LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting # 3447, Sep 4, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3447 at 20:11:45.

Admin note: Some level of agenda lite, because we have a guest. Robert Keller introduced Sala Baker in absentia. He played Sauron in the Lord of the Rings.

Special Orders of Business: Christian had a SOB, good news to some. Last Saturday, at 8:30, the 64th Worldcon was awarded to Los Angeles (Anaheim, really). GOH is Connie Willis writer, James Gurney, artist; fan = Howard DeVore; Frankie Thomas, the original Tom Corbett, Space Cadet will be a special guest. for further info. Expect a very good convention.

There is a suspension on sales of the final patch until after the first of the year. The treasurer of LAConIV is busy converting people to members. She'll actually take your conversion money now.

Marty had a less happy sob, Pamela lynn pl carruthers montgomery, former pres and vp of southern fandom confederation, died after a long illness.

Charlie also had one; WE lost an actor who did a few rolls of interest: a couple of Twilight Zone episodes, and House of Wax, and the hero in Master of the World with Vincent Price: Charles Bronson.

Ed announced more good news: E Everett Evans Big Heart award, presented at Worldcon to John Hertz.

The Menace were read and approved as "approved, I'm too tired". No one dared approve them as "between a rock and a hard place."

Old Business: None

New business: None

The Registrar: Being wiser than the President, had left the meeting.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

1) Emil Luwish, the father of Mike Luwish, who paid to make his father a saint. Three cheers and a memory improvement course.

2) Greg Bilan, who thinks the LASFS should be hauled away AS garbage – cljii

Christian called him a hard worker, and we appreciate the pleasent demeanor he brings to the club.

George Van Wagner would like to thank Greg for being the single most outstanding person who showed him it's perfectly acceptable to sit in back and make wisecracks during the meeting.

Christian said Liz would compliment Greg on his willingness to travel and support Loscon, and for raising the money for our first booth at the festival of books.

Vanessa: He gave me a T-shirt once.

Scratch: somebody once said, if you can't say anythijhng nice, don't say anything at all.

"What's the fun in that?" – Greg Bilan

He was given three cheers.

Greg then announced that due to his stupidity, last Monday was his birthday.

He was given three more cheers, and Jerry Pournelle didn't sing. What he did do was loud and enthusiastic, however.

Committee to Gouge: did

Committee Reports

Fwems, Kay Kaiser film festival. October FWEMS will feature five Road pictures. On the last Friday of October, we'll pre-empt open house to have Autumn Holiday Party, with fun stuff.

Thorsen announced that Saturday, we'll have a meeting of the Estrogen Zone. The guest host has decided on the theme of getting an education. Movies include My Cousin Vinnie, Fame, Renaissance Man, etc.

Zeff: Those who still give a hoot, tomorrow is monthly Magic tournament. Dr Hoot made an appearance, silly scarf and all.

Time-Bound Announcements

George Van Wagner: Week from tomorrow night, GSC at Hallenbeck's General Store.

Fred is looking for a roommate for ConJecture.

Matthew: This just happened. An award was recently won. The Telluride Indy Fest, took in 343 entries of unproduced screenplays. 30 were named as best in the world. One of those was by local fan Gerald Drucker, one SF, one fantasy/horror.

Volunteers are still needed in the library.


Rick Foss reviewed Lord of Snow and Shadows, a Heroic fantasy. Not his usual interest, but grew on him. It's set in Russia, and author did her homework. The author is Sarah Ash, and it's well worth reading. There's nothing startling, but the different background makes it interesting.

John reviewed Fred Patten's book. He wasn't sure what furry fiction was. It's surprising him. There are excellent authors in it.

George Van Wagner called attention to a book, newly back in print, Dr. Jekyll and Mr Holmes. Fun read, well done, highly recommended.

J Pournelle: They'll be showing the Road to Morocco. He knows a story about the filming. They had real camels, and one hit Bob Hope right in the eye with a spit wad. Hope insisted on filming through it, which led to one of the funniest scenes in the whole "road" series.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff had one: Historic putridity: Sunday, up at mom's house, with one of her brothers visiting. He worked for a wholesale grocer's company, Glazer Brothers. One brother was a doctor, not part of the company, but would come to visit from time to time.

He got out of Nazi Germany when the getting was good. He was able to take out his black bag full of instruments. The bag weighed more than it ought, because every instrument was made of platinum.

George had a dumb crook report. A burglar broke into a guy's mother's room. The guy was dragging the burglar out of the house. The burglar offered $100 to let him go, and the guy almost accepted until he noticed the portrait on the bill was George Bush.

Hare Hobbs saw two people at Amoeba arguing over a moronic show. One hated this guy who always shakes people's hands.


Christian offered an extended thank you for the work done in Toronto that helped us win the bid. First and foremost, the Lux Players, who were all up there making fools of themselves. EdGreen who worked the table for endless hours, and any number of other people. (This is the first contested Worldcon bid LA's ever won.) 1087 days and counting.

Rick Foss asked for help. He's working for City Beat as a reviewer. Those who live in Valley, who know of interesting places to eat that have opened recently, let him know. Also writing for City Beat, in the Santa Monica area.

Frank Waller knows someone.

3-D viewing club: American Cinematech will host a 3-d film expo. Connect from Egyptian Theater's website for info. Maybe LASFS can set up a viewing club

Matthew Tepper made note of a youthful novel, written by Robert A Heinlein, before Life Line. A manuscript turned up in the possession of one of Heinlein's navy buddies. It has been prepared for publication. It will be published by Scriveners.

JP: Heinlein thought he had burned all the copies. Virginia may not have been aware the manuscript existed, and did in fact die before this was announced.

Thorsen: First Sunday of this month, TRIPE.

Joe Zeff: those interested in carnivorous plants may want to know Ralphs has venus flytraps for sale.

The meeting was turned over to Robert Keller so he can vamp for the time being....

The meeting adjourned at 21:08:11.

Meeting # 3446, Aug 28, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Mike Thorsen presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3446 at 20:11:25.

Special Orders of Business: Roy Neal, age 82, NBC news correspondent, covered the US space program from Mercury and Gemini up to the Shuttle.

The Menace were read and approved as "Drop the chalupa".

Old Business: None

New business: None

The Registrar: Alas, guests have been subjected to the meeting: Dave Butterworth, hiding at the moment, along with his brother Kent. Also, we have Mark McKay, and our special guest speaker, Professor Kelly Ross.

Tonight's Patron Saint: St John Trimble, who collects freckles.

Karen Anderson remembers when John wasn't even married to Bjo. At one point, the name Trimble was associated with a ship, and the USS Trimble showed up in various places. John was one of those very helpful people, very quiet, but got stuff done. In the SCA, he was a very effective herald.

Hare Hobbs stated that Bjo gets a lot of credit for stuff. John's had a lot to do with that, being her enabler.

Scratch said he was a nice guy.

Jerry Pournelle said, He sold rope. "Not to the gnolls" said Karen Anderson.

Three Cheers, and a good to give to his mother.

Committee to Gouge: Tadao actually got an obscure bid!!!!!

Committee Reports


Time-Bound Announcements

Tadao announced there's a convention up in Canada.


CLJII reviewed some stuff. The planet Mars is ruddy marvelous. He understands the current inhabitants have used the opportunity to launch their armada.

He also reviewed a book and a movie: He watched "A Study in Terror", a British Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper movie. And he re-read the book, featuring Ellery Queen finding a lost Watson manuscript.

"Pirates of the Caribbean": He can see why people made comparisons to Crimson Pirate. Counted at least four direct visual references to The Crimson Pirate. There is, however, one unfortunate mistake: Since story takes place in Port Royal, Jamaica, all the action has to take place before the earthquake of 1692 sinks the port. In the film, someone uses the term "OK". In 1680, the term OK didn't exist. It wasn't invented until the 1800s.

Jerry Pournelle saw and liked the movie. So did his wife. Everyone he knows who's seen it has liked it.

Hare Hobbs stated that they're making a sequel. If they do anything, they may use the tag at the end after the credits.

Phil Castora remarked, "If you're not into silly, what are you doing here?"

I guess we're torn between silly and Charybdis.

CLJII: One additional note: he went to Disneyland yesterday and went through the Pirates ride again. At the beginning, it was like riding a buzzsaw. Note that his ribs survived the ride, but not the bus ride home.

JP reviewed the NASA report on the Columbia disaster. They got it right, including the fact that there was 40 years of fudging involved. Would you believe a congresscritter didn't realize NASA had been lying to him for 40 years? NASA admitted not looking for damage they suspected because they knew they couldn't do anything about it. However, they could have.

We then paused for a sage break.

Mike Thorsen went to see Open Range yesterday, and found it to be a very engaging western. That says something, since Westerns are an easy genre to screw up.

Fannish Committee Reports

Doug Crepeau was watching Discovery Channel about underwater drilling rigs. There's an underground well, which can have a severe vacuum effect. One diver waited around in case it came loose again. It really sucked.

Tadao had an odd note: Dr Gleason is now looking for a new SUV. Her car caught on fire, making the news that evening.


Phil Castora announced 2, and 1723

The meeting adjourned at 21:08:011.

Meeting # 3445, Aug 21, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3445 at 20:12:33.

Special Orders of Business: Marty Cantor had a couple of them: 1) Mike Hinge, of New Zealand, was 72. He has done a lot of things, both in and out of fandom. He's responsible for Time Magazine covers of both Nixon and Hirohito. He did covers for several prozines. 2) Lewis Russel Chauvenet. Born in 1920, a long time FAPA member. He became deaf at 10 because of bacterial meningitis. In 1940, he invented the word "fanzine". Before then, they were FMZ, pronounced "fanzine", or "fan-mags".

The Menace were read and approved as "it's a Troplong to Tipperary".

The Registrar: No guests, thank ghod

Tonight's Patron Saint: She's not here tonight.

Fuzzy Pink Niven, aka Marilyn Niven. She's been a member for years, and she is one of the quieter members which is a damn shame, because she has an amazing sense of humor.

Marty Cantor: One nice thing Fuzzy does is keep the records for the club and produce the mailing labels for De Prof. She produces them utterly reliably.

Phil Castora: In additon to being a wonderful person, she's a great cook.

She's extremely modest, and blushes deeply and well.

Hare: She's always working very hard around the club when it comes to certain events. She even helped clean up after a Lala banquet she cooked at. She reminds him of his aunt.

Karen Anderson: When the citizen's council for etc and so forth was inventing President Reagan's space policy, it was Fuzzy whose house they were meeting at. She set it up so they could meet, and cleaned up afterward.

Gene: A relative and he entered some art in the art show one year, and she was very kind.

Three Cheers and a fuzzy pink everything.

Committee to Gouge: did so. A four-poster went for $25.

Old Business: None

New business: None

Committee Reports

Marketing: Arlene passed out. Pamphlets, that is. Welcome to LASFS pamphlets.

Programming committee: Next week, Kelly Ross, professor of philosophy, on the fragility of sea power. He's one of the most popular profs at Valley College. September: 9/11, panel on 9/11. 9/18, the nominations for Forry award. Then, a program about APAs to explain what's going on in that little room back there.

George Van Wagner filled in for Brother Thorsen.

CLJII: Fwems this Sunday, the theme is continuing last month's theme, repeats from Loscon video program last year. 2 PM until it ends. Kay Kaiser films next month, and October, UN Tribute, five of the Road Pictures.

Time-Bound Announcements

Ed annonced: tonight is the last night to give ballots to anyone going to Torcon. The Library still needs volunteers.

Marty Cantor: Pick up your De Prof from the box on the Lizdesk.

Bob Null: turns out to have minor additional cancer, on his forehead. The doctor is a friend of his who specializes in rare gold coins.

Gene forgot his name again. Today is Ray Bradbury's 83rd birthday.


Gene reviewed Bradbury, and Illustrated Life

Mike Thorsen: on plane, up to his vacation, saw Anger Management. If you want to see a movie about how to control your temper by getting angry and destroying things, this is a great movie.

John De Chancie reviewed one of those book things. He reviewed a book by Bob Leman, Feesters in the Lake, by Darkside Press (dot com). Price is $40. If he'd written in the right era, he'd be counted along with Lovecraft.

Scratch reviewed The Icarus Hunt, by timothy Zahn. If you can get a hold of it, just for a giggle, it's a goood story.

Frank Waller announced that the type on page 7 is slightly akilter.

Fannish Committee Reports

Ed Green: Taco Bell has a website called Taco Bell Recall .com. A crunchy beef taco counts as a vote for Arnold. A soft chicken taco is a vote for Davis. a Steak Chalupa is split among the other 134 candidates. (Well, now it's Cruz Bustamante.)

George Van wagner: SCR – fort worth TX, two guys do a home invasion robbery. He knocks on door with butt of gun, it goes off, shooting him in groin. The road works committee in a small town in Australia discovered a meteor hole in their parking lot one morning.

Matthew: Five, 13, 53.

Joe Zeff: All heard about big fire in Tulsa: apparently, on MSNBC, part of what was making the fire keep going boom was tanks of highly flammable gases like CO2 and helium.

Mr. Green: not at meeting last week. Went to nephew's wedding in NY. Ran into incident there. No one mentioned lack of power, and lack of electricity, nothing registered until mens room was dark.

Thorsen: also traveling to NY, missed the blackout completely. Nothing ever happens when he's around.

"Would you cross the street with me in Glendale from now on?"

Christian: people he knew in Toronto live near lake Ontario, and they decided to have a picnic on the beach. Hundreds of people decided to do the same. A grand time was had by all. They then put out the candles so they could see the stars.

Ed Green: NYC still is a large bureaucracy. Once the power failed, many outlying agencies sent teams to emergency operations center. Some departments didn't get the e-mail. The emergency opes was on the 34th floor of the north tower.

Hare: Woke up to an interview with the guy in charge of power in NYC. His answer to everything was, "I don't know". Hare's answer to everyone going to Toronto: "Good luck!"

Don Wenner: I don't know who's dummer committee.... We have a lady who's been a member for years. Claims to have been part of the CIA. She went itno a bank, but she mentioned to the manager that she was in the CIA. The manager says, "tell me all about it!" "I'm retired. I can't."

Karen Anderson announced something off the electronic NY Times: Fox News is suing Al Franken for the use of the term Fair and Balanced. Paul Newman is now suing HUD for diluting the image he projected as the character by the same name.

The Committee you won't believe reported two deaths. First was a New York socialite, in the Guinness Book for having worst singing voice in the world. NPR played a recording of her voice. She used to rent out Carnegie Hall, and invite 150 of her closest friends and sing. Actually, according to e-mails, Shatner, Lucy in the sky with Diamonds, tops it. Second: the gentleman who designed the Avanti has died in a car accident. He was also the designer for the shuttle craft in STREK Classic.


Karl Lembke: Magic number = 61.

Tadao is back in TV Guide. Banzai is one of the pans of the summer.

CLJII: As written in red and white, as of 230th day, magic number is 300.

Frank: Coming soon: Dill pickle potato chips. Kettle dill pickle potato chips. As long as they're not Ma and Pa Kettle....

George Takei was interviewed. When running for political office, he dropped out so others could get residual pay. He suggested Arnold do the same so others in his movies can get the same.

The meeting adjourned at 21:09:07.

Meeting # 3444, Aug 14, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3444 started at 20:13:49.

Special Orders of Business: Charlie, in his white coat, announced there were no SOBs

Ed said, Kelly Freas was in the hospital with a broken hip. He has recovered from surgery, but at the age of 86, a broken hip is no minor thing. He may not be attending TorCon.

Janis reported that, the day of his surgery, they were having to fight him to keep him from getting out of bed.

The Menace were read and approved as "knocked down in the street but not dead yet".

The Registrar: Clea Payne, found us through the web site, along with Tennyson Stead.

Tonight's Patron Saint: One of those who have moved out of the area:

Bjo Trimble

Karen Anderson stated, "She's one of my oldest friends, and I'll be getting back in touch with her in the SCA. We first met back in the mists of time, when her name was McCarthy. After separating from her first husband and carrying off the name Wells, she spent her time stirring up activity throughout the area. She was active in Northern California in Star Trek fandom. She's a good cartoonist and a good costumer – she can put together a costume without even thinking about it."

Marty Cantor: She has many talents. She is a fine fan artist, and practically invented the convention art show. Bjo also resuscitated the club when it really needed it.

Hare: She parlayed her Keep Star Trek Alive campaign into activism for the space program. She fought hard to get the first shuttle named Enterprise, only to have it turn out to be the prototype that was never meant to fly. She was also the costume designer for Flesh Gordon.

Scratch: A lady who worked as hard as she did while not working hard deserves our thanks.

CLJII: We have a collection of films where Bjo either acted or worked. And remember, Bjo was a speaker at the LASFS retirement banquet. Lots of people turned out to hear her speak.

Robert Keller: Met Bjo in Austin in late 80s. He had gone to a Star Trek con to write a paper for a class. She saw him sitting there, asked how he liked the con, and spent an hour talking with him.

Zeff: Those who aren't aware: Bjo's name has become a fannish verb. Bjo has an interesting idea of housekeeping. She stores stuff in piles. Stuff you can't find, but know is around someplace, is now referred to as "trimbled."

Bjo Trimble was given Three Cheers, and a great big pile of freckles.

Committee to Gouge: a bundle of carbon-dated carbon paper was given to the archaeologist.

Old Business: None

New business: None

Committee Reports

Program: Robert Keller announced, tonight we have Daffy Duck cartoons, presented by Tom Safer.

On 8/28, a professor from Valley College will speak on the Weakness of using sea power, from Pericles to Heinlein. 9/11: 9/11 – two years later. 9/25, APA-L presentation. We'll also have Wil Wheaton some time in the future, as well as the guy who played Sauron.

Time-Bound Announcements

Ed Green: Volunteers needed in Library. Elayne has worldcon patches. Final date for hand-carry ballots is next Thursday, the 21th.

Fred Patten: Those who like Japanese Animation can go to the C/FO meeting Saturday, 1-8. Other announcement: A few months ago, we were showing a program called Najika, a sort of female SF James Bond type. It's finally been licensed for American release. The DVD comes with a pair of panties.

Gene Porter announced the showing of When Worlds Collide at the Egyptian. Between the movies, the other movie is Conquest of Space. On Saturday, they'll be showing King Kong, and Forry will be there. Keep an eye on the schedule, there's lots of neat stuff.

Hare: Hollywood/Highland center is starting to show movies in their courtyard. Next three days, silent Hunchback of Notre Dame. It incorporates a live stage show.


Tom Safer: J. Ward Productions has released its first DVD set. It is complete season in broadcast order of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Christian: Dan Simmons has written Ilium. Those who enjoyed Hyperion will enjoy this.

Robert Keller: Dr Jeckel / Mr. Hyde, Rock and Roll musical. Like to say somethign good about a movie. He was among first 20, and they gave him a free CD.

someone reviewed Spy Kids 3D, calling it awful. Shrek 4D was wonderful.

The Moffatts enjoyed SK3D. So there.

Fannish Committee Reports

Phil Castora carried on the tradition, announcing, 41, 7, 3, 2, and 2. And the committee to nauseate the LASFS discovered: One candidate for California Governor is named Trek Thunder Kelly.

Doug Crepeau: The NIH says there's a serious monkey shortage.

Joe Zeff: Reporting a bit more of ongoing saga. He attempted to drive here. When he tried to start the car, it was dead. The AAA person declined to follow instructions on how to find the car.

Ed Hooper: Commenting on Bjo. Bjo Trimble is one of two big name fans he'd heard about a decade before encountering fandom. He heard about the letter writing campaign to save Star Trek

George Van Wagner had a Stupid Crook Report: A "Gentleman" murdered three people. He was busted as he was leaving the anger management class he was sentenced to after his last attack.


Tom Safer: Anyone who doesn't get enough Daffiness can watch Cartoon Network this Saturday. eight hours of Bugs Vs. Daffy.

Hare: Season Three of B5 is out.

PolarLights Model Company has just released the TV version of the Enterprise. Classic Star Trek.

The meeting adjourned at 21:09:48.

Meeting # 3443, Aug 7, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Palindromic meeting number 3443 at 20:13:36.

Special Orders of Business: Tonight's is that CLJII was grazed by a motor vehicle this week. There doesn't appear to be anything life threatening, mostly bruises. We expect him back soon. Charlie was in a crosswalk, he observed that someone was about to not stop, and as he got out of that person's way, someone else hit him. Both drivers drove off without stopping to render aid.

The Scribe was directed to send Mr. Jackson an appropriate card. A vote to kick Charlie when he's down was taken.

The Menace were read and approved as "Hope-less".

The Registrar: being absent, our one guest was given a welcoming handshake. He introduced his name as Scott MacBeath. He's a real-estate broker, and used to be a project engineer on the shuttle. He was referred by some anonymous bookstore in the north valley, owned by a couple of members of the club. Since he went ahead and joined, LASFS now has its own Scottish play.

Tonight's Patron Saint: We have two of them.

Since Jerry Pournelle was here, people said nice things about him.

Ed Green said, This is an old friend, Dr. Jerry Pournelle. I have known dr. Pournelle longer than I've known him, first introduced through his writing. I first read King David's Spaceship, and have enjoyed his writings ever since.

Scratch: Today's Jerry's birthday.

Eylat: When I first joined LASFS, first meeting in 1984, first person I met was a drunken Jerry Pournelle. He said something loud, rude, and crude, and I felt right at home. Also, he's welcomed Anna into the world in a very nice manner.

Tom Safer enjoy's Jerry's talks about current events, finding him quite knowledgeable. Also enjoys Roberta's presence in the chorale.

Karen Anderson said, "I forget how long I've known you." I've known him in all kinds of weathers, situations. And he was a good friend of Poul Anderson.

Marty Cantor: To relative newcomers, Jerry has been a godsend to the club. Jerry is the one who turned this building into the spacious building we have now. He had help, but he drove the project.

Joe Zeff: Most remember tech support stories. Most knew Jerry and Joe had an understanding. When Jerry needed assistance, he'd get in touch with Joe. Not one of the tech support horror stories had anything to do with anything Jerry did. There are two reasons. First, Joe wouldn't have embarrassed him, second, Jerry never did anything worth reporting under "stupid user reports". He was always very good at following instructions.

Bill Ellern: First met Jerry at the other end of a pair of foils. Bill's one of the few to cross swords with Jerry, literally. Jerry's very learned, a great gentleman, and a source of information. And he recently did something which overwhelmed Bill. Bill had spent the last week filling out a security questionnaire, and asked Jerry to be a reference. Jerry agreed.

Sandy: Much as it's nice to say nice things about Jerry, thanks to Roberta for letting him come to meetings.

Ed Green responded, "What, she's not entitled to a break?"

Hare Hobbs: Back when Art Bell was on the radio, he said his favorite novel was Lucifer's Hammer. Hare Called Jerry and got permission to give Art Jerry's e-mail. Jerry was polite to Art's callers, no matter how stupid their questions were.

Jerry Pournelle observed, "They keep running that damned thing."

Christian: Those who may doubt Jerry's intelligence because of various political positions will never be able to doubt his intelligence due to his excellent choice of wife.

Phil Castora announced he was out of superlatives.

Ed Green: Two more comments: He's one of those whom later generations will thank for bringing an end to the cold war. He was involved in the Star Wars project, one of the prime movers. He's also acted as science advisor to a former speaker of the house. He's been involved with the space program, and with Air Force doctrine, and people will be talking about these things fifty and a hundred years from now. And on a personal note, Jerry's advice even extends to 18-year-old children about to go into the Military. Pournelle told Ed, "When going through basic, remember this important fact. Eventually, they let you sleep."

Jerry was given Three Cheers, and he deserves a few more.


Tim Merrigan, who is naturally late. But we said mostly nice things about him anyway.

He joined in the early 80s, and has been the official collator of APA-l for 20 years. He edited De Prof for a while, a mind-numbing task, and his mind was numbed some time ago. He also founded an e-list for the club.

Hare: Time and he were helping Joyce move, the day of the Christmas Parade. He said he hated the parade, but since he was here, he'd watch it anyway. He seems to have a happy attitude about everything. Politically, he's about as opposite of Pournelle as one can get,

Eylat: In 1980, she went to Israel for a year. He, along with Rick Young, saw to it she got APA-L.

Tim Merrigan was given Three Cheers and a collated zine.

Committee to Gouge: This week, we saw the cloning of Tadao.

Old Business: None

New business: None

Committee Reports

Tom Safer announced a program. Next week, he'll be presenting an evening with Daffy Duck: Various Jobs Bravely Attempted.

Christian announced, tonight after the meeting, we'll be seeing the preview of Return of the King (-- the video game.)

George Van Wagner filled in for Brother Thorsen this week.

Time-Bound Announcements

Christian announced Saturday at 5 PM, the doors close on the opportunity to be nominated for Governor of California. Today, on a list server, a cry went out for someone from Central California to run for Governor. Money is being raised for Janice Geld. Go to

Marty Cantor announced the LASFS BOD will meet Sunday at 11. All are invited to attend and see how we do things. Then, starting at 2:00, socializing and gaming.

Fred Patten announced Cinema Anime will meet Saturday, 1-8.

Bill announced that Mars is making its closest approach to Earth in 60,000 years. The Ventura County Astronomy Society will sponsor a star party at the Moorpark Campus. Date: 8-15-03. Closest approach will occur on 8-27, 2 AM our time. The Local astronomy society will be more than happy to share telescopes that day.

Tadao announced Today and today only is Ed Hooper's 38th Birthday. This Saturday, trying to organize a trip to Farrels in Santa Clarita.

George VW, Griffith Observatory will be setting up telescopes, 26th and 27th. Tomorrow night, GSC at HGS.

Christian: Those waiting for patches, see Elayne. This is, of course, the LA Worldcon bid. Also, the second saint of the evening has arrived.

Frank Waller announced he has sugar free choco chip cookies.

Ed Green: Library needs volunteers. Talk to mike Mason or Greg Barrett. Worldcon Bid: Site Selection ballots are here, must be received in mail by 8-15. We can hand carry, and the final date will be available next week. Sodas will be 50¢ each next Sunday.


Tom Safer reviewed The Horn Blows at Midnight, Jack Benny and Alexis Smith. Very enjoyable.

Mr. Niven: His new book, Scatterbrain, is out.

Eylat Poliner has been reading Like Water for Chocolate, a wonderful fantasy book. About fantasy, love, hate...

Hare Hobbs just finished More than Honor, second in the anthologies written in Honor Harrington universe. Four focus on how different people were adopted by their treecats. Only complaints, got a bit repetitive. Weber writes two of the stories. Read it.

Ed Green reviewed a movie, by Mel Brooks, the Producers. Now here in LA as a staged musical. Different from, and possibly funnier than, the movie. See it before it closes. Fun show, Jason Alexander, Max Bialystock – Very funny. Martin Short, Mr Blume, does an excellent job. Springtime for Hitler is funnier on stage than it was in the movie.

Rick Foss reviewed Mick Farrin, who turned out a couple of strange, dark novels in the 70s. There's a new newspaper, and Farrin is one of their cultural commentators. He has yet to see anything he likes, it would seem. Worth reading even if you never see any of the shows he talks about. City Beat, Valley Beat.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff reported on his new hardware acquisition. A week ago Tuesday, late in PM, had been at sisters waiting for cable people. Stopped at Trader Joes for food, and passed out, hitting the floor so loudly, they heard him at the cash registers. He woke up in the ER.

They stabilized him, discharged him, and next day, he called the VA. The VA examined him, made suggestions, and sent him home. Thursday, was going to recover truck. Marcia declared he was in no condition to drive. VA on Plummer wouldn't take him. Sent him to hospital in basin. Insisted on giving directions, even though Marcia kept saying, I live there, I know where it is.

Marcia was there until midnight before they told her they were admitting him.

The nurses were very nice. They didn't seem to make a connection between Joe feeling hot, and his having a temperature of 100.8°.

Finally discharged Tuesday. The walker helps him maintain enouhg balance to stay upright.

Diagnosis: Bradycardia.

Tom Safer: Doozy, from oddly enough. Dateline Zagreb Croatia, a would-be self exhibitor, decided to stick his manhood throgh a neighbor's fence. The lady's dog came up and bit it. He managed to keep the organ. He complained to the police, and was arrested for self-exhibition.

George Van Wagner had a stupic crook report. Bank robber in Texas neatly typed his note on the back of his resume.

MBT 11, 313.

Eylat, reported on a woman who was breastfeeding while driving, without a license.

Don Wenner reported on a SCR, a couple of would-be criminals in Britain decided to try a house burglary. The house was owned by circus folk who had left one of their lions in the house. Fortunately the lion had been fed, and one stopped after a nip. One crook left minus a testicle. Tony stated, the lion had a ball.

Israeli police responding to a rowdy party complaint, was mistaken for a male stripper who was supposed to show up dressed as a police officer.


Eylat: anna's running. no longer walking

Banzai is now 7:30 Sunday. Tadao's name is in the credits.

Christian: moved to adjourn,

The meeting adjourned at 21:21:03

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