LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting # 3437, Jun 26, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

"So, is 'no R' the Japanese equivalent of Christmas?" "I can see that, and then gouge my eyes out afterward."

Meeting number 3437 started at 20:11:34.

Special Orders of Business: None!

The Menace were read and approved as "not the Fred we're looking for". (I was a-fred of that.)

The Registrar: introduced four guests, Tom Dilligan from Los Angeles; Bruce Katz of Long Beach; Warren Hong who found us through the Internet; Katherine Hunt who was introduced to us by an existing member. Judith Ward from San Antonio, TX introduced herself, and her friend, Lynn Ward, from the same city. Rachelle Sweezer declined to be introduced to the crowd.

Patron Saint: Alan Frisbee, the sacred flying disc. He was one of the first of the human wallets, due to his willingness to finance the club.

Ed told a story. When he was President in a previous incarnation, one day there was a lot of chatter in the background. Alan kept running his mouth. Ed threw him out of the meeting, and two minutes later, realized that was his patron saint's night. He then had to invite him back in to get his three cheers. Quietly, of course!

Matthew T: I like his company name, flying disc systems.

Larry Niven was trying to remember everything he had listed on his wizard's calling card. Dragons slain, maidens rescued, fresh strawberries.

CLJII observed that he sometimes gives his profession as "thaumaturge"

Fred Patten, when LA was bidding for 84 worldcon, alan wanted his pet rat to be the official mascot of the worldcon. The lifespan of a rat is about two years. The rat died at the con, presumably as a result of old age and nervousness from being petted.

He was given three cheers and a rat.

The Committee to gouge: auctioned off a T shirt, but that's how you know a LASFS auction. Shirt happens.

Old Business: None

New business: Move that the auction minimum bid or raise be raised to 25¢.

The rules were suspended to allow this item to be considered.

There was considerable discussion. Eventually the question answered the call,

Then an auction was held to decide whether to have the vote, and the vote was: lots in favor, 8 opposed, 6 abstaining. This policy will come up for review in six months, on Christmas day.

Committee Reports

The unofficial programming committee announced part I of "More like the movies".

Brother Thorsen passed among the members with the collection plate so the club could acquire a spire.

Mr. Mason reported on last Sunday's work party. He thanked George and Vanessa Van Wagner, and Kay Shapiro for their help.

Time-Bound Announcements

This Saturday is the Mah Jongg tournament.

Ed Hooper announced a Westercon membership, still for sale.

Chaz Baden announced that from 1/30-3/1 there will be a new convention taking place, "Anime LA".

Hare Hobbs: Amoeba has the first season of Dark Angel, $35.95, no booklet. And, There are still some Tweety Bird fizz keepers at Tuesday Morning.

Alisa announced that Westercon is next weekend. She's representing the Westercon 58 bid in Silicon Valley, and has brought flyers. The competition is Calgary. There followed advertising for the Silicon Valley committee.

Ed: Library is still seeking volunteers

Kelly Freas is having a book signing and slide show, Barnes and Noble, Woodland Hills Promenade, Sat 7:30

Karen Anderson: KoKo is having a birthday July 4, and she'd appreciate a card. And might even say Yum Yum to a birthday cake!

Tom Safer announced the Angeles Chorale has been contracted to sing at the Hollywood Bowl, a concert of Americana. Check for details. Featured singer is Kenny Rogers.

Mike Thorsen: 7/4 features an open house party, barbecue, etc.

George Van Wagner states that on 7/11, GSC will be appearing at the Hallenbeck General Store.

Ed announced: Site selection ballots are available for 06 votes. Total of $80 to vote, if you're not already a member.

Ed Green announced a Safety item: Tuesday, we had a visit from a non-member. He knew enough about us to go into the fridge and empty the money in the soda box. And when he asked Ed if he was alone, it made him nervous. We're making everyone aware of this. If you're here alone, lock the door. If a stranger shows up on a non-club night, he's trespassing. "No Trespassing" signs will be posted so we have a legal right to ask people to leave.

Bob pointed out that aggressive collecting of paper from the change box is necessary to prevent the excessive making of change.

Cathy added that it might be a good idea to find an escort or a group to head to the car with after meetings. At the very least, the service should be made available.

Gene announced that October Country is still playing at Cahuenga West. There is a Ray Bradbury look-alike in the play.

Larry held up the cover of his book, Man Kzin Wars X. It's an odd one, despite being an even numbered book. All the stories are by one author.


Christian reviewed George Van Wagner and his group, playing at Hollenbeck General Store. George is obviously a man who loves music, and really enjoyed playing his music. And the band was worth listening to. And there is a $5 cover, and they have very good food at reasonable prices.

Gene then reviewed the play. If you go to The October Country, you never know who you'll see there. He saw Ray Harryhausen there, and Ray Bradbury tried to run him down with his walker. Try the Sunday Matinee.

Tim Merrigan announced APA-L is ready.

George reviewed Beau-Hunks CD, which has recreated the orchestration of the Little Rascals pictures.

Sandy Cohen reviewed The Hulk. It takes an hour to get to the comic book action, but the actor doesn't do a good enough job to make you care about David Banner.

Tad reviewed the national spelling bee. One of the runners up was knocked out of the contest by the word "grok".

Mike Thorsen reviewed The Hulk. He saw it and didn't mind the pacing so much as the director's picture-in-picture style. It sort of captures the comic book style, but it's very confusing at first. The choice of music wasn't all that exciting. After Doc went Ang Lee-ing for puns, Mike Thorsen continued. The other review is a technology reviewed. There is a new device, called an archangel – it's a video processor that will remove most of the problems with film to video transfers. It also eliminates the shakiness of hand-held video footage. (Will it stabilize the deck of the Enterprise? – Karen Anderson)

CLJII: A technical thing that's gone unnoticed: While watching King Kong, noticed that someone found a shot where someone had botched the optical. Someone has digitally fixed a scene and put it back in the movie.

George Mulligan: If you run a perfect film through Archangel, do you get characters stepping out of the film?

Ed Green: Order of the Phoenix: Best of series, worth everything you pay for it. Also, he enjoyed the dig against marketing. It's a good read.

Fannish Committee Reports

Deferred to next week.


Hare displayed a CD licensed by Wizard Records Bahamas, a Wizard Limited Company, England. It's a Japanese CD. Given the problems Tadao is having with Banzai, it's interesting that someone's going through these shennanigans.

The meeting adjourned at 21:32:57.

Meeting # 3436, Jun 19, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Meeting number 3436 started at 20:10:18

Special Orders of Business: There were three individuals to announce. Kenneth Grimwood, author of Replay, passed from a heart attack. Actor Hume Cronan, age 91. His credits include "Coccoon", "Batteries not Included", and the 1943 "Phantom of the Opera". He also worked with Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Finally, actor William Marshall, who appeared on an episode of Star Trek with Captain Dunsell, and as the lead in "Blacula".

The Menace were read and approved as "fraud at the polls, or candidate Green caught in love nest with 'singer' (it's only slander until it's written down, then it's libel)".

The Registrar: announced Loni George, from Ventura, made it across the border; and Constantine Costes.

Patron Saint: One of the ones Ed Green knows.

Ted Johnstone, more familiar to you as David McDaniel, was an active member for many years. He was a friend, and Ed always enjoyed his company, even when being led astray.

Ed Hooper, of the 23 Man from Uncle novels, David's six were the best. The rest were sort of eh.

Zeff: He's among other things, the person who told us what THRUSH stood for. And, I understand that he came in one evening with part of an insurance settlement and dropped his entire patron saints fee on the desk in cash.

MBT: Deeply cherished friend. Had the most fun with him when he was leading him astray. He had a caustic wit, usually skewering those who deserved it the most. In one UNCLE novel, Monster Wheel Affair, he had asked the publisher for more money for his books, since they were selling well. The publisher declined. David didn't voice his annoyance publicly, but the chapter headings spell out "A. A. Wynne Is A tightwad."

Jerry Pournelle: David was a good friend and a good man for most of his life. He was as good a storyteller as this profession has produced. But he wasn't very prolific, because he hated to write. Jerry made the mistake of paying for a story before David had written it. He had to go and sit on him and force him to write a page or two every day until it was done. David was a fan of the Institute of Temporal Research. Jerry's not sure David was pretending to be a time traveller. He built a mock-up of a portable computer that looked a lot like what people are carrying around now.

He was generous, and loaned Jerry his cameras when needed. He came and took pictures for an assignment.

Karen Anderson: I remember Tedroon as a filk singer. He was one you could count on – him and Bruce. He would filksing at every opportunity.

Bill Ellern: The Man from Uncle series of books – the first two issues were turned out by a hack writer, and sold miserably. The editor was contacted by Ted, who said he could do a lot better. Out of this came The Dagger Affair. Ted introduced fandom to the walloping windowblind, a folksong. And he was one of a small group of 6-7 high school students who joined under assumed names, which is why he's known in fandom as ted johnstone, and his real name is David mc Daniel.

Phil: I knew him, not nearly long enough. He was full of surprises. He would be able to figure out or handle anything he put his mind to. He wrote the UNCLE stories, and created a couple of organizations. In the Dagger Affair, CLOAK was Committee for Law And Order of All Kinds, Dagger was Danger A Go Go and Electronic Revenge. Sometimes, he'd write a person into a book, changing the name so he didn't have to get a release.

He was one of the best secretaries for the club. His Menace made him feel like he was actually at the meeting all over again. He played the guitar, wrote and sang filk songs, and was good at everything. And was just personally one of the greatest people he's ever known.

Fred Patten: Ted was interested in the secret agent fad even before UNCLE, since one of his clearest memories dated from James Bond. Ted was so obsessed about wanted to be just like James Bond, one meeting he came with some Sobrano cigarettes he had found. It turns out they're very strong cigarettes.

As he recalls, how he came to start writing the stories, he had been complaining about how bad the stories were. Terry Karr told him, if you think you can do better, we're looking for good stories. He took the bait.

When he joined in the mid 60s, there were a number of dynamic members, but the three most so were Pelz, Johnstone, Harness = Arson, Rape, and Bloody Murder. Johnstone was a good writer, as seen from his fanzines, and he wrote lots of great first chapters,` which he never followed up on.

JP: Johnstone was the best example of the model yhou don['t want to follow if you're trying to make a living as a writer.

Green: Ted was a friend to many of us, and if not always an inspiration, an amazing event to watch.

CLJII: was one of David's best friends in his last years. Endeared himself to CLJII by accident. A major sequence takes place at Hoover Dam, called Boulder Dam. When he came to LASFS, CLJII was pleased to find there was David McDaniel to be introduced to. He may have been a slow writer, but he was dynamite with film and cement. He did an outstanding job shooting and cutting Triple Doubles. In the last year, the two collaborated on several story outlines, and he thought that if someone else did the typing, it might help. All of the outlines did get used in Amazing Adventures.

Wish he had been around longer, so we could collaborate longer, and just have him as a friend.

Three Cheers, and a slow train through Gondor.

The Committee to gouge: for a Yoda Pez dispensor, a dollar Matthew bid! A dollar-five bid Mike Thorsen.

Old Business: None

New business: None

Committee Reports

Ed read an announcement from the Emperor tendering his resignation from several committees, due to time schedule constraints. He is withdrawing from the Program committee, but wishes to retain the film coordination committee under his jurisdiction. Robert Keller has offered to take over program committee. And, Vanessa is announcing the new appointive committee she's taking over.

"I don't know anything about it!" said Vanessa. Hagiography and ecclesiastical affairs.

Bob Null pointed her at the archived Minutes. And there are lots of other resources.

CLJII reported on his coordinated films. This Sunday will feature our FWEMS, our double feature serial day. Fun and amusement for all! We'll start at 1:30 because of the length of the program. And, for the outgoing programming committee, next week is part 1 of More Like the Movies. Week after is part 2.

Time-Bound Announcements

Ed Green announced: Under LASFS emergency procedures committee: Last Sunday there was an incident in front of the clubhouse. A prayer circle formed in front of the building, apparently people were trying to lead LASFS to the light. Roughly 20 people sat in a circle and prayed for our salvation. The point: Occasionally, this sort of thing happens. The safest course of action is to walk away. Club policy is do not become involved.

Also, the annual Gary Louie Maj Johgg tournament takes place a week from Saturday, starting at 9 AM.

We need volunteers for the library. They could use help.

If any of you want to see us have the 2006 Worldcon, be at least a supporting member of Torcon, and pay the voting fee. Right now, it's about $85.

Hare Hobbs held up a fizz keeper. The only place he's seen them is at Tuesday Morning, and there's not that many of them. They now have some that are Warner Brothers cartoon characters.

Fred Patten announced C/FO this coming Saturday, 1-8. SF and Fantasy anime.

Fred Lizell announced that he has a membership to Westercon for sale.

Bill Ellern was ignored.


Ed Green reviewed "Groupo Sub Conscious", George Van Wagner's musical group. They play some pretty neat stuff. The Scribe has been instructed not to write down the part that didn't come out right. The ten or so LASFS members who were there enjoyed the music.

Joe Zeff reviewed last week's meeting, from his mother's POV. She enjoyed the meeting very much, including the election. (She needs to get out more. JP) And she liked the various members she met.

Bill Ellern reviewed Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett. Excellent. Holds a steady pace and just goes for it. It's sort of a women's lib yarn in Discworld.

Fred Patten reviewed two books, the beginning of a series, Warriors. Erin hunter – adventure fantasies with cats. A tolkienesque / watership down epic with cats. More enjoyable than he expected when he started reading them. They're not anthromorphized. Published in hardcover designed for library trade. Young adult books.

Hare Hobbs doesn't usually go for reality-type programming, but Debbie Allen's Fame is doing something unusual – you have to work with the group. It's much more positive than any of the other talent shows he's seen.

Thorsen had the chance to view Dreamcatcher. He can't comment on any of the dialogue, because he doesn't speak Castillian spanish, but the movie seems fairly suspenseful and gory – a cross between The Shining, Alien, and The Fugitive.

Karen Anderson noted there's a sign just outside the building. The bulletin board is advertising "clamato y cervesa" Maybe that would explain the prayer circle?

Mike Thorsen commented that someone had intercepted a copy of the Hulk, and distributed it on the net. General consensus, it's horrible. Of course, it wasn't production quality...

Matthew Tepper is looking forward to the movie, because he's looking to see Hulk smash records. But don't make him Ang Lee, you wouldn't like him when he's Ang Lee.

Scratch saw Finding Nemo, and X Men 2: enjoyed both.

Fannish Committee Reports



Frank: New stuff is in. Now we're being owned by someone else, and the new owner's changing the subtitle to "Molly's Munchies." We have licorice, green apple, blueberry, peach, and soon to get chocolate.

Michael Mason: The Library is doing a work party Sunday at noon. We need lots of volunteers. And talk to Michael if you want to volunteer.

The meeting adjourned at 21:21:05.

Meeting # 3431, May 15, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3431 was sproinged into dis-order at exactly 8:12:28ish, followed by an explanation that although the regular Secretary, Karl Lembke, was present, he was unable to take the minutes due to a hand injury. Sympathy was expressed, although whether it was for Karl’s injury, or for the fact that the Scribe with the Sideburns was at it again was not explained

Special Orders of Business:

Francis Hamit told us that Gerald Pierce, fan, writer on the Middle East, contributor to four different Disney comic strips and all-around great guy had succumbed to pneumonia.

Marty Cantor wanted us to know that Roy Tackett is in a bad way, after having his heart stop twice on Tuesday. Roy is an old time curmudgeon and current LASFS Sergeant-At-Arms. There was a brief moment of silence.

Although Karl was present, the minutes from last week’s meeting weren’t. There were no corrections and they weren’t accepted, but at least there is symmetry!

The Menace were read and approved as "Symmetrical"

The Registrar: There was one guest, David Orlich, who learned about LASFS during a drive-by sign spotting. (So, who is going to climb up to remove the spots from our sign? – ed)

Patron Saint Tom Digby:

Phil started things off by telling us that Thom is about 15 to 20 degrees out of phase with the rest of the universe. He didn’t mention if the degrees were Fahrenheit or Celsius. He also told us about a strange pair of clocks Thom used to have: one with hands that moved at random, the other a cuckoo clock that sounded off at the right time, but somehow, it was always right after someone had said something silly.

Hare Hobbs reminded us of Digby’s many piercings. Matthew Tepper remembered meeting Thom Digby at his first con, and having Thom introduce him to Larry Niven. George Mulligan mentioned the invention of plergb. Mr. Zeff told us about the Clarinichi, a race that could only exist if the laws of the universe were different, and about Thom’s bringing in a Lithium battery in “doornail mode.” Marty Cantor wanted us to know about the Digby-esque notion that the Bermuda Triangle, lying wholly within itself, had caused itself to disappear. Digby finally received Three Cheers and, “probably something . . .”

Old Business: None

New business: None

Committee Reports


Time-Bound Announcements




Fannish Committee Reports


Karl Lembke explained why he was unable to take the minutes. He’d tripped over a curb, and broken his fall by putting out his hand. His face was grateful, but his wrist was still objecting. He’d received three different prescriptions for pain pills, all in child-proof caps. For some reason, the nurse didn’t understand why he wanted them without the protections.

The Guy With the Sideburns wanted the membership to know that he has requested VA compensation for his Type II diabetes, on the grounds of Agent Orange exposure. Scratch Galloway mentioned the Mekong River, but Mr. Zeff expressed doubts that a Destroyer Escort could navigate the river. This inspired Staff Sergeant Green to make some Officially Blank remarks about what “sailors always claim.” Although there is still some doubt as to the ability of the USS Ouellet (pron. “Wollet”) to navigate the Mekong’s channel, there’s no doubt that it could easily navigate Mr. Green’s mouth.

Bob Null reported to the membership that he will be entering the hospital for surgery Real Soon Now, and will be missing at least two meetings.

The meeting adjourned at 21:14:06

Meeting # 3435, June 12, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3435 started at 20:09:50.

Due to procedural elections and the large turnout, we're running on agenda lite tonight.

Special Orders of Business: We note the passing of David Brinkley, who contributed to our knowledge of the space prgram, also Trevor Goddard, age 32, some of the episodes of JAG had supernatural elements. And of course, we have lost Gregory Peck, of The Omen, On the Beach, and many others.

The Menace were read and approved as "I'm confused".

The Registrar: Two guests: Judith Zeff, mother of Joe Zeff, and Ms. Rene Ellis, here because she knows a member, but doesn't know any better than to show up.

Patron Saint: Sandy Cohen, a patron saint who not only shows up, but brings stuff. He's been a member for the past few centuries. (35 years)

CLJII: Sandy is the club's most sensible vegetarian. Cacao beans are vegetables.

Christian: Sandy has been wonderful about expressing his opinion when it differs from that of other members, a rare quality in this club. And he likes chocolate.

Mike Donahue: he may have no taste buds left, because he's very fond of very hot hot sauce.

CLJII: N-E-S-T-L-E-S Sandy brings the very best Chocolate

Three Cheers and a chocolate-eating day.

There was a ten-minute recess while people lined up for ballots and chocolate.

The Committee to gouge: Since we had some time-sensitive items, we held a brief auction.

Old Business: Election of officers:

Ed Green was elected President by the Green Machine.

The new Vice President is Mike Thorsen

The new Treasurer is Liz Mortensen.

The new Scribe is Karl Lembke.

The new Registrar is the tag team of Ben Massoglia and Robert Keller.

New business: None

Committee Reports

Time-Bound Announcements

Time Meddlers meeting at the clubhouse this Sunday, 11-5.

George Van Wagner, tomorrow night, Hallenbeck's Main St café, his band is playing at 10.

Hare: gets older on Fri the 13th.

Cathy Beckstead, Simi Valley Cultural Arts, midnight, live production of RHPS.

Fred: Cinema Anime, Sat 1-8.

Glenn: announced the publication of some of his computer pieces in book form.

Anyone with a spare train ticket, or who needs a fourth for a room at Westercon, someone offers cash in exchange.



Fannish Committee Reports




The meeting adjourned at 21:46:53.

Meeting # 3434, Jun 5, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3434 started at 20:09:27

Special Orders of Business: The Emperor having left the building, there were no special orders of business.

The Menace were read and approved as "Null and void"

The Registrar: found no guests

Patron Saint: Jim Glass. This week, for sure!

George Van Wagner seconded whatever was said last time.

Joe transparently seconded.

He was given three cheers and a superviscous yahoo.

The Committee to gouge: auctioned off some money for those who don't have a yen.

Old Business: Selection of victims for consideration for President

Ed Green Joe Zeff Phil Castora Karl Lembke Mark Poliner

New business: None

Committee Reports

Program: CLJII announced that next week we have elections. All procedural officers will be elected. The following week features no scheduled program, and the week after that has "More Like the Movies, part I", with the second part a week later. FWEMS is a double-feature serial day. G Men vs the Black Dragon and Junior G Men of the Air. If you like warehouse fights, this is for you. Tonight, Tom Safer will be showing the animated Star Trek episode, "The Practical Joker".

Joe Zeff announced the Non-Science tournament. In case anyone cares anymore.

Arlene announced another Marketing meeting on the 18th. Start 7:30-ish.

Green: BOD meets 11:00 Sunday, for Board type stuff. Be there and be board.

Craft Fair: Starts at 11:00 – 6:00. Donate baked goods for the bake sale. Proceeds go to LASFS.

Time-Bound Announcements

Hare Hobbs announced that someone should put a non-aspirin pain reliever in the first aid kit. Maybe we should hit them both.

Tadao announced having received a phone call from Solley's, they're closing at 9:00 tonight. Alternate venue to be discussed after the meeting.

Brother Thorsen passed among the congregation to raise money for the spire.

Cathy Beckstead announced The Miracle Worker, at the Camarillo Theatre. Also, live stage production of Rocky Horror PS at Simi Valley Cultural Center. After the show will be "The Music Man".

George Van Wagner pointed out Ed's suspenders match his face. Also, next Friday night, 6-13, his band will appear at the Hallenbeck coffee shop. The music is "improvizational dance music". What is an improvizational dance? Don't ask.

Greg Barrett announced that there is a store on Ventura Blvd, near Colfax, called Comics Smash. All back issue comix on sale at cover price. Also, 21st Century Comix in Fullerton is having a sale this weekend.

Arlene: We were contacted again by the Screenwriter's Network. 6/21, Linda Calgill will talk about the emotional pattern of plots. $15 at the door, admission.

Frank Waller has just got in some parmesan and garlic potato chips, and chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. $4.50 for the cookies, $4 for the chips.


Mark Poliner reviewed Ruled Britannia, by Harry Turtledove. It's a very good and thought provoking novel, very detailed in its plot structure, and the dialog is done in a period structure.

CLJII saw a film called "Bug Off". It's about aliens that come to earth to find out how it is earth people don't fight all the time. During this, an obnoxious boy is turned into a beetle. Charlie was concerned when he read on the credits that the bug wrangler and the food wrangler were the same person.

Fannish Committee Reports

George Van Wagner has a stupid crook report. A bank robber in Salt Lake City got there early, to be sure he'd get the job done right. He was there early, wearing his mask. He waited in line, wearing his mask. When he got to the window, he was jumped by the other customers and held for the police.

Larry Niven's stockbroker cousin forwarded a Weekly World News article about a time traveler arrested on insider trading charges. (I keep telling you, Martha Stewart is a Romulan!)

Mark Poliner: At the Denver Intl Airport, security stopped someone trying to board with a protractor, a compass, and a graphical calculator. He's connected with Al Gebra, and he was carrying weapons of math instruction.

Zeff: From Daily News: Actor Harrison Ford has a star on the Walk of Fame. Now, the Harrison Ford who was in Star Wars has one. The star he's been stepping over for years belongs to a silent actor who died in 1957. Now there are two stars bearing the name.

Hare Hobbs reports from the National Enquirer: One of the co-directors of The Matrix movies went to a S&M Place, dressed as Marilyn Monroe, found a dominatrix, and started seeing her, and now wants a sex change operation so he can become female. A most entertaining hoax.

Arlene: Armin Shimmerman is coming out with a new book, Merchant Prince 3. He's looking for quotes for his book jacket. send quotes to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it I suspect lots of people will offer "To be or not to be".

Christian: An ad hoc committee of dinner eaters will be walking to the corner Denny's.

The people at the L Ron Hubbard thing do a radio show. They want to do a show at Loscon.

Bill Ellern is reviewing the Book Expo, held last weekend. Many LASFSIANS attended. Bill and Co brought back over 200 books. This includes three books to be auctioned off later this year. In the small press area, Bill got cornered by this stout lady asking what his bookstore sold. "Primarily SF and Fantasy". "Oh, I've got some of that." She pulled out some porno, set in a fantasy world. "We've got some SF too, it's the only book we've published that's not by a man." Bill read a couple of chapters, and these books have nothing of significant except some sexual scenes, strung together by a g-string, if that.


Tadao got a post card from Bill Anderson, sent to many at the LASFS. Also, he appreciates everyone's enthusiasm. Fox did buy the second season of Banzai. But, Tadao may not be getting anything out of it.

Mike Thorsen reported on unintentional radio comedy injurious to life and limb. Rush Limbaugh had a caller who had heard of some experiments being done in Florida with respect to cloud seeding over hurricanes to dissipate them. He was outraged, and planning to start a campaign to protect these noble beasts from destruction.

Our neighbors need whoever's blocking the driveway to move his or her car.

Christian was reminded of a patent given to the king of Thailand for a tweak of a process of cloud seeding.

Phil Castora looked through an issue of the Enquirer one time. One cartoon showed a line of people waiting for the doctor. "Oh, he's a wonderful doctor. He prescribed chocolate for everything."

Hare has decided it may not be wise to give the Oscar Meyer toy to Hors D'oeuvre.

The meeting adjourned at 21:22:01.

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