity claims it's authentic. Definitely SF rather than history.

George Van Waggoner reviewed a Holmes Ginsbook device. The Emerald Burrito of Oz. Features a laptop that has adapted to Oz, a giant black spreading cloud of evil, and other niftiness.

Hare: reviewed another device. Steve Barnes' "Charisma" seems to be same universe as "Blood Brothers". About 2000 exceptional kids, from a project funded by a billionaire. Lots of fun, very enjoyable.

Don Wenner: Neil Norman doing radio show on KCSN midnight to 2, Tuesday night / wed am. Turns out to be montage of SF music with a few other weird things thrown in. Interesting, maybe even good.

Thorsen: recently exposed to Dracula II Ascension, prepped for video. Cont of recent Drac 2000 in which Drac was revealed to be Judas. Proceeds from there, and fairly decent vampire film, filled with sexy vampires, and little known facts drawn from Sesame Street. Predictable ending. Liked inclusion of butt-kicking Vatican Kung Fi Priest (Obviously a Jesuit – JP). Worth watching.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff: Today's report happened today at work – report for committee for brain farts in everyday life. While the system was rebooting, was talking about his book. Near end of conversation, while putting in username and password, Joe reminded him that the password is case sensitive. "Ok," he says, "c - a - s - e..."

Mark Poliner reports that in Venezuela, an executive was kidnapped, and was being held for ransom. The kidnappers ordered a pizza with the executive's credit card. The police found them. Your ransom demand in 30 minutes or it's on us.


Ed Green used to work at the National Guard armory on Victory. Last night, he saw a bunch of his old co-workers as they were being mobilized for upcoming unpleasantness. He reported mixed feelings. He was sorry to see several of his friends being mobilized, but glad he was watching, not participating.

Jerry Pournelle reported on a chap who was taking an airplane trip. He put a note in his luggage, calling security "scum sucking fascists". His wife had a pair of boots in one bag. He stuffed a surge suppresser into one boot, and put something else with a battery in it. The x-ray machine found it. The note was found. He spent 3 days in jail before they decided not to charge him with making a fake bomb. In Roman times, one crime that always got you in trouble was lese majeste – lessening the majesty of the State. Don't make fun of the current Empire's troops. At the very least, you might be sued for "definition of character."

This started a discussion between Jerry and Francis Hamit on the professionalism of the TSA workers.

On that cheery, upbeat note,

The meeting adjourned at 21:04:35.


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