LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting # 3427, Apr 17, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Bob Null presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

I hereby attempt to call to some semblance of order...

Meeting number 3427 started at 20:10:06.

Special Orders of Business: Vera Zorina, ballerina, movie actress, and in fantasy sequences in a couple of her films. Second is Cathy Brown, mentioned as Cathy McGavin, wife of Darrin McGavin, had been in a number of SF and Fantasy films. Was in Wink of an Eye Star Trek episode.

Henry Beck, widower of Martha Beck, died after a long illness. He was a long time active fan, formerly in Chicago, and moved to Arizona.

A moment of silence was held for these individuals.

The Menace were read and approved as "he's still got his hair!!!"

The Registrar: We have a guest, who hasn't run screaming yet! Bill Taliaferro, from Venice.

Patron Saint: Stan Burns

Christian said that Stan is a member who doesn't show up as often as he used to, now that he lives in the middle of nowhere. He's a good companion at conventions, and a good photographer. He is credited with many of the first set of pictures for the fan gallery.

Seen Stan mostly at parties, rather than at the club.

Three Cheers, and a bill from Agfa...

Committee to gouge: confused Tadao most thoroughly....

Old Business: The Fugghead of the Year contest was announced

Toilet had more problems. The plumber had to be called again, and the line was jammed with paper towels.

New business: None!

Committee Reports

Program committee: We have a program next week. This will consist of erecting bat shields in front of the front table while everyone stuffs the ballot boxes. On the 4th Sunday of this month, FWEMS will feature Cowboy teams: The three musketeers, the range busters, and a few others.

Next month's FWEMS will feature a Faith DeMergue film festival. Actual SF!

June: Elections, 1st week, second week as well. 4th week, begin "More Like the Movies".

A surrogate Tadao announced LaLas 11. We have a prop, copyright violations covered by our law firm of Too Small To Care. There will be a banquet, an ice cream social, chili cookoff, guests, films, etc.

Craft Fair, June 7. Still looking for more dealers. Six sold, two reserved. There will also be a bake sale.

Greg Bilan offered thanks to Karl, Arlene, Tadao, Shaun Crosby, and a few other people.

There will be a booth at the Festival of Books. Be there, or be square. Maybe we'll auction off Liz

Time-Bound Announcements

Christian announced that on May 16, Samuel R Delaney will be speaking at the LA Public Library. Admission is free, parking is a nominal charge.

Fred Patten announced the C/FO meeting Saturday, showing anime from 1-8 PM. Following Weekend, Con-Furence, Burbank Hilton.

Don Wenner: Radio show hosted by Neil Norman, who runs a record company called Crescendo. Show is called the outer limits. Time has been changed to a better slot, 7-9 PM. After that, Galactic Voyager, which also specializes in space music. 88.5 on the dial.

Christian: The Time Meddlers will not be meeting here this month. Instead, they will be picnicing at Johnny Carson Park, 11-5.

Bill Ellern announced the open house at JPL 5-17, 18. Public invited. It's quite a place.

Fred Patten showed a Soviet animated cartoon before the meeting. This is now the program for the evening.

Frank Waller has Guacamole tortilla chips, salsa tortilla chips, and creamy Mexican chips.


Hare reviewed the Titanic documentary, Ghosts of the Abyss. It's well worth seeing.

Charlie Jackson saw Cowboy Bebop the Movie, very exciting, well done, put together. It has an interesting story line that picks up as soon as the credits are over, runs to the end with no deviations. Second movie with a major character named Electra. The action takes place at a Halloween parade and citywide party. Also, saw a Conan O'Brien sketch featuring a Jewish Frankenstein's Monster, who has trouble lighting the tapers for Hanukkah, because of his problem with fire.

Bob Null notes that the Original Frankenstein movie was shown to the crew on Enterprise.

Don Wenner reviewed some science fiction. Alternative history, in this case: Ruled Britannia, by Harry Turtledove. It's not an edge of the seat kind of story, but very interesting nonetheless. Also, Clancy's The Bear and the Dragon is well worth the reading.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff: Has a surrealism report: There is a young college student who was unhappy because she was frontally challenged. She put up a website asking for donations. She got them, and will be taking care of things.

MBT: There were a number of ostensibly independent news organizations covering Iraq who had correspondents based in Iraq. They were only able to get out stuff vetted by the Iraqis. One team had an advantage – the Czech team. The Iraqis had no Czech speakers to vet their coverage. So their coverage differed a lot from that of the other teams.

George Van Wagner: from This Is True newsletter: Tony Evans had six million rubber bands. The ball wouldn't fit in his house. He conjectured what would happen if it were dropped out of an airplane. Ripley's Believe it or Not TV Show paid for the demonstration. It didn't bounce, it created a crater 9' wide.


Hare Hobbs has acquired the new Harry Potter movie on DVD. Amoeba ended up reserving twelve registers for Harry Potter sales only, two registers for everything else.

Christian heard this afternoon that Dr Atkins has died. On April 8, he slipped in the snow and fell. On 4-8, given that New York was having unseasonal snow, hit his head, and died today.

The meeting adjourned at 21:15:10.

Meeting # 3426, Apr 10, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Oblivious to the carnivorous happy face behind him, Ed Green gavelled into order

Meeting number 3426 at 20:12:14.

Special Orders of Business: Unfortunately, we have some. David Greene, director for the original Twilight Zone and The Persuaders; Anthony Caruso, aka Bela Oxmyx, also in Lone Ranger, Zorro, etc; Anne Gwynne, female villain in Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe, also in Black Friday, and many others.

Marty Cantor mentioned the passing of John Foyster, LASFS member and a major fan in Australia. He entered fandom in 1958 and produced a lot of fine fanzines, and had a radio show. The last year and a half, he had a brain tumor, yet he was still contributing. He died 4/5/3.

Finally, we note the passing of Dik Daniels. He was around for a very long time, and was known for dumb jokes and good photographs.

In their honor, a long moment of silence.

The Menace were read and approved as "shocking!"

The Registrar: We have one guest, John Garza. Either stand up and be noticed, or walk out the door without saying anything...

Patron Saint: St. Elst (Eliot Weinstein)

One of the more interesting members of the LASFS, and the second to create his own religion. He hasn't had quite the same financial success as the other member. He's not writing posthumously.

He's a pediatrician, with the finest credential a Mexican Peso can buy. Came back, passed most of the tests, and is now practicing medicine. (Guadalajara is probably the third best school in the continent.)

Created Herbangelism, a religion based on the comic book character Herbie. Also created the Hogu Ranquet, in protest of the expensive ($5-10) Hugo banquets. He had his banquets at a local McDonald's. Now the Hugo banquets don't take place, but the McDonalds banquets are now %5-10.

He's a great guy, and a good friend.

MBT A good raconteur, and a nice guy. A great dinner companion.

JP: He's a good friend we don't see often enough.

And he has excellent taste in wine.

He was given three cheers and the traditional reasonably clean butter knife for surgery.

Committee to gouge: auctioned off a key with six appeal

Old Business: The Fugghead project continues unabated.

New business: The LASFS had an emergency with the plumbing, which cost us over $2600. This paid for a new hole in the sewer lines. Details Sunday at the BOD meeting.

Business: move that the Society donate $100 $50 to each of the emergency relief society societies of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

We wish to state for the public record that our signature on this motion is not a Statement of Agreement or Disagreement about the current US policy in the Middle East. It is simply an expression of gratitude for those members of the Armed Forces who have gone into "harm's way" on behalf of the American Public.

The motion passed without dissent. There followed a discussion about which relief society to send it to. The consensus was that an amendment designating the USO as an allowable recipient. The checks will go out tomorrow night.

Committee Reports

Tadao reported on Lalacon. Lalas 11, Are you in or out...

Safer: tonight's program is pilots from the Jay Ward Studios. Superchicken, George of the Jungle, Fang the Wonder Dog, and others.

Time-Bound Announcements

Christian announced the Artwalk at the Brewery. Free, 620 Moulton. 11 AM to 6 PM, April 12-13. (That's this weekend, folks!!!) <>

Bob Null Finishes radiation and chemo tomorrow, and still has hair. 4-8 weeks after that finishing up with therapy, he will be scheduling surgery to deal with the rest.

Joe Zeff remarked that the Festival of Books is coming up. XLibris will be at booth 505, in case you're curious about them

Greg Barrett announced that on account of the Festival of Books and Lalacon, the Library needs to do some massive clean-up. There will be a Work Party, Sat 4/19.

Mark Poliner: Anna is now mobile and crawling, and giving her parents exercise. 26th is her birthday.

Jerry Pournelle, gave a discourse on the Iraq war. This war is rewriting a lot of the books about military logistics and comparison of forces. If you missed his talk, check his web page at <>.


Ed Hooper reviewed the first episode of Macros Zero, a new anime series. Cell and computer animation is so amazing, it's got to be state of the art. Story seems to play fast and loose with Macros history. It's incredible. Available on Internet as download.

Kyla, in keeping with military theme. Mother voted commander of local VFW, first female commander ever. Started paying attention to arthritis commercial, seen one running during Sunday talk shows. This one is a dead=on arthritis med commercial with Frankenstein's Monster.

Hare: Star Pilot Grave, second of Megworld books. This comes closer to Weber than the first in the series was, and much better done. However, the book has no real ending, the words just stop.

Safer: Did a concert with the Angeles Chorale, a series of American composers, which included a lot of patriotic music. When it was planned, he had no idea we'd be where we are now, but it made the concert a lot more meaningful than it might have been.

George Van Wagner: Reviewed a Holmes Ginsbook device, Future Land by Walter Moseley, a collection of nine interwoven stories. It's as dark as you'd expect his work to be, and highly recommended.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff: In an addendum to last week. A response to the flame came in. The sender complimented him on the language, and asked if it was worth losing his job to be able to write this... No.

George Van Wagner described a Dilbert Newsletter strategy. He collects 800 numbers from all the spams he gets, and includes that 800 number when he replies enthusiastically to all the Nigerian spams he gets.

Ed Green: read a letter from Iraqi Ministry of Information. Bagdad Bob is looking for employment with a group that can use his talents, and Isuzu isn't hiring.

Karen Anderson will be posting something on the bulletin board. It's a story about a sidewalk-travelling robot that says things to passers by. These things include "My aim is to reproduce." and "Does your god make you wear clothes?"


Mike Thorsen announced that canned Whup-ass is once again available

Joe Zeff observes, there is now a no-calorie energy drink available.

Marty Cantor warned us all about the upcoming Board Meeting, followed by Second Sunday.

Fred Patten asked if anyone had mentioned the Cinema Anime meeting Saturday.

Bill Ellern says that JPL is having an open house May 18.

The meeting adjourned at 21:36:44.

Meeting # 3425 Apr 3, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

From the malls of Honolulu to the stores of NYC,

We will buy our country's products to increase our GNP.

Meeting number 3425 started at 20:13:03.

Special Orders of Business: Charlie had one to mention, in passing, as it were. Screenwriter Philip Yordan, who contributed to 1960s version of Day of the Triffids.

The Menace were read and approved as "eaten by carnivorous plants".

The Registrar: introduced Ashley Fraser, learned about us in a nightmare, and Rick Katze, who now belongs here, blames and Mike Glyer his for being here. Also, the shaft is back at Nesfa, returned by a Philadelphia lawyer. A miniature shaft has been created and is now in Nesfa's possession...

When the shaft originally arrived, there was something else in the box. A fanzine that was being sent to Glyer. Leigh says that according to Glyer, when it was shipped to Pennsylvania, it was refused and sent to an auction site. The shaft, not the fanzine. Though it was close.

The shaft was a thank-you for our loan of money to buy the Nesfa clubhouse....

Patron Saint: Chuck Donahue. (Up Chuck!)

Nice enough to give us money to make him a patron saint, so people would say nice things about him once a year...

Tried to do too much and burned out.

Matthew Tepper said: He used to have a cute girlfriend who would sit on top of the freezer on the far end of the room and knit.

Christian said that Chuck was always the man Christian thought he was.

Leigh called him a fine person with a good sense of humor.

Joe: He was a marine.

He was given three cheers and a gopher in the front yard.

Committee to gouge: We'd like to thank the committee for their fine work, should we ever see any.

Old Business: The Fugghead contest rolls on apace.

New business: None!

Committee Reports

The Acquire the Spire project usher passed the collection plate.

CLJII: as the programming committee, announced as tonight's program, something presented by Fred Patten – a promotional DVD for Animatrix.

Next week, we will feature a program of unsold, unaired pilots from Jay Ward serials.

The final meeting of this month, all hell breaks loose as the Fugghead contest winds down.

Last week, de profs were set out. If anyone wants another directory, pay Liz 50¢.

The Magic tournament is tomorrow.

CLJII: fourth Sunday of this month, FWEMS is cowboy teams, Three Musketeers, Texas Rangers, Trail Busters, and Silverado.

Mah Jongg tournament is at the end of June.

Saturday, Estrogen Zone meets here. This month's theme is Shakespeare.

Sunday, TRIPE. Sunday, noon until people run screaming into the night.

Francis Hamit reported on the copyright registration clinic. To all those who are looking forward to it, too late. You missed it. Four who attended were non-members.

Tadao announced Lalacon, May 3,4. Sign up now, sign up often.

Time-Bound Announcements

Fred Patten: Sunday is grand opening of Astroboy Birthday Party (now called the Postwar Japanese Anime/Manga Exhibit). It still promises to be a lot of fun. It will be at the Japanese cultural center in Little Tokyo. It opens at 11 AM, reception 2-4. At Noon, there will be a fan masquerade type thing. Free to the public. 244 S San Pedro st.


Robert Keller reviewed the Grauman's Chinese Theatre presentation of The Core. Movie was cheesy, dialog was cheesy, characters were flat. Other than that, it was fine cinema.

Sandy Cohen, dream catcher may not be the worst movie of the year, he hasn't seen all the movies this year. It's truly bad. chocolate exhibit at Nat Hist Museum is wonderful. There is chocolate for sale.

Frank Waller has chocolate in the truck.

Tremors, 1st episode, entertaining, not great. If you enjoyed the three movies, you should enjoy the series. The cast includes three photogenic women.

Christian: The MOUS show has now done a 3.0 version, called "The Sun, or the Effects of Sudden Blindness on the Audience". <>

Leigh Strother-Vien read Shelters of Stone, the fifth book in Auel's Earth's children series. Much better than plains of passage. It's the most believable since the first one. It has been donated to the LASFS library.

Scott Beckstead saw "The Adventures of Pluto Nash". It's much better than advertising would have you believe. It was very good.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff: a few weeks ago, since leaving earthlink, expected not to be able to report on stupid users. Can post to earthlink.complaints, and maybe help people out. One person had two issues. Gave a suggestion on one issue, and got a sarcastic comment on the other issue. On being told, "I'm not working for Earthlink, I'm doing this as a favor", the person waxed insulting. He got told off....

Joe also commented on Gevalia's royal vinter blend coffee. He got two pounds of it today.

Hare got the Roger Rabbit DVD. According to the liner notes, the animation was done without a single computer. Hare's relative who worked the computer begged to differ.

Christian "I completely forgot what I was going to say."

Ed Green: a German citizen recently met an untimely demise when his personal invention failed. It was a vibrating mattress and electrodes, which he would attach to himself. While watching a film titled Hot Vixen Nuns, his apartment experienced a power surge. Always use a surge protector.


Francis Hamit waxed appreciative. The copyright registration event last Saturday would not have been possible without the help of friends, such as Leigh Strother-vien, the Janitors, and support of various members of the board. It was an experiment, and not all experiments succeed.

The meeting adjourned at 21:18:37

Meeting # 3424, Mar 27, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3424 started at 20:12:33

Special Orders of Business: There were two this evening. Matthew Tepper noted the passing of a computer pioneer, Adam Osborne, after a series of strokes, age 64. While his computer was not commercially successful, he planted the seed for the idea of a portable computer.

Rick Foss announced the illness of Gerald Pearce, now in intensive care with pneumonia. Cards, etc to be sent to his house, because he can't receive visitors at the hospital.

The Menace were read and approved as "90% infidel".

The Registrar: We have three guests! Don Bennett, Secretary of the Astrolitic Legation. George Pendel, here on business. He is researching a book on a rocket scientist who was a member of LASFS -- Jack Parsons. Finally, we have David Mangold, of Granada Hills.

Patron Saint: Tonight's is Sue Hazeltine, who got smart and decided never to come back. She married the right Frank brother. Generally a good person

Marty Cantor called her one of a long line of excellent librarians we've had.

Three cheers, and the sense to know which Frank brother to marry...

Committee to gouge: finished up with a tennis match over the former games cabinet.

Old Business: The Fugghead candidates list has grown.

New business: We have some. The pun rationing scheme...

Whereas the continuation of the Gulf War is underway in Iraq, and

Whereas war requires sacrifice on the part of the folks at home, and

Whereas these sacrifices often include the rationing of goods, it should also include the rationing of bads,

Therefore it is hereby moved that the LASFS begin a program to ration puns...

A motion to table the motion for 999 years carried. This motion will resurface in the year 3002...

Committee Reports

The 2003 directory is out, and attached to your de profs. Pick them up, and save us postage!

Tadao: Lalacon is on a roll, flyers are on the Lizdesk. May 3-4.

Greg Bilan announced the Festival of Books at the end of next month. Booth 440. Any used books may be donated for give-aways.

Time-Bound Announcements

Hare Hobbs announced something that's already happened. his sister's oldest child has been sworn into the Navy.

Marina. Stern said, Borders is offering free Ren Faire passes with a $40 purchase

Rick Foss CSUF: exhibition of carnivorous. Check the website at lacarnivorousplantssociety. And Ed didn't get lucky...

John Dechancie thanked Mr. Foss for his offhand remarks.

Gavin Claypool notes that Disney has re-released Spirited Away. It won the Academy Award for Best Animated Film


R. Keller and Ed Hooper: Ed: Riverworld. Saw, enjoyed, but expects movie to disappoint when he reads book... Keller: I always like to find something good to say. Title loosely based on Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld. The part between title and the credits is filler. Philip Jose Farmer's name is never seen anywhere. The movie before it was Waterworld, and Riverworld cost less.

Hare: First hour was frustrating, because they truncated all of the first and part of the second book, before they could get to the riverboat. Started to enjoy second hour. If you've read the books, you probably don't want to see the first hour. If the series is like the second hour, it'll be ok, we think...

Tadao: In an ironic twist of fate, he has been published and reviewed at the same time. Banzai has no fewer than six pictures and one interview Tadao never gave.

George Van Wagner recommends that whether or not you haven't read the book, don't see the movie, read the book.

Someone mentioned having seen a war protester's sign: "We support our troops, if they shoot their officers."

Matthew Tepper: How appropriate it was that Roman Polanski's oscar was presented by the star of "The Fugitive"..

Ed Hooper observed that while the people at the Oscars were booing Moore, people at one of the parties were cheering him.

George Mulligan: if he's ever the absolute ruler of the country, Moore will be in the council of advisors. George will listen carefully to his advice, and do the exact opposite.

Kyla went to see Willard. The Star is not mousy; he's definitely ratty. Don't see it at Citywalk. The new film has lots of loving homage to first film...

Fannish Committee Reports



Greg Bilan: Looking for sponsors for Tour de Cure, bike ride vs. diabetes....

Elayne Pelz has a computer for sale...

Karen Anderson: Space Update e-mail: a small rocky asteroid, a yard in diameter, broke into 500 pieces over Chicago. The flash was half as bright as daylight.

CLJII: Coda to report on meteor. Everyone in Chicago is now blind and being eaten by plants. Check at <chicagocarnivorous>.

The meeting adjourned at 21:05:46.

Meeting # 3423, Mar 20, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Bob Null, vice-presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

The Committee for Silly Gavels boinged into disorder.

Meeting number 3423 started at 20:11:54

As CLJII observed, unlike some dictatorial fascists, Bob Null has no agenda.

Special Orders of Business: Two items: first is to note the passing of writer/producer Fred Freiberger, who worked on Star Trek and lots of westerns. He also produced The Beast from 20000 Fathoms.

Marty Cantor announced that we have lost Harry Warner, Jr., one of our fannish legends. He joined FAPA in 1940, and has had continuous membership since then, but will probably be dropping out now. Harry wrote a history of fandom in the 1950s and one in the 1970s. He estimated that he had written 10,000 LOCs on fanzines. He died during miserable cold weather in February, and was found some weeks later.

Jerry Pournelle noted that we have the first casualties of the war, twelve American marines and four British soldiers.

The Menace were read and approved as "all marines".

The Registrar: was too busy sloughing off the job of presiding over the meeting to find any guests.

Patron Saint: Dan Deckert

Joe Zeff: Deckert is responsible for the "All in Favor Say Aye, All Opposed Say Aye" maneuver. He has a lifetime positive balance in Hell. The game. Each year, he would quit playing as soon as he had a positive balance.

Bob Null noted, he ran a loscon, but it wasn't #13.

Matthew Tepper called him a great person to play against in Risk.

Craig Miller told us that he chaired a bunch of stuff, and held various high committee positions.

CLJII says that Dan snapped up a babe from the LASFS babe pool.

He was given three cheers and something.

Committee to gouge: auctioned off, among other things, the sine qua non for LASFS meetings – ear plugs!

Old Business: none

New business: none

Committee Reports

Programs: CLJII announced FWEMS this Sunday, Shakespeare with a Twist. 2:00 until it's over.

Tadao announced LASFS Eleven, are you in or out? over Kinko de mayo weekend, with a viva las vegas flair. Check the website. 15.21, 21.21 at the door. Banquet 6.00.

Liz said, "Pay me" in a very deep voice.

Time-Bound Announcements

Francis Hamit announced the copyright registration workshop. $5 for members, $15 for others with pre-registration, $25 at the door, plus materials fee.

Hare announced that he needs a non-aspirin painkiller.

CLJII has the new Amazing Adventures, the March issue. It has a brand new story of Solara. $2.

5/17, Greg Bilan is hoping to participate in a tour the cure. Looking for sponsors.

Arlene Satin has been contacted by script writers network, hosting a "Story to Glory" event. The schedule includes, 3/25, Ghost, followed by a post-film Q&A session with the writer; 4/8 Dragonheart with Q&A with writer. $11 admission.

Someone went to a demonstration of new machines at Airport Marriott. Devices for low-vision and blind, lots of state-of-the-art toys.

George Van Wagner: Trying to revive his musical career at Hellenbeck General Store, with the band, Grupo Sub Conscious. Tomorrow night, 10:00

Mark Poliner announced the Maltose Falcon's mead tasting 3/30.


CLJII got to see a film entitled The Day the World Ended. At one point, the little boy in the new movie watches the old version on TV. Story of a little boy who believes his father is an ET who's going to come and make everything right. When an ET shows up and starts shredding people, he thinks that's Dad. And he turns out to be right. Another cinematic landmine.

Also, it's a film where Ronnie Reagan incarcerates the Durango Kid.

Francis recommended Charlie go see Chicago. Film is worth seeing despite being nominated for 13 Oscars.

Don Wenner listened to the soundtrack of Gods and Generals... it's kind of low key, and you wouldn't recognize that it was for a Civil War movie. Also, there was a song with Bob Dylan.

Fred Patten: drowned out Jerry Pournelle's singing with a review of an Oz book, by Alexander Volokov. He rewrote the original by making Kansas a bright and sunny land, so it wouldn't look like Stalin had ordered him to attack the US. One of his originals has been translated into English. They have just been reprinted in very beautiful editions, available at a Russian bookstore on Laurel Canyon and Magnolia – Paris books.

Matthew Tepper reviewed some equipment. His first computer cost him $1300. He now has a palm-held computer more powerful than his first three computers. Nicest palmtop he's seen. Wireless would have cost him an additional $50/month. For now, it's a wonderful device, and it's actually functioning as a productivity tool.

Dune the SF channel mini series. It was better than the movie version of Dune, but it was only adequate. First night lagged a lot, second were kind of worth watching. Some of the dialog was beyond salvaging. Also, an SF channel ad: They're doing Riverworld, but the ad doesn't credit the author of the book.

George Van Wagner: went to check out Riverworld, and they removed Sir Richard Burton from the adaptation.

Hare: they had made it as a 18-hour miniseries, then decided to add 4 more hours to make it a series. As for Dune: enjoyed more than first series, but is waiting for the director's cut. This series tried to cover both Dune Messiah and Children of Dune.

Brett reviewed something that will be out in a couple of years from Pixar: Brad Burt's next movie. The animatics and story boards show a story about a superhero family. They were doing their superhero things, and people started suing them, the government got involved, and they wound up in the hero protection program.

Jerry Pournelle: Not all that fond of Dune, but Herbert told him before he died that all the versions were bad except the full 4 ½ hour movie. He missed the SF channel's miniseries.

Mike Thorsen reviewed the box set of Twin Peaks season I. Overall, it's a pretty good rendition, except, the first episode begins with "Previously on Twin Peaks"... Stuff wasn't included.

Craig Miller reviewed premiere of Dreamcatcher. Somewhat different from book. Completely different from trailers and poster, since it's not a typical horror movie. It's SF – an alien invasion. The horror parts are really well done, and the SF is really kind of dopey. (But then, that's typical Stephen King.)

CLJII: Saw Secret Agent X9, 1937 serial, based on comic strip. Tells adventure of an American secret agent trying to recover Belgravian Crown Jewels. Good film, some continuity flaws, but enjoyable. 213th serial, only 13 left unseen.

Jerry Pournelle stated that Charlie has outdone himself, coming up with the worst serial yet. Actually, Charlie says the worst serial is "Zombies of the Stratosphere".

Fannish Committee Reports

Phil Castora saw a bumper sticker: top half said "Jesus loves you". Under it, "Eveyrone else thinks you're an asshole".

Joe Zeff is now unemployed. This is his last Earthlink Stupid User Report. Tuesday, speaking to a very confused AOL refuge who still needed the support system. Is Explorer open or closed? I don't know. Two people with microsnot snerdification, demonstrated their ignorance of networking. Both expressed interest in his book, never realizing they'll be in the next one.

CLJII recommended that Joe try combining his job experience and work inserting chips into cookies. He also mentioned having seen a T shirt that reads, 10% bitch, 90% infidel.


Francis Hamit had a serious misc. We have one LASFS member in war zone, Terry Karney. After 10 years in the Army, he might as well call it a career. He's an MI interrogator. He's over there, doing important work. Personal favor: don't take out opposition to war on troops.

Jerry Pournelle: One group decided to defecate on Golden Gate Bridge. Another group, "Puke for Peace", has been drinking sour milk, going to federal building in SF, and vomiting on it. Larry Niven once said "There is no cause so noble that it won't attract a whole bunch of fuggheads." Corrolary: when the press goes to interview people, they'll find the fuggheads.

Jerry then expounded on his view of the course of the war. The air bombardment has been so effective, it looks like the Terror And Awe attack won't be necessary, and may be replaced by the Awe Shucks attack. (By now, we know it wasn't. Jerry states that 90% of war predictions will be wrong, including this one.) Iraqis have been taking lessons from the French on how to fight a war.

Jerry and his colleagues also accepted blame for getting GPS invented.

He went on for a very long time, but there was no exodus from the clubhouse, so people obviously found it interesting.

CLJII announced his magic number: 100 for the year.

And remember kiddies, going to war without the French is like going deer hunting without an accordion.

The meeting adjourned at 21:40:00.

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