LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting # 4060, Jun 4, 2015 PDF Print E-mail

Matthew Tepper presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Jim Glass, Mike Bloom

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Matthew Tepper called meeting #4060 to what passes for order at 8:00.

Special orders of business:

Nichelle Nichols has had a stroke. It was a mild stroke and she is recovering. We have had people have mild strokes and come in to regale us with stories. Maybe she’ll do likewise.

Club member Cecil Rose has passed. A card will be procured.

Menace from last meeting were read.  Jerry Pournelle bid $2 to name them “They Are the Minutes” They were so accepted.

Time Bound Announcements!

Matthew Tepper announced David Gerrold has a cover story in this month’s Asimov’s Magazine.

Nick Smith announced the last performance of the Los Angeles Camerata in Glendale. Marilyn Miller will be showing up there. The founder is retiring and they found no replacement.  // Saturday features an all-day music fest in Pasadena.

Committee Reports

The Treasurer’s report: We have money

You can’t spend it.

Marcia Minsky announced there will be a Loscon staff meeting Sunday at  1 PM here.

Programs (CLJII)

June 4, nominations for President of LASFS and a Chuck Jones show by Tom Safer.

June 11, procedural elections

June 18, big auction

June 25, More Like the Movies, part I.

June 28: Last Sunday of June, G Men vs the Black Dragon and Daredevils of the West, which will be interleaved.

Tom Safer announced on June 20 TSPC presents Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles.

Registrar Ed Hooper announced a guest, Bree Turner.

We honored tonight’s Patron Saints:

Patron Saint Jim Glass

Jerry Pournelle was part of the committee awarding Jim the Evans-Freehafer award, after which he never came back to another meeting.

From the Hagiography:

LASFS Librarian

Evans-Frehafer award winner

Patron Saint Jim Glass was given three cheers and a bigger library.

Patron Saint Michael Bloom

Matthew Tepper: we don’t get to see much of him due to health issues. He has a silly shirt bearing the front half of a goose and the back half of a kangaroo, and captioned GooRoo.

Nick Smith: He was responsible for the move of Loscon from the Pasadena Hilton to the Burbank Hilton.

Michelle Pincus: He is a well-rounded fan, loves literature, filk, superheroes. at SD Westercon, when the Superman movie opened, moved heaven and earth to make sure people could see it.

Patron Saint Michael Bloom was given a no two bid and three cheers..

David Okamura monitored science for the club.  

There is a sort of silver lining to the Texas floods.  The El Nino that caused that may be gaining in strength, and may bring moisture to California.  Scientists think the extreme weather may be due to the slowing of the jet stream as the arctic ice melts.

If it gets desperate, there’s a Carlsbad desalination institute starting up.

But 100 years ago, San Diego contracted Charles Hatfield, who gave us the Hatfield Flood of 1916. Rainmaking was quite successful, and the city nearly washed out to sea.  

(But the cat came back.)  We have another mountain lion living in the Verdugos. P-41. He may be crossing the 210 freeway to expand his territory.

Milt Stevens recalls his father had a picture of himself in full police uniform rowing a boat, in the Tyrone Wash (right outside our door).  The 6’ storm drain they installed seems to have fixed that.

Old Business: Nominations for President

Matthew Tepper

No further nominations until next week

No New Business


George McUrso reviewed Tomorrowland. Not a perfect film, but it’s still a fun film and it was a reminder of everything he loves about SF.  It was a positive view of the future, which is nice.

Ed Hooper: Sci-Fest LA. Despite being late for the first play, saw the rest of it, including “A Logic Named Joe”. Overjoyed at how well everything was done.  Get a group together to see it next year. (The original “Logic Named Joe” is available for free download on Archiv.ix)

Neil Gaiman is very supportive of this, and is licensing a spin-off to be performed in London.

Tom Safer: A couple of classic films:

Double Indemnity -- a good drama film full of twists and turns, that’s one.

The Twelve Chairs, a Mel Brooks comedy.

Both quite enjoyable.

Milt Stevens: Anna Christie (1930) known for Garbo Speaks. It’s a tremendous movie.

Frank Waller: saw Road Warrior. Very, very good. Had inklings of the previous movie, but more and bigger, and more hardware.

Nick Smith:  The last third of San Andreas is SF because they change the force of gravity. The visual effect of a shift in a fault was exaggerated.  But the tsunami violated the laws of physics.   The acting is actually decent.

Gavin Claypool: San Andreas.  It has great aerial shots of Cal Tech.  No great shakes.

Doug Crepeau saw Tomorrow. In the scene where Matthew is a kid, he has a jetpack. It seems to be made of two old Electrolux vacuums.

Bill Green: came across an interesting item: they’ve engineered yeast to produce morphine.

Doug Crepeau” Last night on TV, between a couple of Through the Wormhole shows, NASA Unexplained with Dr Pournelle talking about the Thor weapon system.


There is a list of Holllywood Bowl activities. Contact Gavin Claypoool of interest.

Put chairs away.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned to the program at 8:51.
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Meeting # 4059, May 28, 2015 PDF Print E-mail

Matthew Tepper presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Ed Baker

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Matthew Tepper called meeting #4059 to what passes for order at 8:00.

Special orders of business:

Tanith Lee has passed, two days ago. We had a moment of silence in her memory.

Tom Locke announced that Beverly Kanter has been recovering from her fractures. She is living in San Diego, and has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, which may account for her falls.She has asked that her mailing address, 4308 Avon Drive #3 La Mesa CA 91941, ℅ her sister, be made available.

Menace from last meeting were read.  Marcia Minsky bid $2 to name them “In the words of Karl Lembke: Sunland, I know where that is.” They were so accepted.

Time Bound Announcements!

Loscon Committee was represented at Baycon and Clockwork Alchemy. We have one membership from Baycon and one from Clockwork Alchemy.  Zack, Spike, Justine Reynolds for sitting the table at Baycon, and Wendy Newton for sitting the table at Clockwork.

Committee Reports

The Treasurer’s report: We have money

You can’t spend it.

June 4, nominations for President of LASFS and a Chuck Jones cartoon show by Tom Safer.

June 11, procedural elections

June 18, big auction

June 25, More Like the Movies, part I.

June 28: Last Sunday of June, G Men vs the Black Dragon and Daredevils of the West, which will be interleaved.

David Okamura monitored science for the club.  When Elon Musk started building rockets and cars, people thought he was certifiable.  His rockets are. They’re now certified for military use, especially for spy satellites.

Over Memorial day weekend, a lot of people went to the beach, and lifeguards had to put in an appearance because of great white shark sightings.  They were only 7 feet long, so they’re only pretty good white sharks. The life guards protect the sharks from the people.

Later this year, we may have people bringing external flight tanks for the shuttle to Los Angeles.

Back in 1921, archaeologists digging a burial mound found an oak tree trunk hollowed out to make a cofffin. Inside was a young woman, the so-called Egtved Girl, age 16 or so, height maybe 5’ something.  Acid from the oak and peat dissolved the bones, but left clothes, teeth, fingernails and other parts. Under modern scientific methods, they were able to tell a lot from strontium levels in her teeth and hair. Based on strontium levels, they were able to tell she was not from Denmark, and had traveled extensively before her death.

She was buried with a bucket of bronze age beer. (But was it the brutish viking beer?) It was made with bog myrtle berries, honey, and other ingredients.

Registrar Ed Hooper announced no new guests. Welcome back!

President Tepper notes tonight’s program is a presentation of artwork by our very own Marc Schirmeister.

We honored tonight’s Patron Saint:

Patron Saint Ed Baker

Milt Stevens recalls he was an Esperantist, was fond of Ayn Rand, and was a dedicated Catholic. He showed up about the same time Fred Patten, so the two were confused with each other for a while.  

He was a member of an APA called The Cult. He translated one of thier fantasy pieces into Esperanto, so they threw him out. For thirteen members, they caused a lot of trouble.

Ed died 4/22/71.

Matthew Tepper recalls Fred Patten put on the TOC for APA-L, Ed Baker died this week, Funeral Saturday.

Sandy Cohen commented that when Ed was active, he was one of the leaders trying to make sure this was a literary organization. A number of people were glad to recommend books, and Sandy appreciated that.

Tom Locke: Ed was very much interested in the teachings of Andrew Columbus at the Free Enterprise Institute, and was quite active with that institute.

From the Hagiography:

Served as treasurer, custodian of part of the library and secretary

supervised a newspaper delivery crew

was once limited to a maximum of three languages or three coinages in his treasurer's reports, which he sometimes delivered in Esperanto and sometime announced in terms of Esperanto coins.

known for his [always clean] double entendres and for having a very good deadpan expression.

Patron Saint Ed Baker was given three cheers and a green star.

No Old Business

No New Business

CLJII announced his new book, his 16th, is out today: The History of Batman. Only a buck on Amazon.

John DeChancie announced a new book: The Pirates of Perilous. $12.99.

Eric Hoffman noted the passing of Eric Caidin of Hollywood Book and Poster passed away at the Film Noir film fest

The store will remain open, at least for the time being.


Milt Stevens reviewed Skin Game by Jim Butcher. Sort of a cross between a fantasy novel and dead men don’t wear plaid. It’s formula, but Butcher does well with it.  (Now if he could collaborate with Ed Baker and Raymond Chandler….)

Eric Hoffman: Blacke’s Magic, where Alexander Blacke, played by Hal Linden… Found a couple of recordings, and so we’re hoping this will be seen by a larger audience.

Scratch watched two movies.  Avengers, and the one he can’t remember.  Tomorrowland. Enjoyed both.

CLJII: Decades has finished running The Fugitive. Still thinks the best things about the last two episodes was the new LA Zoo and the climax at Pacific Ocean Park.


Frank Waller: Super Car sunday is coming. South Topanga Mall.

Joe Zeff: Putridity that Digby would have appreciated.  In an online survey, asked if he were under 30 or over 30, leaving a curious gap or omission.

CLJII: Barnaby book: quotes on the back, some of which are worthy of remark.  “This book is the most important addition to arts and letters in how many years “ dorothy parker.

Put chairs away.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned to the program at 8:51.
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Meeting # 3259, Jan 27, 2000 PDF Print E-mail


Meeting # 3259, Jan 27, 2000

Cathy Beckstead, President

Karl Lembke, Scribe

January 27, 2000

"Good evening!"

"It's evening. I make no warranties, express or implied," said President Beckstead, in a fit of legalities.

"It's not evil," said CLJII, "I know the face of evil. It has my fist print on its jaw."

Having settled that this was at least not an evil evening, President Beckstead gavelled the meeting into order at 20:10:14.

It was moved and seconded that tonight be officially be called a good evening.

Special Order of Business A.E. Van Vogt died yesterday, Wednesday the 26th, at the age of 87. He was a long time member of LASFS, and spoke at the LASFS 60th anniversary banquet. He was given a minute of silence, and next week's program will be dedicated to a memorial. There will be a memorial service at Callanan's Mortuary, 1301 N. Western, at 10:00 AM, Monday.

The Menace were read, corrected, and approved as "That's Hedly Lamarr!"

Patron Saint Rick Sneary, a nice guy who gave the club money, was honored with the customary three cheers.


CLJII announced that the coming Sunday would be SWEMS, or Superbowl weekend movies. Be there or be something vaguely distasteful. Also, the January Amazing Adventures is out today.

Liz took a poll to see how many LASFen could commit to bleeding for a LASFS blood drive. We need to commit to at least 40 pints. If the drive falls through, members are urged to call the Red Cross at 1-800-GIVE-LIFE and schedule a donation on their own.

Leigh Strother-Vien announced that the club would receive 10% from any prepaid Avon orders until February 25.

Francis Hamit announced an A/D Video show at the Burbank Hilton. If you're interested in digital video, the show is well worth attending. If you're not, it's not.

Kris Bauer mentioned that videotapes of the CNN millennium coverage were available for $10, at the Fry's in reseda, for the moment.

Auction Committee Bruce Pelz announced that some sort of triage process had to be implemented for auction items, and stuck to. People have developed a bad habit of leaving stuff on the table, where it never gets properly checked in. Members were asked to come up with suggestions for a triage process.
We then auctioned off a bunch of stuff, to clear out the cabinets. The auction is alleged to have netted the club some $300.

The meeting was then adjourned, at 21:38:41.

Meeting # 3258, Jan 20, 2000 PDF Print E-mail


Meeting # 3258, Jan 20, 2000

Cathy Beckstead, President

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Quick! A dragon is eating the moon! We need to scare it away! Let's have a LASFS meeting!!!

Special Orders of Business: Hedy Lamarr, 86. She was in the worst fantasy movie ever, "The Story of Mankind". She also starred in "The Heavenly Body", as one of the heavenly bodies. She is quoted as having said, "Any girl can be glamourous, all you have to do is stand still and be stupid." In 1942, she received a patent for the process of "spread spectrum" radio communication, a process now used in many cellular phones and computer links. How she managed to be glamourous despite her severe deficit of stupidity is a question that may never be resolved.
Also among the newly deceased is John Newland, host of "Alcoa Presents", later syndicated as "One Step Beyond". He also directed many shows, including "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "Fantasy Island", and "Wonder Woman".

The Menace were read, corrected and approved as "A Scratch Bid".

Old Business: The President is still working on committees.

Patron Saint: Jeff Siegel, one of Alex's best friends. He is a retired USAF major, and a specialist in cryptography. He's been a LASFan since age 11. He was given three cheers and something I can't quite decipher.

There was no New Business, despite Joe Zeff's generous offer to provide some.

Registrar: We had no Shaun, so we had guests. Welcome, Charles, Jenny, Brian and Steve.

Committee Reports

Archives: Mike Stern presented some material to Bob Null, as a representative of the Archive committee, a photograph of Walt Doherty and Russ Hodgkins, restored by Skiffy, and donated by Forest J Ackerman.

Recycling: Bob Null reported that we can now accept just about any beverage container for recycling. Only, please rinse containers before depositing them!

E-Mail List: Joe Zeff has been sending e-mail messages pursuant to his new committee. As soon as he has enough replies, he'll begin distributing the list. Also, the LASFS directory update sheet is hanging in the front building. Please add any updates.

Summer Holiday: CLJII notes that last year's Summer Holiday party took place in autumn. In the spirit of balance, he plans to schedule this year's in the spring, at Vasquez Rocks.

FWEMS: This Sunday, featuring movies from the turn of the century to the 20s or so.

SWEMS: Two serials will be shown during the Superbowl Weekend Movie Showing: "Burn 'em Up Barns" and "The Spider's Web". A vote will be taken as to whether the serials will be shown contiguously or non-contiguously.

Cinema Anime: Brett Achorn announced this event, starting at 1:00 PM, the second Saturday of every month.

C/FO: The Cartoon/Fantasy Organization meets the third Saturday of each month.


Doug Crepeau announced that Winston Smith was apparently on the loose, and deleting his pearls of wit from the LASFS website. (Maybe his comments weren't Y2K compliant.)

CLJII announced that this was the last week to subscribe to Amazing Adventures. Also, according to the Amazing Adventures Calendar, today is Swashbuckler's Day. So swash your buckles!

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff, on vacation from work this week, had to draw on experiences from a previous week. He reported on a man who was being assisted in getting his computer up and online. The man mentioned how he hated computers. When asked why he was using one, he replied that he needed to get online so he could do online trading. Joe apparently declined to ask him whether he owns a gun.

Doug Crepeau mentioned an item from Culver City, in which a man foiled the reposession of his car by lying down across the driveway, athwart the path of the car, until the police arrived. The name of the man is not at this time known to be Arthur Dent.




Chaz Baden mentioned that the pix he takes are winding up on his website,

Don Wenner noted that a recent episode of "The X Files" was filmed in the vicinity. Jerry Pournelle wondered why they didn't just film an episode at the clubhouse. Karl Lembke replied that the program had to maintain a certain minimum amount of credibility.

Frank Waller stated that he had more free tickets for the L.A. Cabaret.

CLJII called the club's attention to a cake, made in honor of Swashbuckler's Day.

Scratch Galloway offered a projection TV to a good home. He also mentioned the program, SETI@Home, out of Berkeley, which harnesses the power of large numbers of computers on the Net to grind through radio signal data from Arecibo. A program runs as a screen saver on individual computers, and crunches data during the computer's idle time. When it finishes a block of data, it sends back the results and downloads another 300K.

A motion to not adjourn was defeated at 21:03:30, and the members left to moon around.

Meeting # 3257, Jan 13, 2000 PDF Print E-mail


Meeting # 3257

Bob Null, VP, presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Jan 13, 2000

"This is a theater", stated Hare Hobbs, "of the absurd."
"Sit down, shut up. Let's get this over with," was President Beckstead's sage advice.

The "it" we had to get over with was gavelled into order at 20:12:43.

Special Orders of Business: Don Martin, cartoonist with Mad Magazine, and an illustrator for Galaxy died Friday morning. Matthew Tepper remarked on how heartwarming it was to see how well loved he was among the members of the press who wrote of his passing. Most of them had probably grown up on his cartoons. He was 68.
Mark Davis, one of the Nine Old Men of Disney, created Snow White, Tinkerbell, Cinderella, among other characters.
Pat O'Brian, author of the modern "Hornblower" series.

The Menace were read, corrected, and approved as "elegant in a corset". Don't ask.

Old Business: Committees are being worked on.

New Business: A motion was waiting on the table for some sort of action:

We, the undersigned, believe that there are too many consonants in LASFS. In order to promote a vowel movement, we think that LASFS should buy a vowel.
Signed by: Mike Stern, Joe Zeff, Mike Galloway, W. E. Hooper, June Moffatt, and Matthew Tepper.

After some discussion, Jerry Pournelle offered to give LASFS a vowel. At his per-word rates, he must be bucking for another sainthood. There followed some discussion as to which vowel LASFS should obtain. The secretary is rooting for one with an umlaut. Those are really cool.

It was moved that LASFS accept a free vowel from the Niven/Pournelle Alliance (NPA).

Patron Saint Bruce Pelz was given three cheers and some stickers on his trunk.

New Committee: Liz Mortensen announced that she was now the charity coordinator for the club. Her inaugural project for the club is providing handmade blankets for children going thorough chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer. Club members are being asked to donate yarn and/or completed granny squares, to be made into blankets. The preferred size of a completed blanket is about 40" X 60". We will be collecting blankets at HuLaLaCon.

Board Election: Congratulations are offered to Michaels Mason and Galloway, for dodging the bullet, and condolences to Shaun Lyon, who is now on the board.

Registrar: Since Shaun was in the house, Beckie reported that we had no guests.

Committee Reports

Special Project: Joe Zeff mentioned a project that Chaz Baden had been working on, and let lapse. Joe will now be taking up this project in an official capacity. Anyone who wants to be included in the project has to let the Joe Zeff know.

LASFS.ORG: Still looking for a new home. We need lots of space, lots of addresses, and the ability to host mailing lists.

Magic the (FIX!!) Gathering: First place was (FIX!!) Mike Stern. Second, Bruce P; Third: Ken. Drew managed to be in fifth place or thereabouts.

Festival of Books: Greg Bilan notes that now that we have the money for a table, we need LASFen to man the tables (or is that "fan" the tables) over the weekend.

FWEMS: CLJII announced that the 4th Sunday would feature films from the turn of the century (this century still) until about 1928.

SWEMS: Superbowl weekend will feature "Burn 'em Up Barns" and "Spider's Web".

Cinema Anime is still on for the Second Saturday of each month, Brett Achorn reported.

C/FO will be meeting this week.


Eylat announced that Live the Dream will be having a Star Trek marathon. See fliers in the front building.

Hare mentioned the post-holiday blood shortage at the Red Cross (aggravated by the fact that it's flu season), and suggested that LASFS get together for a blood sacrifice. He was told to coordinate with Liz.

Francis Hamit mentioned that he had sold his ninth Y2K article, this one about what went right. One thing that did go wrong was that we lost both sets of spy satellites for about three days. (Or is that what went right?)

Time Meddlers will be meeting Sunday.

The NPA: Larry Niven showed off the cover of a new book, "Saturn's Race" by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes. Also in the lineup are, "Rainbow Mars", now out in paperback, N-Space, being reissued, and Burning City by Niven and Pournelle.

Jerry Pournelle remarked that he made his money off of Y2K by selling the same article nine times. (Jerry, was it the definite, or indefinite article you sold?)
The British government is still trying to decide where to send Pinochet. Anyone with an opinion should send his mail to Parliament before they finalize the decision.

Greg Barrett mentioned that 21st Century Comics will be having a sale over the weekend. Prices will be 30% off Friday, and 40% off Saturday and Sunday.

Someone mentioned He hasn't been hooked up yet, but he'll keep us posted.

Doug Wenner plugged storytelling sessions around town.

CLJII thanked Doug Crepeau for calling his attention to the memorial for Clayton Moore. It will be this Sunday at the Autrey Museum in Griffith Park.
He also announced that time is running out to buy your subscription to Amazing Adventures.
Also, Galen Tripp mentioned to him that while visiting his parents, he saw LASFan Jim Dennis on the E-D channel, talking about Linux.
Finally, he needs to replace his housekeeper. Anyone willing to be an employee of the county can get a job working for about 16 hours a month sweeping, taking out trash, and doing other chores that Charlie's CP doesn't allow him to do.

Woody Dodge announced that collectors edition SF books were being published in limited editions, signed and numbered. For details, go to

Fannish Committee Reports

Scratch Galloway mentioned that he received a statement from Bank of America. It urged him to send money, because he had a balance due of zero.

Francis Hamit noted that six of his neighbors had their telephones cut off for nonpayment. They had not responded to bills sent Tuesday, January 2, 2000. Of course, since that particular Tuesday fell on a Sunday this year, no one delivered the bills.


Hare Hobbs enjoyed Frontier Earth by Bruce Boxleitner.

Ed Hooper recommends the Warlands comic series.


Frank Waller warned us that a new dentist is moving in next door, and that we should "make nice".

Mike Stern mentioned that new officers of the BOD had been elected. Mike Stern is now Chairman; Bruce Pelz is Chair of Vice, and Mike Glyer is secretary and comptroller.

A motion to get the heck out of here was passed at 21:24:37.

Addendum: Scratch Galloway's comment is "No."

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