LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting #2736, Jan 18 1990 PDF Print E-mail

 by Matthew B. Tepper, Not-Seagate

It was 20:14 when Brucifer used his gavel to put a scar on the table, showing himself to be the President indeed. Marty Cantor immediately called for the Chairman, to which Bruce replied, "I'm not the Chairman; shut up!" Someone called out, "Second," to which Marty replied, "That's not long enough!" Sigh; another day at the stupidity works!

The Treasurer's report showed that we'd had only 91 members the previous week; time for a smaller clubhouse? Bruce said he wouldn't mind closing up the Apa L room, "with at least two or three of you clowns in it."

Registrar Galen said he'd found lots and lots of guests, namely, Dennis Getchius and daughter Theresa, Kirsten Mae O'Brien and William O'Brien, Nickolas Pahana Stephens, Konrad R. Wilk, John L. Wolcott and Larry Schultz. Their interests included reading, gaming, and films, a typical fannish club mix.

Three cheers and a buzz haircut were shouted as praises to St. Jeff Siegel. That done, the important part of the meeting began:

Committees! Bob Null came forth as the Committee to Acquire Computer Crud for the Clubhouse. It seems we not only have a new computer for the Library, but enough spare parts were scrounged to build a whole new puter. We'll now have three machines in the computer room (or whatever you want to call it), and the old CP/M machine will go bye-bye so the DOS ones can go up against the wall (credit Frank Gasperik with that one).

Galen Tripp, as Committee to Keep the Clubhouse Clean, said that someone at 2nd Sunday had managed to get chewing gum on lots of chairs, kind of like a demented Johnny Appleseed. Charlie Jackson put in, "Johnny Gum-ass." Daffyd ab Hugh admonished, "Watch your ass." Suitable comebacks are left as an exercise for the membership.

Frank Gasperik, as the Public Action Works Committee, said that enough people complained about lack of public viewing access for the scheduled Columbia landing that their complaints caused the opening up of some public access! It's not entirely altruistic; NASA will have a souvenir stand for those of you who can bear to be separated from your money.

Jack Harness moved us into Surrealism by reporting on a 78-year-old man who received handslap probation and a "there, there" for killing his wife, while a man who tampered with electric meters got 40 years. Another silly sentence was a seven-year stretch in London for robberies committed with a cucumber as the weapon; use a pickle, go to gaol!

Charles Lee Jackson II figured he'd be the Committee for Making You Guys Angry With Me (i.e., him), by declaring that there would be no playing of Sim City after 9:30; it ties up the puters too much. As Video Committee, he announced the upcoming Quatermass serial. And as Committee to Keep Phil Castora East of the Continental Divide, he reported, "miserable failure." A hearty, if clean-shaven, Castora was present at the meeting, to the pleasure and wonderment of all. Welcome back, Phil!

Leigh Strother-Vien, Librarian, said the Library was open for business as usual, and that we should use it to make room for more books! No cheating by keeping the books out past their due dates; let's do it right. Leigh is actively collecting fines, so watch out. February may see the Library inventoried.

Ed Green, Surrealistic Military attaché extraordinaire (just try saying that in one breath!), said it was Warsaw Pact night! Idiocy #1: Albania has been bamboozling its citizens by claiming that their manned Mars fly-by was so successful, they'll soon send a man to Pluto. What a Mickey Mouse country! Idiocy #2: Gorbachev is mobilizing troops to quell the rising in Azerbaijan, but following Standing Operating Procedures, the call-ups will be mostly locals. Oops! #3: Romania is loosening the laws against pornography, and an erotic film about Dracula is in the works. Maybe they can get Nadia Comaneci as one of the Brides. So what?

Francis Hamit was pleasantly surprised that near everybody who'd signed up for the CPR and First Aid classes had reconfirmed.

Announcements: Leigh S-V said there was already a considerable waitlist for the Library's copy of the new Amber novel. She also announced the imminent opening of a feature film of footage from the Apollo missions, "For All Mankind," playing limited runs at the Cinerama Dome, the Crest Westwood, and some other houses. Shoshana McVey had heard some advance word on the pic, and said it was all favorable.

Ed Green said the April 19th LASFS meeting is planned to be a LASFS version of "Hollywood Squares," and wants to hear from people interested in participating. He could also use some help with the questions. Mike Glyer heckled, "I wanna be a square." Nah. Too easy!

Bruce Pelz said that the Board of Directors is seeking a chair for the 1991 Loscon. Submit your bids to the Board by 25 February. Gavin Claypool said there is a form available for requesting a second phone number to be listed in the LASFS Directory.

Reviews: Rick Foss had some nice things to say about a recurring food & drink festival to benefit blind children; it was $60 well-spent, quoth he. Also, some German cousins to Soviet President Gorbachev were manufacturing a mediocre brand of vodka to, you should pardon the expression, capitalize on the family name. Billy Beer goes East?

CL saw a pic on Custer's Last Stand which had a mild fantasy element, in the guise of an Indian's conversation with a spirit. PBS' "Mathnet" received good points, including a second-hand rave from Ed Buchman, despite a Buchman rating of zero. Trust these mathematicians to stick together. Francis Hamit said "Glory" was a good answer to the question of what it's like to be in a war.

Miscellaneous Business: Tom Safer said that Ira Levin's play, "Veronica's Room" was odder than "Deathtrap," and was beginning its run at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre. And our final surrealism report is that of a wrongdoer who led police on a merry chase, with both pursuer and pursued travelling in golf carts. The suspect was caught by some workers back at the pro club, and was charged with Grand Theft Golf Cart, among other crimes. You'd think that on a golf course, they'd get him on a driving charge.

That out of the way, we adjourned at 21:02 for a small auction and some theatrical trailers, courtesy of CL.  

Meeting #2735, Jan 11 1990 PDF Print E-mail


 by Matthew B. Tepper, Not-Seagate

"tap, Tap, TAP!" went the gavel, as Brucifer called us to order at 20:12. First call was for guests, and Galen introduced us to Mark Burton, Nannette Bolles, and Jim Bostrom. Minutes were read, and with the nitpick of the spelling of Dori Sahagian's name, were approved as waltzed. President Pelz read the Treasurer's report, and toted us up to $33,553.62, including $487.60 in the newly-enhanced Video Fund.

Leigh Strother-Vien announced that she would soon be taking over as LASFS Librarian, an appointment Bruce said was approved by the Board. Leigh will be instituting a few guidelines to improve the Library's operations. First-Leigh, your LASFS membership card will be needed for all check-outs. (Bruce said you can get these from the Treasurers.) Second-Leigh, signs denoting the check-out period (four weeks) and fine (25¢) will be posted in the Library itself. Third-Leigh, there will be a physical inventory of the Library, which will probably be closed down for a week. And last-Leigh, she had found a lost pair of gloves. See her if they're yours.

Galen announced the latest De Prof, free for scrounging at the table in the back.

Committee Reports opened with Francis Hamit, speaking for Surrealism. Entrepreneur of the month goes to a drug dealer who was selling drywall as cocaine; should we get him for drugs or for fraud? Jerry Pournelle wrote a coke-user's slogan in big letters on the whiteboard: "My other car is up my nose." Ed Green wasn't here, so we lacked a military report.

Mark Poliner declared himself the Stupidity Committee, and told of a vagrant in Florida who wanted to spend a night in prison, so went out and slugged a cop and got five years. Bruce Pelz said he was reminded of Damon Runyon's "The Cop and the Anthem" -- or is that O. Henry?

Dr. Pournelle asked and got a few minutes to tell us of a newly-proposed space vehicle called the SSX: Space Ship eXperimental. It's a squat, roughly egglike vehicle with a circle of thrusters, and no need for the expensive boosters that put NASA's shuttles into orbit. It takes off and lands like a traditional SF-style rocketship. The Shuttle was designed to use a standing army of NASA employees, but the SSX needs a much smaller team. It's miserly on fuel: Nine tickets to Australia would get buy you a ticket to the Moon. One launch costs less than $3 million, so this might be the ideal way to build permanent space stations and a lunar base. Once we're established on the Moon, water supplies might prove less of a problem, since Moon rocks were recently shown to contain hydrogen. (That almost sounds easier than getting it from Hoover Dam!)

Test pilots have the right stuff to fly this bird, as it uses differential throttling for steering (read: flying by the seat of your pants). Dr. Pournelle is only one of several military and aerospace experts backing this plan; Tom Clancy is another. In all, Dr. Pournelle feels the Vice President has been treated unfairly by the media. He said that Mr. Quayle has been backing some solid ideas for our space program, and suggested that we write him letters of support, care of the White House.

Announcements: Hare Hobbs reported that Microillusion declared bankruptcy, so LASFS' own David Joiner's computer game, "A Faery Tale," may not be available much longer.

Rick Foss said that Robin Schindler's apartment building has been condemned, so she's looking for a housemate and a place to rent. Rick also has information on Holland, European tours, and lodging in the Hague. If you're going to Confiction, see him.

Marty Cantor had some software left over from the box he bought at LASFS auction, mostly Amiga, with some Mac and MS-DOS. Greg Bilan announced an animation program at Cal State Northridge.

Frank Waller said he was Mudd no more, and proudly announced that he has found a job as a garbageman in Glendale. Is that picking up or delivering, Frank?

Francis Hamit said he'll be calling people up to confirm their participation in the First Aid and CPR classes. Also, he is Press Coordinator for NASFiC, and is looking for fresh victims volunteers. Ha-ha, Sam Martinez seemed willing to give it a try!

At this point, President Pelz said he felt honor-bound to lead a round of cheers for that week's saint: himself! The club obliged with three elephantine "hooray"s.

Reviews: Rick Foss is now reviewing books for the Los Angeles Reader, and hopes to share his reviews with us a week before they appear. First off is Explorers of the Amazon, about the mad conquistador Aguirre who led a dwindling expedition through the Amazon in 1560. The reason the expedition was dwindling was that he was killing the men off himself. And, wouldn't you know, he kept a diary? Rick found it interesting for the way it looks at a deranged mind. Perhaps the author should visit LASFS.

Francis Hamit told us of a book called Divine Invasion: The Life of Philip K. Dick. It's authorized by Dick's estate. Dick was a great writer, but his personal life was a mess. Francis wasn't sure he liked the book, but seemed moved by it all the same. "Don't read this if you idolize writers," he said; "you shouldn't idolize them anyway." His review copy will be donated to the LASFS Library.

Announcements and Reviews Mixed Together: Tom Safer enjoyed "Driving Miss Daisy." Charles Lee Jackson II said LASFS member Susan Potter is now a caterer for a posh restaurant in San Francisco. George Mulligan didn't have a car for sale this week, but he did have an 8" floppy drive and a LaserJet toner cartridge.

President Pelz said the year's programs are beginning to gel, though there was none tonight. One meeting will feature an old LASFS favorite, a fannish version of a TV game show. Misty Johnstone wanted to know if there was any interest in more of her UFO programs, and received a round of applause. We adjourned at 21:07 for a short auction.

There now, wasn't that painless? 

Meeting #2734, Jan 4 1990 PDF Print E-mail

 by Matthew B. Tepper, Not-Seagate

"Happy New Year," said President Pelz as he pounded the LASFS to order, "or Happy New Decade, depending on who you're listening to." We now begin with a tabula rasa, program-wise, anyway. Suggestions and volunteers are desired. Films and filksings are already in the planning, but there's presently a dearth of presentations and panels.

Galen Tripped in to announce a guest, one Lisa Blanc, visiting us from Costa Mesa. And you think that's some commute? Just wait.

The previous week's minutes were given the traditional cold reading, with numerous pauses for ad libs. The difference this time was that it was the last set of minutes by the outgoing Scribe, Mike Glyer, who received a round of applause from the membership as he heads into another sabbatical. As further evidence of the club's gratitude, the minutes were actually approved as read, with no corrections! The reading may have been cold, but Rick Foss observed that it was sympathetic. How could the material deserve anything less? Thanks, Mike.

The Prez read the Trez stuff, noting among the accounting figures that the guests outnumbered the deadbeats by 4:1. Mention of the Building Fund got a point of order from Tom Safer: What had ever happened to our plans to look for a new building? Bruce replied that none of the leads from the agent had proven worth following up. This place may be cruddy, especially when the members are in it, but other places are even worse, if you can believe that. "What brought this up, Tom?" queried a quizzical Pelz. Charlie Jackson replied, "A bit of undigested beef."

Further discussion revealed that last year's dues increase has helped to depopulate the clubhouse, and reminded us that the crowding was one of the reasons for the suggested move. Besides, the idea of selling off this parcel for $300K or more, and buying a larger and better one for $50K less, is almost good enough for the Surrealism Committee! Perhaps we've put so much effort into this place that it might be worth it just to stay here.

Somehow or other the topic of conversation changed to the catch of the day, Manuel Noriega. Scratch wondered what would happen to the $1 million bounty we'd put up for the deposed nogoodnik. Charlie Jackson said there was a 75¢ bounty on Frank Gasperik. Bruce suggested that Noriega would claim the megabuck, or maybe the pope. Just then, Gasperik walked into the meeting room, and the crowd went wild while Frank tried to figure out the reason for this warm reception. Said Bruce, the pope gets the 75¢ too.

At this point the membership had gotten rowdy enough that Bruce wondered if we should try assigned seating. Matthew wanted Bill Curry put in the back of the building.

In Tripped Galen with another new guest, Jai Wall, who came out all the way from Durham, North Carolina. Robbie Cantor, the Northern half of our Treasurer, said people should pay tonight if they were paying by the year. Bruce pointed out that one actually has until the end of March to finish by-the-year payments, but you should still pay up as soon as possible.

Time for Committee Reports, or as Bruce said, "Let's get to the fun stuff." Francis Hamit led off the Surrealism reports by quoting GQ's statement that "Beauty and the Beast" proves that New York women will overlook anything if a guy's single and straight. G'next, he said, a new board game called "Civil War" was proving just the thing to while away the hours in Beirut. The players assume the identities of militias, and do all the nasty sorts of things that are done in real life. The winner is the first person to outgun the "official" military by five units.

Fred Patten told of a Wall Street Journal article on a video game called "Find Noriega," in which the fun guy does things like hide at Graceland disguised as Elvis Presley. Ed Green said that an MP, Capt. Linda Bray, became the first American woman to lead troops into combat. Ed also said that before the poster boy for Clearasil finally gave himself up, Vatican and American authorities had considered moving the papal nuncio to a hotel and declaring it to be his temporary embassy. He also speculated that if Noriega had taken refuge in Cuba, Havana University would welcome him with a seat in witchcraft and skin care.

Stupid crooks of 1989 closed with a man who claimed to be from a rent-a-stripper service but was just an exhibitionist. Best-kept secret of 1989 was that of jazz musician Billy Tipton, who turned out to have been a woman. Best political line came from Washington DC mayor Marion Barry. Seems hizzoner was observed flipping someone the bird. When a reporter asked, "Is that a political comment?", the mayor replied, "No, it's a political promise!"

Announcements: Dori Sahagian had a letter from Lloyd Smith about saving the old Renaissance Faire grounds, the Paramount Ranch in Agoura, by making it a Federal park. There is currently much litigation over the land, so the only people benefiting so far are the lawyers. Money and support are needed for this cause, so they're having a potluck dinner on 6 January to raise both.

Francis Hamit has scheduled the First Aid and CPR classes for 27 January and 3 February. He will be calling people to confirm that they're signed up. Hare Hobbs said he'd printed some business cards for his five-year-old cousin, who can now claim to be a professional kid. The card could also help the little fellow if he turns up lost. Mike Glyer was heard to suggest, "Just drop him in any mailbox."

Charles Lee Jackson II, resplendent in a necktie of the Royal Stewart tartan, said he saw a Mexican restaurant called Pollo Bionico. Sounds like a place where you can get radioactive radishes on the side! Len Moffatt was reminded of another restaurant called La Cucaracha. Oh boy, crunchy food! It was also mentioned that "Mathnet" would receive a one-hour airing the following Thursday. Matthew explained this was a segment of a TV series for teaching math skills to kids, and is a parody of "Dragnet." He also said that Beverly Leech does the best Joe Friday impression around. Take that, Dan Aykroyd!

Gavin Claypool announced that Cal Tech was running a double feature of the first and third Indiana Jones films on Friday and Saturday. Actually, it was supposed to be all three, but they're substituting a "Mr. Bill" short for the middle one. Take that, Prime Minister Sluggo! Oh, no....... Harry Mudd said he was out of a job again, and therefore available for interviews. His experience is in truckdriving and doing gardens. Ken Estes helpfully translated: "Transportation and horticultural."

Reviews: Jack Harness enjoyed Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum, with its references to the occult and to the Illuminati. CL wondered if "the occult" referred to "the thirteen nastiest bastards in o'fandom." Tom Safer enjoyed "The Little Mermaid" for good animation and good singing, though he warned that the ending has been changed. A tape called "The Wit and Wisdom of Dan Quayle" is not blank, as one might expect, but rather a compendium of gaffes assembled into a mock-interview format.

Bruce Pelz read a letter over the signature of Soviet President Gorbachev, which soon had much of the membership in collective stitches. Brian Gitt wanted it published in De Profundis.

Dori saw "Glory," and was impressed, though she finds Matthew Broderick's voice a little too high. What next? Barry White as Teddy Roosevelt? George Mulligan liked "Tango and Cash," at least for the "RV from Hell," which has everything you need for driving on the freeway. Glenn Glazer gushed greatly over "The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber," a revue starring by Sarah Brightman. He found Brightman's voice enjoyable in all of the different styles she was called upon to sing; highly recommended.

Rick Foss also had a recommendation: The Honest Rainmaker, by A. J. Liebling, about one of the old New York Enquirer reporters, a man given to rainmaking, swindling, and all sorts of other keen rackets. Is it any surprise that the Enquirer went National? And finally, Ed Green touted "Roger and Me," Michael Moore's bizarre documentary on how GM trashed Flint, Michigan by closing down their plant. The movie is actually about Moore's quest for an interview with GM Chairman Roger Smith. The best recommendation, said Glenn, is that Smith is upset with the film. Francis Hamit said the new storyline on "Beauty and the Beast" is holding up. With that beastly observation, we adjourned to an auction.  

Meeting #3203 Dec 31, 1998 PDF Print E-mail

Bob Null presiding, Karl Lembke scribbling.

Should auld acquaintence be forgot, and never brought to mind, we'll take a cup of senselessness and gavel in Meeting # 3203 of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society at the time of 20:21:17.

Special Orders of Business

Graham Young, pro musician and flugelhornist in many a Star Trek episode, died on December 24, 1998. This news was announced by his daughter, Kathy Carder.

Sam Frank, SF journalist, is no longer in a coma, having assumed room temperature.

Hurd Hatfield, who starred in "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and many episodes of "Wild Wild West" is no longer with us.


As a refreshing change of pace, Menace from the previous meeting were read and approved as [Neilsen] "Rated". It was moved and carried to deplore the continued absence of the Menace from 11/19/9 and 12/17/98.

New Business


Old Business


Committee Reports

Mike Stern announced that there was a party at the clubhouse that evening for some odd reason.

Tim Merrigan announced that De Prof was not yet ready.

Greg Barrett announced that the Library Book Amnesty Program was in effect until the 3rd Thursday of January.

Mike Stern (fix!) announced (fix!) that the Magic The Gathering (fix!) tournament would be postponed until the second Friday in January.

CLJII announced FWEMS for January, and mentioned that the animated videos would be separated into cartoons and "other".

Brett announced that he would be showing a selection of "other" on January 3rd. There would be some old favorite "other", as well as some new "other" screened that day.


CLJII announced that the December Amazing Adventures was now available, and that some AA calendars were still available.

Karl Lembke announced that the LASFS recommended book list for young readers was complete. A sneak preview may be viewed at <>

Doug Crepeau, Y2K Cassandra Committee chairman mentioned the "99" problem, wherein many legacy software installations would use 99 in a date field to mean "end of record", "end of file", "error" or some other special system command. Welcome to the year 19-error!

Joe Zeff related the story of a customer who called up because he couldn't connect. It turned out that his account had been cancelled for spamming, and a repeat offense, at that. "But I wasn't spamming nearly as much this time", he said.

Mike Stern mentioned that Blue Cross deals with an entity which uses "99" in the year field to mean "does not expire".

Someone else mentioned the new movie, "1901, a Space Odyssey".

Brett mentioned that when his group was asked if it was Y2K compliant, it responded that there were no projects extending that far into the future.

Hare announced that since Glyph (formerly known as "Prince") didn't like the re-mix of "Party Like it's 1999", he had put out an EP disk of the song in 7 different versions.


Mike Thorssen voiced his disagreement with the negative reviews of Star Trek IX (STIX). He found it engaging, entertaining and fairly uplifting. It was also refreshing, he said, to see the crew emerge from the mess with the ship mostly intact.

CLJII found that STIX was "Not the best, not the worst" and "Kinda OK". If they pick up the loose plot threads in STX, he said that would make STIX even better.

Greg Barrett found STIX "not much better than a mediocre TV episode." He further said that "Some guy named Joe did it better over the last 5 years."

He also reviewed Patch Adams, which he described as fantasy, because it bore no resemblance to the book. (A movie that bears no resemblance to the book??? Fancy that!)

Fred Patten reviewed a biography of one Charles Thorsen, a cartoonist who worked with many, if not most, of the big name animation houses, who specialized in cute characters, and who may well have been the "Harlan Ellison of Animation".

Joe Fekete enjoyed Lucifer's Hammer, especially the references to hot fudge sundaes.

CLJII reviewed a game show on the Game Show Network called "inquisition". "If Jeopardy is too childish for you, this is the show to watch." (NOBODY expects the ... oh skip it!)

Chris mentioned that she had enjoyed "Fallen Angels", and recognized a lot of the characters.

Mike Stern found an Ace Double edition with a story titled "One in 300". He stated that it "reads very modern".

Greg Barrett found the Ghost Rider ride at Knotts to be "one hell of a roller coaster".

Matthew Tepper found "A Logic Named Joe" by Murray Leinster to be "another very modern read".


Hare mentioned that he might wind up moving to Baton Rouge for a while to be the nanny for nine kids.

It was noticed that there was no spot in the agenda Bob Null had been given for cheering the patron saint. Patron Saint Forrey Ackerman was given three cheers and an absolutely flexible robot girlfriend.

CLJII: "The Stats".....

Total movies = 286, down 100 from last year. First time movies = 200. Winners will be notified next week. There is a new contest being proposed, which will be a monthly pool.

The last of the miscellaneous announcements having been made, Vice President Bob Null accepted a motion to Rob Cole, and the last meeting of 1998 was declared Nullified.

Meeting #3202, Dec 24, 1998 PDF Print E-mail

Having been handed the reins of power by President McGuire, Board member Matthew B. Tepper raised the gavel at an obscenely early moment, obviously with the intent of "blitzen" through meeting # 3202.

It was moved, seconded and thridded to disapprove the absence of the Menace from the week before.

Patron Saint Elayne Pelz was honored in absentia with three cheers and a spryngbok.

Emergency backup registrar Beckie reported that there were no guests.

CLJII announced that the Winter Holiday Party would take place on the 25th, and would run from 2:00 PM to whenever.

Brett plugged Cinema Anime on Sunday, January 3. Featured would be "1½ Ranmas" and other films.

January FWEMS will feature "Bell, Book and Candle", and "Vertigo".


Francis Hamit described "Enemy of the State" as "wonderfully paranoid".

"A Simple Plan" is "extremely well made", but it "makes Fargo look like a sitcom". This is the sort of movie, he said, "you will want to see exactly once".

Nola mentioned an article in the LA Times. Scientists are encouraging film students to visit their labs and watch scientists at work, so they can portray science and scientists more realistically in their films. (Yeah, right!)

Hare said he found the principles in Star Trek IX (STIX) to be out of character.

Doug Crepeau, as the spokesperson for the Y2K Cassandra Committee, offered to make a flyer available to anyone who was interested.

George Mulligan's biggest problem with STIX was the "rampant pacifism".

Frank Waller offered a free sample of his wares, pecan shortbread cookies.

Joe Zeff mentioned some unusual write-in candidates in the "People Magazine Most Intriguing People" poll. One of the popular write-ins was "Dust Puppy".

Doug Crepeau reports that he was once sent a Neilson survey form. He skewed the vote as heavily as he could toward science fiction.

Frank Waller mentioned an article (?) on "The End of Babylon 5 and how it affects various people".

Also, "Optic Nerve" reports that JMS's "Crusades" has been filming apace, and that Optic Nerve's critters are looking good.

Beckie gave a favorable review to Laurell Hamilton's

<A HREF = "">

Guilty Pleasures</A>.

Brett enjoyed the "Blade" DVD, but noted that the supplement included on the disk was probably the best choice of endings NOT to include in the movie.

Hare found that "Fuzzies and Other People" needed editing.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, thridded, and passed, and the meeting ended at 8:40 PM. (You snooze, you lose!)

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