LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting # 3456, Nov 6, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3456 came to order at 20:13:50

Special Orders of Business: Two this evening.

First: The passing of SF writer, publisher, fan Lloyd Eschback, last week at age 93. Ran Fantasy Press for 15 years, publishing Campbell, Doc Smith, and others. He was one of the regulars in the old midwest cons, and was a poker player with the likes of Bob Tucker and the likes of those mentioned in the Trufan's Marching Song.

He was given the traditional Moment of Silence

Second, we have an announcement about a member of the society, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer: Ruth Rigel, active into the 80s. Charlie has an address where she may be written. She was known as Ruth the Trekkie. The Scribe was directed to procure a card to send her.

The Menace were read and approved as "Whatever works for you".

The Registrar: None

Tonight's Patron Saint: Woody Dodge

Matthew Tepper: Woody's a good guy, a veteran, working for the VA. He used to come more often. He's helped Matthew with his car. He was in a Subaru commercial.

Woody Dodge was given Three Cheers, and a trans-axle.

Committee to Gouge: Auctioned off stuff, and Christian passed gas.

Old Business: None

New business: None

Committee Reports

Zeff: Tomorrow is the first Friday, so there will be a Magic tournament, if people turn up.

CLJII announced that next week, we nominate Directors. Anyone interested in running, find a nominator. The nominee will have to justify his candidacy. The records of board members running for re-election will be theoretically made available. The following week, we vote. The week after that, we'll give you a week off.

After that, the first week of December, we'll have nominations for President. The following week, we elect procedural officers. The week after that, we have a special program, "Martians Invade our Republic" – a collection of the first chapters (with cliffhanger resolutions provided) of Mars-themed Republic serials.

The week after that is Christmas. And speaking of Christmas, that very day, we'll have our official Winter Holiday Party. The Lantern O' Jack was passed by an assistant.

The last Sunday in December, we'll have serial days. And that will take care of it.

We should be having a Gift Exchange Friday, 12/12.

Bill Green, Larry Niven, and other non-party folks have donated candy from a recent Pagan party event. We give thanks.

Time-Bound Announcements

Karen Anderson is having another work party, in honor of Guy Fawlks' Day. Unfortunately, the Scribe didn't have a punny for the Guy.

Tadao announced the play, Larry and the Werewolf, by Jeff Goody. Suze Campagna is the stage manager.

Cinema Anime will be on Saturday.

Marty Cantor announced the Board meeting Sunday at 11, and the open house following at 2 PM.

George Van Wagner announced, a week from tomorrow night, Grupo Sub Conscious sallies forth at Hallenbeck General Store.

Mike Thorsen: Emmanuel Lutheran Actor's Theater Ensemble, "Sign In Please", at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church, at Radford and Oxnard, this weekend. Admission is $10


Fannish Committee Reports

Phil Castora announced six twos and three threes.

Don Wenner: This week, the number for the MTA is -125, down from -87.

Dan: Costco is not going to be carrying videotapes any more.

Hare: Tower Records had a bunch of blank shelves. They're not selling pre-recorded videotapes any more. They're going to DVD. The tape is running out.

Francis Hamit: Costco has a combo DVD/VCR for $120. Karl pointed out that's about the same price as the one at Wal-Mart.


CLJII: On 10/30, magic number was 365.

Tom Safer has a program tonight, Sylvester by 3 directors.

Karl's magic number as of this week is ninety.

The meeting adjourned at 20:47:40.

Meeting # 3455, Oct 30, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3455 came to order at 20:10:22, or at least so we think. Someone must have left an arrow in the room, because we had an infestation of time flies.

Special Orders of Business: Two this evening.

1: Harry Stubbs, aka Hal Clement, passed a couple of days ago in his sleep. If you don't know his work, check some of it out in the library. Any of it. It's all good.

2: On the lighter side, the home of Larry and Fuzzy Niven was magically spared by the power of science fiction and pure thought. The fire came up to 15 feet from the house, then turned around and went home, urged away, perhaps, by the crowd of fire fighters between the two.

The Menace were read and approved as "These minutes brought to you by the letters A and S".

Special order: A cake was brought in so Liz could celebrate her birthday, only a little late.

Marina Stern announced that in gladness that the Niven's house didn't burn down, she is sacrificing a cake, not a goat.

The Registrar: Ben Introduced Mike Smith, from Artesia. No, not Arisia, Artesia. He found us through a fellow passenger on the green line.

Tonight's Patron Saint: We have two tonight.

Bill Rotsler:

CLJII: Mr Rotsler was a photographer, cinematographer, writer, author, director, model builder, sculptor, super genius, and was positively up to his armpits in beautiful babes most of the time.

Foss: He could easily have taken himself seriously, but refrained from doing so.

Joe Zeff: Bill was so prolific, he is still eligible for best fan artist Hugo, years after becoming metabolically challenged.

Hare Hobbs: He's the only person who's had his photography, cartoons, fiction, and non-fiction published in Playboy. Did any of his sculptures ever appear in the backgrounds of his photos in Playboy? That could be another category.

Phil Castora: He was at least as good a man as he was talented.

Doug Crepeau: He provided a number of officially blank tapes for auction

Thorsen: His memorial service was held here, and the number of attending filled the room to overflowing.

Matthew Tepper: He was the most genial of people he's ever known. He once met Marilyn Monroe, and went house hunting with her. This is a story only Bill could tell.

Fred Patten: He once asked to borrow a book. Bill said he'd bring it to the next meeting. He didn't, because he was in the hospital. After his release, he phoned back, apologized, and told Fred to come over and pick up the book any time.

We have several of his Hugos in the display case.

Bill Rotsler was given Three Cheers, and four or five more Hugos.

Francis Hamit, who is actually not here tonight.

George Mulligan: A fund of very interesting stories from his years in Vietnam. He's a good writer of thrillers.

Hare Hobbs: He had the Red Cross come and teach us CPR. Maybe we should do that again. He was always interested in letting us know his opinions about security and related matters.

Rick Foss: He has tirelessly helped other writers with copyright problems, and helped people get into journalism and other writing.

Phil Castora: The amount he's done is surprising because of his chronic back condition. He actually met a man who rejoiced in having the name "Dinty Moore".

Ken Porter: Francis is a nice man, and a nice person to have around.

Three Cheers, and a permanent security job.

Francis wasn't here because he doesn't keep track of saint's night, and would not have come down because of the smoke anyway. Dinty Moore was a graduate in the 80s of the Iowa Writer's Workshop, and teaches creative writing.

Committee to Gouge: sacrificed a cake, since Marina Stern had got his goat.

Old Business: None

New business: None

Committee Reports

CLJII recruited a volunteer to pass the Lantern O Jack. Donate, or else! The Autumn party starts tomorrow night at 7 PM. There will be goodies and stuff. Sodas will be 25¢. There will be two fine films available: The Uninvited, and The Haunting.

Reminder: The Lord High Janitors request your help in keeping the LASFS clean.

Thorsen: This coming Sunday is the monthly TRIPE meeting.

The President appointed an ad hoc committee to report on the housing of SF authors.

The first committee member to report was Larry Niven: "We fled when we saw fire coming over the ridge, and returned when it felt safe. The house was still there. The fire came just about to our property line."

Sandy Cohen: Dennis Miller reports his house also survived.

Ed Green: As far as I know, no fans have lost homes.

Marina Stern report: David and Bobby Weiss are still evacuated. Several times. House is still standing.

Marty Cantor: Milt Stevens was not in danger, but had trouble with the smoke.

With any luck, this committee will never have to report again.

Time-Bound Announcements

Zeff: An anniversary: Tonight is 65th anniversary of Orson Wells' War of the World.

Volunteers are still needed in the library.


Rick Foss reviewed some manga – a collection of manga written by Americans. This was more tolerable than what he's seen before. "Rising Stars of Manga" only has two in the style he's used to, but some very good stories.

Also, the Circue de Soleil is in town. If you wish to see the absolute state of the art in staging, go see it. It's in the parking lot of the Staples Center:

Doug Crepeau notes that Adam Warren's Dirty Pair is the best Americanized Manga

Hare has been watching the Speed Channel. New Zealand has a rally race, that combines a bit of the Doo-Dah parade with people who don't know how to drive, and lasts for seven days. Dunlap Tigers Relay.

CLJII: This week, one of the science channels is showing, "Bats, Rats, and Bugs." The "Bats" hour was very entertaining. It discussed real-life bats, and their interactions with humans in mythology.

Marina Stern: Anyone watching Smallville may have caught a spooky coincidence. A giant solar flare was disrupting Clark's powers, the same day a solar flare was disrupting satellite communications. Tom e-mailed the writer, a friend of his, and asked him how he managed that coincidence. The reply: "Never underestimate the power of Time-Warner".

Doug Crepeau: Channel 58 had a 2-hour show on String Theory, an installment of Nova.

Mike Thorsen reviewed the artwork he bought. It seems to be fairly educational, except for panel four, in which we learn the artist is mathematically challenged.

Fannish Committee Reports

Phil Castora announced 5, and 691.

Don Wenner announced 87, thanks to the MTA. Also, he does some docent work at the Autrey museum. The only connection he was able to make with one group was when he brought out some coins, and mentioned that some were Spanish, like those used in Pirates of the Caribbean. Oh. NOW they're interested.

Betty Knight still needs a ride home. Brother Thorsen will provide.

Dan reported that Scratch is is doing OK, and can now smell his food. He's slowly regaining his strength, and should be able to make it next week.


CLJII announced that tonight's program will resume momentarily.

Mike Thorsen announced Estrogen Zone, this Saturday, their Tribute to Bob Hope.

Rick Foss notes his interview with Forry may be read in City Beat.

The meeting adjourned at 21:04:40.

Meeting # 3454, Oct 23, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Mike Thorsen, vice-presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3454 came to order, though there were no menus available, at 20:11:49.

Liz and Ed are currently in Chicago attending Liz' sister, Rose. The meeting will be managed by the Substitute President.

Special Orders of Business:

Jack Elam, who didn't fall under Presidential guidelines, has passed. Unfortunately, Rose has passed away. I'd rather this had stayed about Jack Elam.

The Menace were read and approved as "Chinese Calligraphy".

The Registrar: Serenity Forbes, from Los Angeles. Kate Fontani. Both seem to be fitting in nicely, which scares the registrar.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

Lee Jacobs:

Karen Anderson recalls he was a leading member of the Wash DC SF association. She learned about putting out fanzines and being active in fandom, and contributed to the typo that resulted in her publishing the first filk songs.

Phil: Lee was a member when he joined, a good card player, and a nice person

Len: Lee was a radio ham, and tended to call people from across the country, patched through by radio.

And someone gave us lots of money on his behalf.

He was given three rousing cheers and a windward passage.

Committee to Gouge: auctioned off some udderly nice stuff and a cigar box, netting the club some moo-la.

Old Business: None

New business: None

Committee Reports

Charlie Jackson called forth a lovely assistant to pass the lantern O 'Jack. One arrived, taking a break from her picketing. Sunday, FWEMS features the Road movies, with Crosby, Hope, and LaMoore.

Marty announced that DeProfs are here for pickup. Pick them up and save the club money!!!

Christian announced a meeting for Loscon 30, Saturday, Noon, at the clubhouse. It should run until 2-3. This is the penultimate convention meeting. It will be followed by Octoberfeast.

Mike Thorsen announced Octoberfeast, giving some details.

CLJII announced that next month, for the second and third meetings, we'll be having our election process for the Board of Directors. Nominations are the first of these meetings, and the vote is the second. We have a lot of fun, but board meetings are intended to be serious and take care of operations of the club, so we need to keep the board sane and operating. People on the board, whose terms are expiring, will have their records made available.

Time-Bound Announcements

The imitation Liz announced that people need to pay him money.

Brad Linaweaver is pushing a Battlestar Galactica convention, because the Gilligan's Island convention got canceled. Flyers are available from Brad. Forry Ackerman appeared at the Karl Hess club meeting last Monday, and looked really good.

Neil Schulman announced a program, every Saturday, 4 PM - 8 PM, Cybercity radio, covering a wide range of science, SF, paranormal, etc. Art Bell Lite. The host is very good, giving Art Bell a run for his money.

Alice Massoglia announced she's going to become a marathoner. She's finished 8 weeks of training, and is up to ten-mile runs. She's joining an AIDS marathon, and is asking her friends at LASFS to help her make her fundraising goals. Flyers will be available.


Joe Zeff: Some may be familiar with Taltos series. He's published a pair of historical novels. The Paths of the Dead, the newest, this first in a trilogy about the viscount. It's strange reading dialog where Morrolon is talking, not in the way we're used to, but the way Lord Paarfi would remember him speaking.

Hare Hobbs reviewed a Rotsler type movie. He saw Bikini Airways, with several LASFS members in it. It has a high Buchman rating.

Fred Patten reviewed a screening of Disney's 1943 Victory through Air Power. Disney is finally putting it out on DVD. Very worth seeing, both as historical document and as a Disney presentation of the history of aeronautics from 1903 to 1943. Mainly propaganda, arguing that US ought to combine all the planes into a separate air force (not done until 1947). It makes his point very well through animation. Fred found it very worth seeing.

CLJII got the thrill of being invited to the screening of a Donald Glut film: Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood. It's a bewildering and amusing film including stuff from Dracula legend, and other material.

Brett: Having seen Brother Bear, he wanted to share his rave review, but he doesn't have one.

Fannish Committee Reports

Marty Cantor from the committee to prove all knowledge is contained in fanzines, Vanessa's fanzine lists some interesting patents, including this one for a motorized ice cream cone.

Phil reported on from the Where is Tom Digby When We Need Him Committee: 2 11 157

and the letters A and S


Frank Waller sells stuff and has Christmas catalogs.

Christian McGuire moved to adjourn so we can listen to our guest!

The meeting adjourned at 20:58:02.

Meeting # 3453, Oct 16, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

For lack of anything better to do, meeting number 3453 came to order at 20:12:38.

Special Orders of Business: Marty Cantor announced the passing of Beryl, the wife of Archie Mercer. Beryl died 10/12 of probable heart failure at age 78. Being a bit of a Luddite, she has not been heard from much lately, but was very active in the 50s.

The Menace were read and approved as "Surprise us next week".

The Registrar: We have registrars, but no guests.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

Randy Grainer, the original human wallet.

CLJII Randy is a very nice fellow, living in So Glendale, and used to come every week, and used to contribute piles of money to the club. He never put on airs about it, but just quietly gave money.

He was given three Cheers, and a printing press.

We need someone to contact living Saints a week or so before their meetings, so they may attend.

Committee to Gouge: did so

Old Business: None

New business: None

Committee Reports

Tadao announced that Wil Wheaton will be here next week. Flyers are over there.

CLJII asked the head of Loscon Programming to serve as the Lovely Assistant and collect for the Autumn Holiday Party. The night before the party, we'll have a special program including a recording of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Arlene announced this coming Wednesday is a Marketing Meeting, here, at 7:30.

Ed Green announced that some have expressed concern about the cleanliness of the club. He encourages everyone to pick up after themselves. Sometime during the next three weeks, we'll be having a small cleaning party. If available, please be here. We'll try to provide the janitors with extra resources.

Time-Bound Announcements

Christian: Several Time Meddlers will be arriving at 10 to clean the club. Starting at 11, the meeting will start, and various videos will be shown.

Liz: On Friday the 31st, Betty Knight will still need a ride home. She lives in Studio City, up a winding hill.

Rick Foss announced that Forrest J Ackerman is doing fine, but the greater part of his SF stuff will be on a truck to Seattle, bound for the new SF museum there. View his stuff on Saturdays: dial 323-MOON-FAN to get in touch. Rick's interview with Forry will appear in City Beat / Valley Beat real soon now.

Matthew Tepper notes that China is now a spacefaring power.

It was moved that the Secretary send a note to the Chinese government congratulating them on this achievement, using his Chinese calligraphy. Karen Anderson offered an e-mail address. It should be noted that although Karl took a year of Chinese in college, he has since given most of it back.

See Elayne to convert. The Library needs volunteers.


Sandy Cohen reviewed Kill Bill Vol I, and it is, in every sense, a fantasy. It is a brilliant, though flawed, movie. Tarantino is a nut-case. He's a genius in terms of plotting, pacing, and visual scenes. It makes the opening of Saving Private Ryan look like a kid's movie. The acting was pretty good. Umma Thurman is wonderful in her part. Tarantino made the film so long, they decided to split it in two.

Francis Hamit reviewed Secondhand Lions, and it's a wonderful film. They also saw the preview of Return of the king, by itself a pretty good movie.

George Van Wagner cooks some damn good ribs.

George Van Wagner reviewed "The Robot vs the Aztec Mummy" Said he, "My head is still reeling." If you want to make wisecracks for 72 minutes, dive right in. Apparently, this was intended for direct release to MST3K.

Fannish Committee Reports

Eylat Poliner suggested that interested parties type "Trekkies" into the search engine at Ebay. Someone is selling his apartment which he's turned into the Enterprise.

Karen Anderson: New Scientist: Richard Dearden recently received email from the security section where he works, informing him his fingerprints had expired, and he needed to submit a new set.

Christian McGuire notes, if you enter "2006 convention Anaheim" on Google, the first thing that comes up is LA Con IV.

Phil Castora: Going from the ridiculous, we announce 3, and 1151.

CLJII: Krispy Kreme's flavor of the month is Pumpkin Spice. These are cake donuts, similar in taste to spice cake.

Joe Zeff announced, in a discussion on Usenet, someone announced he had figured out why so many programs in business are labeled Enterprise this, and Enterprise that. It's due to the success of Trekkies in middle management.

Dan announced Scratch came through his surgery fine.


The Scribe has been instructed to send a card to Scratch. Chinese calligraphy is optional.

Eylat has a new job.

Don has been getting intermittent papers from home. One headline: "Stephen King charged in dog mauling case". No, a different one, he's nineteen years old. Apparently the dog he mauled is fine.

Joan Stewart announced Michael Mason's 43rd birthday today, and her own tomorrow.

Christian: forgot what he was gong to say.

Frank Waller has goodies, and Christmas catalogs for those who want.

CLJII: On Monday the 13th, he went out and celebrated with a free anniversary dinner. The Empire is 37 years old.

Christian pointed out Karl has gained a house, and lost a lot of weight.

Karl added, his magic number is 80 at this moment.

The meeting adjourned at 20:54:11

Meeting # 3452, Oct 9, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3452 wandered into order at 20:11:27.

Special Orders of Business: None!

The Menace were read and approved as "half the wavelength of chocolate".

The Registrar: Alex fox, is just gone, after having filled out a card. We scared him off! And Karen's mom is back there.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

Ed Green said, "He doesn't come around much anymore, but she's one of those colorful members those of us who've been around remember. Beverly Kanter."

Marty Cantor said most of the sanctifunding was contributed by Harry Andruschak.

Joe Zeff noted that she did put up with Andy for a surprising number of years.

Mike Thorsen said that she was the first fan with whom he had a lengthy conversation, and part of him wishes that event had never occurred.

CLJII: She was somebody who frequently acted with the best of intentions. She was helpful to David McDaniel, and helped Hank Stein. She was generally very pleasant and tried to be helpful.

Phil Castora said it might be helpful if the Scribe were instructed to strike the remarks.

(The Scribe notes that it might not.)

Ed noted the Scribe has shown great restraint in the past and should continue to do so.

George Van Wagner observes that she gave the club many amusing moments

Hare Hobbs said she gave him his first exposure to filking

Mike Thorsen says, Legend has it she was one of Rotsler's first models.

Beverly Kanter was given Three Cheers and something nice, maybe a case of amnesia.

(So where do you get amnesia by the case?)

Committee to Gouge: declared that Christian does not get that box.

Old Business: None

New business: None

Committee Reports

Marty Cantor announced that second Sunday starts at 2 PM Sunday, preceded by the BOD meeting.

Robert Keller, 2 weeks from tonight, Wil Wheaton will be here with his new book. CLJII will be handling programming for the next two months. He also announced a new guest, Frank Campbell, from Pacific Palisades. He learned about the LASFS from Michele Pincus.

CLJII encouraged all in the vicinity to answer the telephone on those occasions when it rings. On the last Sunday, we'll have FWEMS, a Tribute to the UNO. On the 31st, we'll have the autumn holiday party, beginning at 7 PM. All are welcome. The usual frinight gaming will not occur. In November, we'll have a couple of important meetings. Second meeting is nominations for BOD, following week is election of anyone who fails to escape nomination. In December, we have procedural elections, Ed Green's chance to not run for President again.

Brother Thorsen passed among us with the collection plate.

See Elayne to convert your memberships for LACon IV. The Library needs volunteers.


Rick Foss got bored with Spider Robinson books a while ago. He was agreeable shocked to find he enjoyed and recommends "The Free Lunch", not (yet) part of any series. It's set in an amusement park in a city not entirely unlike Los Angeles. It's a plain, old, good, SF.

Christian McGuire reviewed the new Spider Robinson book. He read it in hard cover and was surprised by Spider's return to his earlier exuberant self.

John recommended Rundown as a good way to waste an afternoon.

Hare Hobbs saw the opening episode of Tarzan. If you forget that it's supposed to be Tarzan, it's OK.

Ed Green heard it described as, if Smallville is up here, and Birds of Prey is down there, Tarzan needs excavating tools

Kyla said, "don't waste your money on Underworld. It's vampires with guns, and they drive everywhere."

Time-Bound Announcements

See Elayne to upgrade your membership.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff held over from last week: Saw on JPL website, a pair of telescopes being used as a very wide IR interferometer had detected a galaxy 40 million light years away, and resolved details of its structure. The previous record for this technique was 3000 LY.

George Van Wagner had a SCR: In Tampa Fla, 3 men pulled up to a tollbooth and ran through it without paying, which was their second mistake. The first mistake was, it was the security booth at the AFB. They found large amounts of drugs. (Those are fun – Ed Green)

Hare: Some idiot robbed a gas station and left his ID. He called to ask if he could come get it. The highway patrol saved him a trip back home.

Doug Crepeau has tapped someone from Jeb Bush's administration to examine Ca's finances.

Mary Kary has sold 100K copies of her videos since she started running.

Gary Coleman is playing Ghost of Christmas Past in a remake.

Phil Castora announced 2, 2, and 863.

CLJII stated that the channel covering the election most fairly and with the most balance was Comedy Central.

Hare Hobbs notes that George Schwartzman, right under Schwarzenegger, came in 12th in the election.

Doug Crepeau wanted to know, how long before press quits referring to Arnold's movies?

Christian: Cruz Bustamante was #42.


Hooper: Running fan lounge, needs staff.

CLJII: 3 items: at Loscon this year, Mr. Mason has asked him to run trivia for chocolate contest. Issuing challenge to Len Wien and Ed Green to take him on in the contest. While he did not get any groats, he did get a dryer token. Third: As of the end of the ninth month, the magic number is 340.

Doc: The Deptartment of Curmudgeonry announced the film of the comic book hellblazer, called Hellblazer. The most worrisome item: Keanu Reaves is playing the lead.

Phil Castora will be out of town Satnight, and asks someone to record Jack Benny on KNX for him Saturday night.

Don Wenner recently ordered the newspaper from his hometown in Wyoming. They have their own version of the Autumn Holiday Party. Their idea of one is where all the cowboys dress up in their finery, and ride up and down streets riding down skinheads.

CLJII announced, Rochester!!!!!

Fred Patten: Cinema Anime meets Saturday, 1-8.

The meeting adjourned at 20:55:03.

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