LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting #3119 May 22, 1997 PDF Print E-mail

President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

Vice President Joe Zeff, a.k.a. The Guy with the Sideburns, banged the 3,119th meeting of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society into a vague semblance of order at 8:10 p.m. on May 22, 1997.

To the relief of all, there were no SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS, so Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien was called on to read last week's MENACE. The minutes included a playful tale spun by Bruce Pelz about Robbie Cantor's little boot, prompting Emperor Charles Lee Jackson, II, to move that the Menace be accepted as Caligula'd. Motion carried.

PATRON SAINT Dee Dee Lavender was given three rousing cheers and a mauve chaser. There were no items to AUCTION, which elicited an even louder last cheer from the Scribe.

BUSINESS: The Guy with the Sideburns summarized the standings in the soda survey: Dr. Pepper is in the lead, followed by root beer (various and sundry brands) and Coca Cola - all in their leaded versions. Joe asked for some advice on how to obtain a weighted poll so that he could have an even heavier stick with which to parry complaints. In the course of the discussion, someone who doesn't seem to be clear on the concept of selling beverages for profit suggested that it might be more economical to install a water filter than to sell bottled water. Tapwater cool Ed Green moved to table the discussion of the water filter until the next Board of Directors Meeting, since the Board normally handles housekeeping and maintenance items. Motion passed. Joe also reported that hes working on transporting the new used fridge and getting it repaired on site so we can use it "real soon now...."

Acting Registrar Lucy Stern, bedecked in her proud commencement gown, introduced GUEST Drusilla Davis, who was similarly attired. Tethers and applause were provided for both.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Touchy Typer again noted that the Menace for meeting 3,104 were taken by Acting Scribe Phil Castora, so she cannot supply them to Editor Tim Merrigan. Quack leader Matthew Tepper flew out of his chair to report that he has been converting huge gobs of old minutes to HTML format for posting on the club's webfoot website. He's already completed those for 1994, 1995, and half of those for 1996, all of which are in addition to those he converted for the years during which the Duck served the club so ably as Scribe. Frank Waller asked if we knew how many people had logged on to the site. Webmaster Mike Stern said he didn't know because we don't have a Hit Log yet, but he's been receiving about 40 E-mail messages each day. Mike also encouraged members with web pages to link to and let him know that they have done so, so that LASFS can link back. Mike Thorsen gave some elementary instruction in how to get the sound system working - just put the switches on both amplifiers in the <ON> position.

APPOINTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS: Mike Thorsen reminded members that the Committee to Remove Dirt From the LASFS will be holding a work party on Sunday June 1st beginning about noon. Tim Merrigan announced that the "De Prof" deadline is tonight. Fred Patten informed us that he has been called upon to provide an emergency program tonight since the scheduled host, Sam Frank, is unable to attend. Fred has rallied nobly and will present an hour-long video comedy. The Emperor reported that the file and retrospective of Batman previously scheduled for June 19th has been rescheduled for June 5th. Charlie told us that the magic number this week is 152. He also announced that future FWEMS programming is as follows: Put Up Your Dukes Day on June 29th; 1960's musicals on July 27th, including such goodies as "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" and "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum;" and, novelty of novelties, science fiction movies on August 31st, when most interested fans will be out of town attending Worldcon. Joe Zeff read excerpts from the Treasurer's Retort Report, which indicated a grand total of $22,291.35 in various club accounts.

REVIEWS: Len Moffatt reviewed the commencement ceremonies at Valley College, where the Duck, the Stars, and their Majesties were in attendance this afternoon to watch Lucy graduate. He noted that the ceremony wasn't like it used to be: there were no streakers and no mooners, but he did see someone in a propeller beanie taking pictures. Evelyn Gamble recently read Aftermath by LeVar Burton and opined that if the book had been written by anyone else it would have ended up on an editor's slush pile. She said that there were some good ideas, too many for one book, BUT... it's definitely not great science fiction. Matthew Tepper found the recently aired "Odyssey" full of enjoyment, although he missed the seductive call of the sirens. (So what's new, Matthew?) He described the special effects used for the Gods as fabulous. CLJII added guarded praise for the show, which was good given the time restraints. Hare Hobbs described "The Fifth Element" as more intelligent than "Independence Day." He concurred with all previous reviewers that it is gorgeous to watch. Matthew Tepper said his one hesitation with the film is that it has a French director. Noted Matthew, if you give a French writer pen and paper, you get The Three Musketeers; if you give a French painter oil and canvas, you get "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte;" if you give a French musician writing paper and stylus, you get "La Mer;" if you give a French sculptor materials, you get "The Thinker;" but if you give a French director film stock and camera, you get wasted film stock. David Voyt noted that, even though he is legally blind, "The Fifth Element" was a very beautiful film to watch.

FAANISH COMMITTEE REPORTS: Mike Stern reported that the single speaker at Lucy's commencement was a typical elected politician; every time she finished and everyone applauded, she started again...and again...and again. Hal O'Brien brought the house down with a Surrealism in Everyday Life report about the worsening Ghana Penis Snatcher Crisis. Alleged sorcerers are causing penises of victims to shrink up and disappear in order to extort cash for the promise of a cure. Televised reports by medical experts have explained in detail the causes for the increase and decrease in the size of penises. Nonetheless, folks in Ghana are getting lynched because of wide-spread ignorance of a basic law of gravity: regardless of the vector, what goes up must come down, unless there is sufficient thrust to achieve escape velocity. And in the rather special subset of items involved in the case in hand, even when there is sufficient thrust to reach "escape velocity," what goes up does come down! Joe Zeff bravely walked where no one else dared to go by following with a couple of horror stories from work.

MISCELLANEOUS: David Voyt noted that if anyone has a burning desire to possess a bed that someone has died in, there is an auction of the beds and other items from Rancho San Hale-Bopp. Mike Thorsen informed us that this is the last time he will be able to attend an evening meeting for an indefinite time. His employer is moving three buildings worth of operations into one building, and Mike will be working a different shift for several months. Mike will only be able to attend Second Sundays, FWEMS, etc. until the move is over.

Rob Cole moved to discombobulate. The motion passed, and we called it quits at 9:04 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien  

Meeting #3118 May 15, 1997 PDF Print E-mail

President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

No sooner had President Christian McGuire called the 3,118th meeting of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society to order at 8:13 p.m. on May 15, 1997 than Rob Cole moved to discombobulate. The President, apparently discombobulated by this shift in tactics, didn't respond rapidly enough to avoid a second by Joe Zeff. The motion failed by declaration of the President, if not by the actual vote, so Mike Thorsen promptly moved to abstain. The abstentions won, and the meeting creaked slowly into gear.

SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS: Christian informed us that Allan Rothstein was alive and well and resting at the home of his parents, whose address was on the board for those who wished to send get well wishes. Charlie Jackson noted the passing of actor Al Lewis, who appeared in "Car 54 Where Are You" and hosted a cable TV series that showed science fiction and horror movies. [Actually, it was not Al Lewis who had died, but another actor, Howard Morton, who played Grandpa Munster in a revival of the series. -- MBT]

It was time for a double dose of MENACE as Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien read the Menace of May 1, 1997, which were approved as passed imperfect, and those of May 8, 1997, which were approved as Hmmmm Hmmmm. PATRON SAINT Tom Digby was present. The members gave him three cheers and some soap bubbles. Ed Green came forward to conduct a raucous AUCTION.

BUSINESS: Joe Zeff announced that he is conducting a survey to allow members the ability to indicate which sodas they would like to have stocked - seems you can't tell the popular ones anymore by noting which ones disappear and which ones don't have to be restocked more than once a month. Joe insists that the surveys be signed to prevent ballot box stuffing. Joe also noted that a friend has a refrigerator he is willing to donate for donation credit. This marvelous machine needs a leak plugged and a recharge with freon, or whatever else it uses that might be more legal, at an estimated cost of $50 for both repair and recharge. The club passed a motion that Joe check out the feasibility of acquiring this refrigerator to replace the current one. Selina Phanara announced that there are no GUESTS present this evening.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Scribe Beth O'Brien noted that she was absent from the 3,104th meeting and that the Menace for that meeting were recorded by Acting Scribe Phil Castora. The Scribe indicated that she would continue to make the announcement until the matter was corrected in "De Profundis," the last issue of which indicated that she had not yet turned in the minutes (nor will she ever!) for the meeting she did not attend. Bruce Pelz was called to the front, with one of Robbie Cantor's boots in hand. Bruce reported that Robbie had something to do just before their drive to the airport, so they arrived during last call for Robbie's flight. Bruce spun a fanciful tale of Robbie running down the gangway just as the door to the plane was closing, trying to hit the flight attendant with her stick at the same time, leaving Robbie on the inside and the boot on the ootside. Some fool with little knowledge of Robbie tried to bid for the boot, but Bruce insisted, wisely, that it really has to go back to Robbie. Someone else suggested sending it to Robbie in Canada by diplomatic pouch, while Christian pounded the table with the boot. Hare Hobbs reported that Danny Elfman is releasing Volume II of "Music from a Darkened Theater," a two CD set, on June 3rd. Kim Brown is seeking to buy a Westercon membership. Fred Patten informed members that this Saturday is the Cartoon Fantasy Organization's 20th anniversary meeting, which will feature a free barbecue and cake. All are welcome. Selina Phanara noted that she has linked her home page to the LASFS homepage. Charlie noted that many people one might expect to see at Westercon are scheduled to appear at a science fiction convention in Pasadena that same weekend.

APPOINTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS: Rick Foss announced that he still needs help with programming, since his schedule has become markedly busier than it used to be. Upcoming programming includes a retrospective on The Fantastic Radio Shows of Ronald Colman, hosted by Sam Frank on May 22, 1997; Classic cartoons, hosted by Tom Safer on May 29th; Nominations for LASFS president during the meeting of June 5th with a program to be announced afterward; LASFS Procedural Officers elections on June 12th; a film and television retrospective of Batman hosted by Charlie on June 19th; and a video presentation entitled "More Like the Movies - My Life in Pictures," by Charles Lee Jackson, II, on June 26th. Mike Stern asked members to help the LASFS webpage by including the web address right underneath their signatures to let people know we're there. He urged us to emulate Selina by linking homepages to LASFS' webpage. He also noted that would be going on to Yahoo "real soon now." Mike Thorsen thanked Bob Null, Joe Zeff, and Jeff Stansfield for helping with the May clubhouse cleaning day and solicited help for June's first Sunday cleaning day, which will start at about noon. Charlie announced that the magic number of films he's seen this year is currently 146.

REVIEWS: Christian reported seeing "Austin Powers" and finding Elizabeth Hurley very attractive. Sandy Cohen noted that "Fifth Element" is a wondrously visual film. He recommends it, with the proviso that it needs to be seen on the big screen. Ed commented that "Fifth Element" is a combination of "Stargate" meets "Diehard" meets a couple of other films, and concurred that it is a visual treat with some gaping plot holes. Greg Barrett announced that Jim Carrey has been cast as Brainiac and Nicolas Cage as Superman in the next adventure of the Man of Steel. Charlie opined that some 3-D home videos were the most effective 3-D shows aired so far this season. Rick Foss gave Anne McCaffrey's new book, Freedom's Landing, the Foss seal of disapproval for being the first in a series of novels and not saying so anywhere on the cover. He said the ideas were still good quality, Anne McCaffrey ideas, but the writing is just not up to par: the first two chapters are bad, it is repetitive, has lots of plot holes, and appears to have been written in a hurry. Don Wenner opined that the only good thing that could be said for the most recent version of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" is that it is better than the CBS version.

MISCELLANEOUS: Mike Stern reported that Wizards of the Coast has announced a Magic the Gathering summer camp on the University of Washington campus for those who want to take their kids off heroin and put them on to something else. Joe Zeff took us home with a few stories from work, after which Rob Cole moved to DISJOURN at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien  

Meeting #3117 May 8, 1997 PDF Print E-mail

President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

It was another Thursday night and time for another LASFS meeting: bedecked with 3-D glasses, President Christian McGuire called the 3,117th meeting of the Society to order at 8:13 p.m. on May 8, 1997.

SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS: Emperor Charles Lee Jackson, II, announced that there was a special order of business and called on David Lathram for the details. Allan Rothstein is in the hospital and it has been determined that he needs a pacemaker. Allan expects to be able to leave the hospital sometime this weekend and is taking applications for people to help him use the urinal. David circulated a get well card for members to sign. President McGuire also called on Chairman of the Board Ed Green, who read the following letter and requested that it be included in the minutes:

May 1, 1997
TO: Chairman, SCIFI, Inc.
FROM: Chairman, LASFS, Inc.
In the most current issue of the LASFS' newsletter, De Profundis, the minutes to the January 1997 meeting of SCIFI were published. Along with this, the newsletter's editor wrote a comment that while he was unsure how or why the minutes appeared in the newsletter mailbox at the club, he felt that they should be published since "SCIFI is a part of LASFS".
I wish to assure you that the editor of the newsletter was speaking strictly on his own behalf, and was speaking to his own agenda. Under California law, both SCIFI and LASFS are separately incorporated. SCIFI is most certainly not a part of the LASFS.
In Mr. Merrigan's defense, I believe he was expressing certain frustrations that may not be related to SCIFI. Mr. Merrigan is doing an excellent job as editor of the newsletter, but it is a great deal of work, and he is anxious to turn the duties over to someone else.
I am also sure that Mr. Merrigan was unaware of the fact that his comments could, if viewed out of context, could (sic) jeopardize the Non-Profit status of both organizations. We both know that losing our Non-Profit status could likely result in the loss of the clubhouse and I'm certain that Mr. Merrigan is not in favor of that.
I am asking Christian McGuire, the LASFS President, to have Mr. Merrigan publish a retraction. I will also ask that this letter be published in the next issue of De Profundis.
Yours truly,
Edward L. Green
Chairman of the Board
Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc.

Charlie Jackson stated, for purposes of the minutes, that there is a position on the Board of Directors [actually, appointed by the Board -- MBT] of the LASFS of Liaison Officer to work between LASFS and SCIFI, further demonstrating the separateness of the two organizations. Ed emphasized that what Tim did was Tim's own business, not club business or policy. Discussion ensued.

Christian next attempted to get the Scribe to read the MENACE of the last meeting, but Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien pleaded for mercy, apologized profoundly, and explained that a power failure at home last night and subsequent need for a minimum five hour recharge for the UPS had prevented the preparation of the minutes. Alas! How dependent we love to become on technology. President McGuire called for additions, corrections, and omissions anyway. Joe Zeff asked if he could make a reality correction, but was refused permission by Christian. Some masochist in the crowd next suggested playing the tape and listening to the meeting again, which elicited a shriek of horror. Christian noted that since this was the first time nobody raised their hand to offer corrections, he moved that the missing Menace be provisionally accepted as perfect. The motion passed, many to few to serious numbers of indifferents.

PATRON SAINT Bob Null was sent for and given three hearty cheers and an avoidance of extra cheers. Christian called on Ed Green to conduct a very short AUCTION of two officially blank tapes.

BUSINESS: There was none, except for Dave Lathram asking if anyone had any stamps to sell to him. Registrar Selina Phanara introduced GUEST Jim Wadman from Los Angeles.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Francis Hamit announced a job opportunity for someone with wide ranging technical skills to fill an opening in a firm in the virtual reality entertainment business. The annual salary is $50,000, and anyone interested should contact Francis. Lucy Stern was applauded when she announced that she will receive her Associate of Science degree from Valley College in two weeks. Jeff Stansfield informed us that he also is looking for a computer tech for part time work - see him. George Mulligan reported that the Leather Factory in Baldwin Park will have a huge sale next weekend. Sivan Dunn-Wall announced that life member Fritz Freiheit became the father of a baby girl named Merideth Naomi last Tuesday. Christian put in a plug for LOSCON 24 come Thanksgiving. Francis Hamit, still working on instilling technophobia, announced that there are only 968 days left before January 1, 2000.

APPOINTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS: The Emperor reported that he has seen 133 movies this year. Charlie also announced upcoming FWEMS programming. Mike Stern announced that Kris Bauer had won Friday night's Magic tournament and reminded us that there will be a Board of Directors meeting this coming Sunday. Christian added that the Second Sunday Open House would start at 2:00 p.m. Charlie also informed members that 3-D glasses suitable for viewing upcoming TV programs to be broadcast in that medium were available in the back of the room. Tim Merrigan announced that the "De Profundis" deadline would be somewhere toward the end of the month.

FAANISH COMMITTEE REPORTS: Joe Zeff reported that, after consulting with author Larry Niven about the putative technological glitch that Joe had reported finding in Larry's Ringworld Throne last week, he had a reality correction to make. Seems the subtle and masterful author had not directly mentioned the technological change but written in the side effects of the change in a way that Joe had missed. Ed Green informed us that he has extended the Fugghead of the Year Contest to the end of the month because of his several absences recently. He will give a report on the standings next week. Jeff Stansfield reported that Microsoft's magazine "Windows" has just pulled its approval of Office 97 and that there is a class action suit pending against Microsoft to get them to recall the package. Mike Stern noted that "Windows Magazine" is a Ziff-Davis publication and that Microsoft has not instituted a recall of Office 97.

REVIEWS: Christian recently read and recommends Spike, Mike, Slackers and Dykes about the last 10 years of independent film making. Christian also saw "Chasing Amy," which he found incredibly funny, incredibly entertaining, and a little bit too close to home. He gave the flick a Buchman rating of zero. Charlie reviewed the 3-D TV programs that have been aired so far, indicating they were mostly uninspired except for "The Drew Carey Show," which was very playful with its 3-D sequences. He also reviewed the film "When Were You Born" starring Anna May Wong. The heroine is a Chinese astrologer assisting the police with a murder investigation, and the film is cleverly constructed to have the characters fit their astrological sun signs. Sandy Cohen opined that "Lone Star" is probably the best film made last year, and he's sorry he didn't see it earlier. "Volcano," on the other (perhaps the gripping?) hand, has silly engineering and a good performance by Tommy Lee Jones. Hare Hobbs attended an advanced screening of "Fallen," starring Denzel Washington. Hare thinks it's a very good film if they keep the present ending, but he suspects that the purpose of the screening is because they want to change that ending. Steven Libis visited Las Vegas recently and had an opportunity to visit the construction site of Star Trek the Experience, which will be an attraction at the Hilton Hotel. Steve was impressed with what he saw and said its really going to be something to see. George Mulligan reported that the "McHale's Navy" flick is fun for fans of the old show. Beth O'Brien praised the Tra La La Con banquet and strongly recommended that people try to attend if it is redone next year. Glen Olson reported that, in the 17 years he's been in the EMS business, no one had ever asked him what to do if a volcano hits Los Angeles. In the last week, however, he's fielded two telephone calls on the subject: one was from a lady who runs an assisted living center who wanted to know if the dust masks she uses for her gardening will be sufficient (Glen assured her they would be) or if she needs to reinforce the concrete ramps use by persons in wheelchairs so that the lava would not lap up and corrode them. Glen pleaded ignorance on the subject of the melting point of concrete and referred her to a general contractor. Fan Guest of Honor Len Moffatt reviewed Tra La La Con, reporting that he and June have never been more royally treated at any of the many conventions they have attended over the years. He emphasized that this was not just at the banquet, but throughout the whole weekend. Joe Zeff opined that the finest of the impromptu performances at the banquet was given by the rabble.

MISCELLANEOUS: David Lathram displayed a mouse pad that had been converted into a cup holder. Jeff Stansfield reported that the courts have decided that, LASFS to the contrary, death does release you. Francis Hamit noted the case in which the somebody was hung and buried, but everybody was so mad at him that they dug him up to hang him and bury him again. Christian commented that he certainly was a well hung man.

On a wave of punnish boos, Rob Cole moved to adjourn and the meeting collapsed at 9:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien  

Meeting #3116 May 1, 1997 PDF Print E-mail

President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

President Christian McGuire called the 3,116th meeting of the LASFS to order at 8:12 p.m. on May 1, 1997. Matthew welcomed the visiting Lynn Maners by moving to shut Lynn up. The motion passed, many to few. Joe Zeff attempted to adjourn the meeting, but the motion was deferred to a more appropriate time.

SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS: Bruce Pelz reported that he had received a telephone call from Marjii Ellers, who wanted people to know why she has not been attending very often. She has been diagnosed as having cancer, with an unknown prognosis. She will be starting chemotherapy in the near future, and an operation is being considered for the fall. Marjii particularly wants LASFS to know that it has meant a very great deal to her. Christian asked for a motion to acknowledge a Saint out of order. Marjii was given three rousing cheers with all the positive energy available.

Christian surrendered the meeting to Vice President Joe Zeff, who had presided at last week's meeting, while Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien read the MENACE. After several attempts at reality corrections were rejected, the Menace were accepted in absentia. Christian resumed pseudo-control of the meeting and conducted a very short AUCTION.

BUSINESS: Rick Foss announced that there is no program scheduled for this evening. May 8th will feature Fugghead of the Year speeches and a mammoth auction; Tom Safer will present a Classic Cartoons show on May 15th; and Sam Frank will host a program on the fantastic radio shows of Ronald Colman on May 22nd. Rick is still looking for volunteers to assist with programming. Registrar Selina Phanara announced that no GUESTS were present this evening.

APPOINTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS: Joe Zeff announced that a Magic the Gathering tournament will be held at the clubhouse tomorrow evening. Mike Donahue's report that Tra La La Con will have a profit of approximately $1,000.00 was received with a round of applause for him and for all members who contributed to the success of the con. Mike Thorsen reminded us that on the first Sunday of the month there will be a work party starting about Noon. Christian thanked all those who showed up to help clean after Tra La La Con.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Matthew Tepper informed us that there will be a film production of "My Favorite Martian," which will feature Christopher Lloyd in the role of Uncle Martin. George Mulligan warned of some neighbor problems with a household on Camellia Street and requested that members stay out of the private driveway. The residents, who own several expensive luxury vehicles, are quite territorial and aggressively protect their property. David Voyt announced that Griffith Observatory will have a display featuring mockups of the space station this coming weekend.

PATRON SAINT Larry Niven arrived at this time and was given three cheers and a happy birthday.

FAANISH COMMITTEE REPORTS: Lynn Maners observed that there is no fandom in Arizona. Jeff Stansfield reported that the FCC recently ruled that the sending of junk mail on the Internet without the permission of the mailbox holder is punishable as trespass with a penalty of $500 per incident. They have also ruled that ISP's can no longer play games when offering free hours. Jerry Pournelle told us that he had been informed that "The New York Times" published the obituary of a major science fiction writer recently and asked if anyone knew who the writer was. Matthew Tepper reported that John R. Pierce, who published under the name of J. J. Coupling, had died. Jerry praised Mr. Pierce for his contributions to the field and related the story of a major argument between them that occurred several years ago. John had averred that we had done the space program wrong. At the time, Jerry thought he was nuts and disagreed vehemently. Jerry opined that he now realizes that John was absolutely correct and described him as a giant in his day.

REVIEWS: Francis Hamit recently read Future Boston, edited by David Alexander Smith, and is donating his copy to the library. The book is a compilation of three stories on a common theme rendered by three different authors which Francis found very intelligently written; he recommends it highly. Lynn Maners reported hearing a rerun of a radio interview of Jerry Pournelle by "this lunatic" Art Bell. Lynn congratulated Jerry on his politeness to the interviewer. Jerry expressed his appreciation of the fact that Art has rerun the program 25 times or more and probably generated several book sales after each airing. Lynn had read Absolute Magnitude, a compilation of stories which have appeared in the magazine of the same name. Lynn had never read the magazine but will do so in future because he found the quality of the stories very impressive. Rick Foss reported that Patton's Spaceship by John Barnes is beautifully written and quite well done. The story is about a group of people whose raison d'etre is to force governments either toward anarchy or repression so that they can more easily take over the resulting police state. Jeff Stansfield was disenchanted with the movie "Volcano," noting that it is hard to figure out who is the bigger ham - the lava or the actors. Jeff found the prevalent racial undertones of the movie disturbing. Joe Zeff enjoyed Ringworld Throne by Larry Niven, which he described as an interesting continuation of the story line with likable characters. However, the consummate nitpicker noticed "one technological hiccup in it ... which does not quite fit as described with the preceding book." He kept waiting for an explanation but didn't find it.

Mike Donahue shared a conversation he had with Bill Rotsler earlier this week. Bill is up and about, washing dishes, and his therapy is going very well. He is in good spirits and planning a trip to Reno with his friend Paul Turner. Hare Hobbs noted that the most recent episode of "Star Trek: Voyager" is the best ever done. Bob Null added that "Voyager" has really screwed it up - they're supposed to put out nothing but bad science fiction shows and this one wasn't. Bob liked the episode so well that he figures that if a "Voyager" show could ever get a Hugo nomination, this would be the one. Christian enjoyed last week's episode of "Babylon 5," which was his first encounter with those little things on the shoulder that like to stay there.

MISCELLANEOUS: Francis Hamit reported that there are 973 days until the year 2000, at which time he predicts technological meltdown, empty freeways, and lots of stair climbing in tall buildings. Larry Niven shared some amusing birthday mail he had received.

The meeting adjourned at 9:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien  

Meeting #3124 Jun 26, 1997 PDF Print E-mail

President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

Hampered by the lack of either of the gavels, President Christian McGuire nonetheless attempted to call the 3,125th meeting of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society to order at 8:13 p.m. on Thursday, June 26, 1997. The meeting number was promptly corrected to 3,124 by the scribe. Motions to adjourn were ignored.

SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS: Charles Lee Jackson, II, reported the death this week of both scientist Jacques Cousteau, who provided new information to mankind as well as to science fiction writers, and motion picture actor Brian Keith, who appeared in several science fiction motion pictures during the course of his career.

Christian announced that, due to unusual circumstances, we would have two programs this evening instead of one. The first would be a Sage Break featuring author James Gunn, followed by the scheduled program featuring CLJII. Ed Green tried to move that all other formal portions of the agenda for this meeting be suspended until next week. That didn't fly, so Ed amended his motion to say that at exactly 8:25, regardless of who is speaking at the time, they get chopped off at the knees so that we adjourn to the special program. The motion passed many to 1 to few.

Treasurer Liz Mortensen announced that the draft of the new address list was posted and should be reviewed and corrected by members as necessary before being published.

CLJII announced that the scheduled program would be a presentation on the big screen of "More Like the Movies - My Life in Pictures," by CLJII. There will be refreshments.

Ed hastily AUCTIONed the three parking spaces for next month. PATRON SAINT Alan Frisbie was given three hasty cheers and a gilded something that got lost in the noise.

The Scribe had been notified off line that GUESTS Bill Quillinan of Norwalk, Herron Hollander of North Hollywood, and James Gunn of Lawrence, Kansas were present. Under pressure of the clock, Christian was able to introduce only James Gunn, the unexpected speaker of the evening.

After Dr. Gunn's talk, the Scribe moved to ADJOURN the meeting and was informed that the meeting had already been adjourned (apparently at 8:25 p.m.) How nice! I can live with that.

Respectfully submitted,
Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien  

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