LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting # 3465 Jan 8, 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding – This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Beneath the watchful eyes of Big Brother,

Meeting number 3465 came to order at 20:10:46.

Special Orders of Business: One brought to Charlie's attention. Stephen Hawking's birthday.

The Menace were read and approved as "...amonga!".

The Registrar: announced no new guests!

Tonight's Patron Saint:

The President led the praise for Patron Saint Bruce Pelz, "one I actually met and knew for all too short a time." (As did we all – Karl)

Larry Niven: He was the core of sf fandom here and across the country. He was SMOF #2.

Karen Anderson: He was the most erudite fan she ever knew. She knew him from 50s from APAs, and spent all too little time in his company. She'd hoped to get to know him better when she moved down here. NESFA's new edition of Silverlock, to be published next month, will include the music he put songs to.

When Bruce was here selling books, he pointed Joe Zeff to series of mysteries it would never have occurred to him to look at. He was a collector of collections. He collected ribbons on conventions. He'd been at a con with "The Ribbon Bruce Will Not Get." He got one.

CLJII: He was not a man to do things by half measures. He was the fellow who told him it was important, when going on a trip, take vacation time afterward so you can recover.

Ben Massoglia says he is very honored to have earned Bruce's respect. Bruce considered children the larval form of something that might be worth keeping, and Ben and his sister are proud to have been regarded as more than a waste of oxygen.

Hare Hobbs: He had a big laugh, but sometimes when he was talking with someone, a mischievous grin would creep over his face. You knew something was coming up.

Jerry Pournelle recalls that Bruce was fairly proud of having won the Silver Beaver Award in the Boy Scouts, which is a difficult thing to get. Secondly, Heinlein novel – at the time he wrote it, he'd just been defeated for the Democratic party nomination for the Assembly, having run on the ham and eggs Upton Sinclair ticket. His oddyssy from socialism to Starship Troopers is quite a trek. There is a piece of paper in which Heinlein and Hubbard were to share the revenues from the book. Never notarized, but it's still out there. They thought the book had been burned.

Bruce Pelz was given 3 cheers, and ka-ching, many times over.

Committee to Gouge: did so.

Old Business: None!

New business: None!

Time Bound Announcement:

Larry Niven announced that Marilyn went in for knee replacement. She's back, and now has feeling in her leg, to her relief. The new knee seems to be working. Note: Send a card. Did so, but was unable to find one that was fuzzy and pink.

Doug Crepeau announced a ten-day countdown on Universal Comics Website for his comic strip.

Francis Hamit announced his blog, the Fight for Copyright. Anyone who can click in and link to it, please help build up the count. There should be lots of interesting copyright info Or do a name search on Francis Hamit.

CLJII: Last night, magic number for year was given. Main catalog titles have been updated, and number of films he's definitely seen is 5125. That's between 95 and 97% of what he's seen.

Pres: Tomorrow Night, GSC at Hallenbeck General Store, starting at 10:00

Committee Reports

CLJII: We did finish Jungle Jim this week. Next week, start "Mysterious Doctor Satan". Also, last Sunday this month is regular FWEMS, theme is "To the Moon, Alice", about man's history of flight. Feb's theme will now be "I Love a Mystery". And, speaking of magic number, we're trying something new. Monthly Movie Count Contest. Pick a number you think I'll have seen by the end of the month, and give Liz a quarter. At the end of the month, he'll announce the number, and the winner gets half the pot.

Time-Bound Announcements

The President announced the Board Meeting this Sunday, followed by Second Sunday festivities.


Rick Foss reviewed Quicksilver by Neil Stephenson, calling it a slog. This is the first part of a trilogy, or maybe the first three tenths of a dekalogy. Problem #1: Stephenson researched the book exhaustively, and wants to share it all with the reader. It's a delightful read, the dialog is sparkling, and at the end of the book, you'll know all kinds of stuff you'll never ever ever ever need to know.

Hare Hobbs read For Us the Living, the Heinlein novel. Spider Robertson mentioned in the foreword that Heinlein didn't consider it a novel. It was a framework for him to communicate his philosophy. For those of us who know it, it's boring. It's his ramblings about how he felt put around a small plotline.

Doug Crepeau reviewed The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto, a former Teacher of the Year. This confirms the suspicions you may have had that school was built to dumb people down. May be one of the most important books you read this year. Lots of reviews on the web.

Karen Anderson had a counter-opinion. Heinlein's novel is a very inept novel if you think of it as a novel, but pretty good if you think of it as a utopia. It's more interesting than Bellamy, on which Karen cut her teeth. You can see the ideas Heinlein was working on before he started selling SF.

Jerry Pournelle notes that at the time Heinlein wrote it, he'd just been defeated for the Democratic party nomination for the Assembly, having run on the ham and eggs Upton Sinclair ticket. His odyssey from socialism to Starship Troopers is quite a trek. There is a piece of paper in which Heinlein and Hubbard agreed to share the revenues from the book. It was never notarized, but it's still out there. They thought all copies of the book had been burned. And had Virginia been consulted, this copy would have, as well.

Richard Costas reviewed Mars. He went to Pasadena Mars Fest, and was in there biting nails with everyone else while the lander was deciding to transmit. They finally found a hole in the Mars Perimeter Defense System. It was a wonderful landing, and everyone was happy with what they saw.

George Van Wagner did not get to Pasadena, but he and Vanessa were able to watch on Nasa TV.

Francis: The imaging you're seeing is part of a long path of development going back to the late 50s, entirely financed by the DoD.

CLJII: There is no truth to rumor that we're going to mars because Bush was sent a copy of "The Purple Monster Strikes".

Fannish Committee Reports

Bill Ellern wanted to know if the StarGate TV series was worth watching. Many said it is, and if anyone hated it, he didn't hate it enough to speak up about it.

Rumor has it, Bush is announcing we're going back to the Moon to stay.

Hare: Steve Barnes has been trying to encourage other black writers to write SF. They're going to have a Black to the Future conference. It's even got funding.


Frank Waller: In Auto Week, 12/29 issue, They're making the live-action version of the Thunderbirds.

Doug had an old report. – National Union of Idiots has organized.

Another person who was in Pasadena noted that many SF notables were there, including Bradbury, Brin, Bear, etc.

Bill Ellern handed out a bunch of notices to people who helped make Loscon the event it was are invited to a party. Don't worry about bringing wives or girlfriends unless you have both. You may also bring strays. 1/31, food and drink will be provided. If you must bring something, bring finger food or drink that you can share with those in attendance. Come one, come all.

Waller: does have the magazine, and will donate it to the library.

Larry Niven showed off a book cover and said, "June".

CLJII: as of this week, magic number is 8. Speaking of fund-raising stuff, we have an invite from Audiences Unlimited Incorporated, groups of 5 or more willing to attend tapings will get the club donations. See CLJII for info, and we'll try to coordinate it.

Hare went out intending to get season 4 for Babylon 5. Have they all sold out?

A Douglas County, CO man was arrested after a week of attempted robberies. He robbed a store he had given his birth data, name and address, and left his cell phone.

Mark Poliner: A woman in Ohio claimed to have lost winning lottery ticket. She lied. It came out she had been arrested for various petty scams.

Dan announced that the Current US News and World Reports has an article on nanotech.

The meeting adjourned at 21:12:24.

Meeting # 3464 Jan 1, 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3464 came to order at 20:10:45.

Our brand new president had but one request: "It's my first time, so please be gentle." And there was much joviality.

Special Orders of Business: Yes, we have two. The passing of special effects wizard Wah Chang, in Project Unlimited, and also of Disney. He also helped with the design of the Time Machine.

Les Tremayne, star of repertory company which Mr. First Nighter gave us a look into each week. Also worked in War of the Worlds and The Slime People.

These notables were given a brief moment of silence.

The Menace were read and approved as "Anaheim, Azusa, and Cuc– ".

The Registrar: announced that we have no guests.

Tonight's Patron Saints:

Dan Alderson, a gentleman about whom the president has heard much, but unfortunately never met.

Joe Zeff: Of many things I can say, It was well known at JPL that if you found him at his desk in the morning, he'd been there all night. Also, he and his friends liked to get in a car and "drive around the block". They would pick blocks that were built like mazes.

Scratch: Dan had a wicked sense of humor and a mathematical mind that came up with the patterns we use to figure out Gift Exchange pattern and order. And he did this kind of thing for fun.

Phil Castora: He once scored 150 on an IQ test, and he's responsible for TRAM (Trajectory Monitor), the program that guides space craft, and he invented bihyperkylix numbers. He was also kind and gentle. In 69 years, Phil has known a lot of people, and he's up near the top.

Ed Green: He may be the member of LASFS who's appeared in the most works. He's certainly in the top five. References to the Alderson Drive in Jerry Pournelle's books are to his work.

CLJII: One of the earliest places where he appears in someone's works is in various film projects. He was scientific advisor for several authors, and an important scientist at JPL. Dan helped show that the asteroid belt is actually penetrable.

Tepper: Someone once heard of a self-deprecation contest, and decided Dan would be a perfect entry. On being told this, he said, "Weep wail, I'd probably lose."

Zeff: reality correction: Dan was the person who came up with idea of self-deprecation contest. "But of course, I'd lose." This almost caused Phil Castora to lose control of his car.

Fred Patten: he claimed to be the only official Wibblefabwibda, the top of the wib hierarchy.

And, he gave us money.

He was given Three cheers, and weep wail!

Joe Zeff

He has been one of those most welcoming to Vanessa and the President. He has lots to contribute to meetings, and it's usually valuable.

Tom Safer: He's a constant fan of his shows, and has been helpful in putting a number of them together. He has a good mind, and is always friendly and fun to be with.

Phil Castora has found Joe to be not only a good friend and true, but a good person to be with, a good conversationalist, and speaks both knowledgeably and intelligently on many subjects.

CLJII: Joe has very good taste in movies, and comes to see pretty much whatever the Sunday fare may be. And he's a wiz of a Wiz.

Matthew Tepper: Joe often has enlightened us with stories of computer users too stupid to live. As someone who deals with a whole company of such, he finds them amusing.

Karl Lembke mentioned that he was Dan Alderson's caretaker and seeing-eye-person for many years.

Ed Hooper: Joe is not a friend of Bill of Redmond

Mike Thorsen: He has a talent for playing games of all sorts, is a good player and a good GM, and has an almost perverse glee in introducing obscure references.

Scratch teaches D&D, and has used Joe Zeff as a reference point and a humor point, and he's always supplying Scratch with warped material.

Joe Zeff was given Three Cheers, and a great pair of sideburns.

Committee to Gouge: welcomed back Ed Green as a member of its staff.

Old Business: None!


New business: Three items.

1) Moved! That the Treasurer, or such person as she may authorize, purchase a gavel for the use of the President and the Chairman of the Board of Directors in their attempts to bring meetings to order.

Upon presentation of a pair of gavels, it was moved to table the motion until we run out of gavels.

A friendly amendment was made to put the motion under the table until such time as it's no longer relevant. It was under-tabled.

2) Be it resolved that Ed Green be impeached from his current position as ex-LASFS President for dereliction, malpractice, actus reus, wrongdoing, malversation, transgression, malfeasance, misfeasance, and feasance under glass. Specifically, let it be known that on Thursday, December 25, 2003, with blatant disregard and pretermission of Article IV, Section 4 of the LASFS By Laws, Mr. Green (Spelled G-R-E-E-N) failed to perform the duties of his office, by not showing up, thus not allowing the LASFS a last chance to harass him in his capacity as president. The emotional duress brought about by this act of selfishness cannot possibly be overstated, and as such, we, the undersigned, do bring these charges.

It was seconded by Ed green, and passed without dissent.

3) A bit of old business, in that it was conducted last night. It's the prerogative of any president to issue pardons at the end of his term.

Among the pardons, included a full pardon for all crimes committed by Ed Green during his last six terms as President.

Committee Reports

Liz, having laryngitis, had the President tell the club to pay Liz, but give her no lip. The window for Yearly Dues is now open, and runs for a few weeks.

Tadao announced Estrogen Zone, Saturday at 2, How to Rob a Japanese Bank – Show-Gun. Kris also has special announcements to make.

Joe Zeff: In the event we manage to get enough interested people, there might be a Magic tournament.

Time-Bound Announcements

Mike Thorsen: First Sunday is TRIPE, featuring experiments in which we deploy the time window and peer through the energized field to view other times.

Tom Safer: First, encourages any who enjoy classical music, Angeles Chorale performs Mass in B Minor. Check, or call their office. Second, 2/3, hosting cartoon show at John C Fremont Library, strange stories directed by Chuck Jones, 12 one-shot cartoons.

George Van Wagner has an announcement: On 1/9/4, Gruppo Sub Conscious will appear at Hallenbeck General Store and Main Street Café, and will make a fool of itself.

Matthew Tepper: Return of the King will be showing next Wednesday Night at the Museum of Tolerance. See him for details or e-mail him.


Tom Safer: Go see Looney Toons, Back in Action. It's one of the better Warner Bros animated/live action films out. The film involves a search for a gem called the Blue Monkey, which can turn anyone into a monkey, and back. It poofs many classic films, including Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Bugs and Marvin the Martian have a light saber fight.... It will be out on DVD in March

Darcee Cashman announced her husband got Firefly on DVD. It has episodes that apparently never made it to air. Also, went to see Big Fish. When they do a release of a film not released yet and have lines out the door, they need to move to a bigger theater. Some of the special effects in Big Fish were better than those in Return of hte king.

CLJII: Those who saw this morning's Rose Parade: Tower of Terror, by Disney, was the tallest float in the parade, because the parade's height restriction was waived. The float is on display. – He also obtained the DVD release of four episodes of Flash Gordon TV series. It's not very good, but fun for those who saw them at age 4.

Fannish Committee Reports

Matthew Tepper: As some have seen, there's a twist to a recent news story you may not know about. In Minneapolis, a naked man got stuck in the chimney of Uncle Hugo's bookstore. He was hauled away after being stuck there for a few hours. The store is Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore, specializing in SF books in the Twin Cities, and is a gathering place for Minn-STF fans.

Glenn Olsen reported having seen a matched pair of bumper stickers. "War is not the answer." "Highly selective killing is."


Ted: Wacky German Science... Germany has a new energy resource. Used incontinence pads can be used for energy, and one fellow looks to buy used pads from a nursing home. Does it work? "Depends." – Pres.

Jeff announced, "Seattle says hi!"

Frank Waller still has Christmas gifts left.

CLJII has stats. For 2003, 11 serials, 279 first time films, and total = 420. Magic number so far is 2.

The meeting adjourned at 21:07:12, as the President survives his first attempt at running a meeting.

Meeting # 3463, Dec 25, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3463 came to order at 20:10:31

Special Orders of Business: Are being deferred on account of the feast day.

The Menace were read and approved as "Flap, flap".

The Registrar: announced that we have no guests.

Tonight's Patron Saints:

First of the evening is Robbie Bourget

Joe Zeff: Was the treasurer for the LASFS for a long time, and has come out to help run several Loscons. She helps run Gallifrey, and is chairing the next one.

Nola Frame Gray declared her an excellent game master. (mistress??)

Marty Cantor was married to her for 15 years. She's one of those very competent people who does very good things, but she has very strong opinions. He got her a T-shirt with the motto, "She Who Must Be Obeyed", to account for his Rumpoled appearance. She has rescued several conventions from inept concoms.

Ed Hooper: Robbie Bourget is responsible for his being on concoms, since she drafted him into helping on Gallifrey..

Greg Bilan: When you play a game with Robbie, never dare her to do anything. And she's a very intimidating treasurer.

Phil Castora: As treasurer, didn't like having people spend money frivolously.

CLJII: In not wanting people to spend money, she followed in the fine tradition of Elayne Pelz, but Charlie would do an end-run around her by getting a club vote to spend money on a given project. This left her with nothing to say about the issue.

She once conspired with Elayne to commit assault and battery against a citizen of the US.

Mike Thorsen recalls, she took to bidding in $20 increments from treasurer's desk, to the point where we named a bid after her. Unfortunately, its name didn't change when hers did.

Scratch: with her memory for faces and amounts owed, you couldn't sneak past her at the desk.

Hare: She's a person about whom many things will go down in fannish mythology. While Elayne had to go around with a cash register to collect dues, Robbie could fix people with her cold glare and get the same result.

Matthew Tepper had a story from Worldcon: Matthew had arrived in town to get the lay of the land. He was looking around the convention center. Asking for directions to the escalator, she pointed out one that way, and another the other way. Once both her arms were outstretched, he asked her, "And when do we land?" "No landing," she replied, "you'll feel my boot against your butt real soon."

And she gave us money.

She was given three cheers, and a TARDIS.

Elayne Pelz:

Joe Zeff noted that she was the club's treasurer for a long time.

Hare Hobbs recalled, "she would stand in front of you with the cash box, and you knew she wanted dues."

Phil Castora: These days, we often have food left over. It used to be, any food at parties was gone in half an hour. When Elayne and Bruce gave a party, their food was delicious.

And she also gave us money.

Elayne Pelz was given three cheers, and some money we're not allowed to spend.

Forry Ackerman, who picked the 53rd week of the year so he wouldn't get cheered quite so often, got three quarters of a cheer. "Hip, hip, hoo?"

Committee to Gouge: was nestled, all snug in their beds, while visions of LASFS bids danced in their heads.

Old Business: None!

New business: None!

Committee Reports

CLJII reported that as soon as the meeting ends, we'll resume the hard core partying, and the Maureen O'Hara Miracle on 34th St will be shown. Sunday, FWEMS consists of screening of "The Secret Service in Darkest Africa" and "The Flying Cadets". Next month, last Sunday features a Salute to Manned Flight, "to the moon, Alice". February features fine romantic comedies, and we'll have a Mysterious Island day. In June, just to wrap up cliffhangers, "Secret Agent X9-P" and "The Masked Marvel".

Time-Bound Announcements

Matthew Tepper: On the date of 1-7-04, the Museum of Tolerance will have a special showing of Return of the King. Guests will include Sean Astin. Price, time, unknown. possibly 7 PM.

Mike Thorsen: on 12-31, there will be a new years' eve party at the clubhouse. Start at 2:00 or so, or whenever people show up. Movies will include My Favorite Year, the Dr Who Movie, Bicentennial Man, Time Machine, and End of Days, and the party will continue until at least midnight. [The following week] The movie schedule wound up being changed. The Dr Who movie was replaced with some Dr Who comedies.


Joe Zeff reviewed a download: Episodes of a radio adventure series, "I Love an Adventure", a post WWII series based on "I Love a Mystery". The local color turned out to be loco color.

Hare has acquired the second season of Dark Angel on DVD. There's more consistency in the series than he thought. It was a very well done series, and it's too bad the budget ran out. Also, Jessica Alba, who played Max in Dark Angel, has been cast to play Gypsy Rose Lee, based on a biography that resulted in a lawsuit.

Mike Thorsen saw The Return of the King, and has to mirror Jerry's Review in every respect. The loss of the Scouring of the Shire is not a loss.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff: Some may remember having seen the movie about Kim Possible, a nice futuristic teenage girl with her futuristic hobby of saving the world. A running joke is the Norwegian delicacy of lamb and cabbage stew. Joe now has the recipe.

Phil Castora: While walking down the street, he saw a license plate frame with the lettering upside down. It said, "If you can read this, turn me over."

Greg Bilan was watching one of those old movies that foresaw doom coming our way: "Demolition Man". At one point, someone in the film is talking with some surprise about the Arnold Schwarzenegger Presidential Library.

Phil Castora pointed out the existence of a movement to amend the constitution to remove that restriction.

CLJII wants to vote for Wintergreen for president. (Let's see, that's Ed's brother?)


Matthew Tepper: As he's been mentioning, he's been listening to Jack Benny radio shows. It's a wonderful experience to listen to them, especially at the rate of at least four per day. He's amazed at the consistency, the high quality of the humor, and the running gags that span long periods of time. Yesterday, since his place of business let him escape early, he made a pilgrimage to the address of 1002 North Roxbury, the home of Jack Benny for many years.

CLJII reported on a Christmas miracle – there is an iris plant outside his front door that has finally decided to start blooming. Yesterday afternoon, there was a single blossom which appeared for Christmas.

Someone gave the club a web address to look at. To find out if the Beagle is on speaking terms with us, log in to

The meeting adjourned at 20:50:41. And there was much rejoicing.

Meeting # 3462, Dec 18, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3462 came to order at 20:12:51.

Special Orders of Business: were announced, as we do this week every time.

This week marks the 100th anniversary of heavier than air powered flight by a human being, and the 100th anniversary of something ceasing to be science fiction. It was the wright man at the wright time with the wright idea. "If god had meant for man to fly, he wouldn't have invented airport security." – Zeff

Three cheers for the Wright Bros and their magical flying machine.

The Menace from meeting number 3461 were read and approved as "Green Gets a Life".

The Registrar: We have one guest: Dino Andretti, who found us through some means or other.

Tonight's Patron Saint

is Steve McGinty, one of those Ed doesn't know anything about...

CLJII stated that he was a quiet sort who gave us money. He had a slight limp.

Phil Castora notes, all the vague memories he has of the fellow were pleasant.

Three Cheers for Steve McGinty.

While next week is a standard meeting, it's also Christmas day. Shall we auction off the parking spots tonight?

Committee to Gouge: The committee chair was still at least nominally contagious, so the fill-in crew auctioned off the parking spots.

Old Business: None!

New business: None

Committee Reports

CLJII announced the Winter Holiday party while a lovely assistant passed among us with the Lantern. There will be food and stuff, and because of the schedule, sodas will be 50¢ each all day.

On the final Sunday, we have the double-feature cliffhanger day.

Time-Bound Announcements

Francis Hamit announced that Leigh gets back tonight.

Fred Patten: C/FO meets Saturday, from 1-8 PM or so.

Bill announce that on Jan 2, PlanetFest 2004 will be held by the Planetary Society.

Frank Waller has leftover Christmas goodies at a severe discount.

Ed Green will not be here next week to say anything. Thanks to all for allowing him to be President for lo these many years. And thanks to all for their patience with him.

Jerry Pournelle moved that the club give a vote of thanks to its retiring President. Joe Zeff objected that Mr. Green has never been what anyone would call "retiring".

Other Time Bound Announcements: Clean Up After Your Selves! Committee may impose severe consequences for not cleaning up. Please clean up front computer room if you work in it.

This is the last week to see Elayne Pelz to convert your memberships.

Volunteers are still needed in the library.


Return of the King, Midnight Showing... Go see it. It's worth the price, whatever it is. Also, Battlestar Galactica the Remake is better done than the last one. They got rid of the stupidity of having robots fly ships; the ships themselves are now AI.

Scratch Galloway recently saw Pirates of the Caribbean, and it's a good movie. He was laughing so hard, he was glad his bladder was empty.

Jerry Pournelle was at a press showing of Return of the King. His impression: "Great Jumping Jehosephat!" They did everything, and did it well. At the end, they managed to deal with every relevant theme except the scouring of the Shire. Go see it.

Someone reviewed"The Science of Jurassic Park and The Lost World", and donated it to the club library.

Scratch: Speaking of DNA, Griffith Scientists are working on reverse-engineering mammoths.

Francis: Last Samurai: one of best movies ever seen. (Don't see it on a double bill with Return of the King. – Jerry Pournelle) Tom Cruise trained two years to get ready, and it shows. The things in the film you might think would be dubious actually work.

Allen Rothstein shared something Leonard Malton said: Maybe a special Oscar for the Trilogy, which is fine with him, since it is a special achievement.

Bill Ellern: Peter Jackson included some rather unexpected stuff in Return of the King: Final scene between Gollum and Frodo – Frodo puts on the ring, but Jackson picks up on him turning invisible.

Hare Hobbs reviewed "Escape from Katmandu" This is a collection of 4 shorts, first – about freeing a yeti and returning it to the wild. third: about the bureaucracy in that area and the insanity involved in getting anything done. Very interesting stories...

Jason: Read a good book, Ilium by Dan Simmons, author of Hyperion. This is a good exercise in re-inventing historical tales. Ilium is a really interesting exercise in looking at how AI robots would respond to a humankind they don't remember anymore.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff: When he arrived, he was given a letter delivered to him as part of Loscon committee. It was postmarked with the Cat in the Hat.

Francis: Delayed surrealism: On Thanksgiving Day, he saw a film about an aging rock star who took a song and made it into a Christmas song. Then he saw a report on an aging rock band that is marketing its Christmas album


Matthew Tepper notes that "Return of the King" will play at the Museum of Tolerance, 1/7. Director Peter Jackson and some cast members are expected to be there. Well, scratch the director, now Sean Astin is expected to be there.

CLJII: Earlier this week, magic number hit 400. "Get a life!" – Jerry Pournelle

Jerry Pournelle: Burt Rhutan's ship is a very interesting concept. There's no way you can get from what they're doing to an orbital vehicle. The company he financed makes a composite rocket. Stuff a rocket shell with liquid oxygen. The concept sounds better than it works. It's interesting that we're getting more private financing of space craft. We may yet have a private space program.

Hare Hobbs had something: Dodge is talking about going to completely composite cold-assembly frames for their SUV vehicles. Better mileage, same strength, insurance will decrease because of no welding needed. The pioneers for getting the tech into mass production scale have been mountain bike developers.

Jerry Pournelle reports that the illumination on earth has been falling for the past 100 years. This is known as global dimming.

Phil Castora notes Jerry reported on a talk at AAAS in which a new ice age had been predicted for some time this millennium. Jerry noted, They come fast, you know.

Program: Tonight's is Martians Attack our Republic.

The meeting adjourned at 21:39:31.

Meeting # 3461, Dec 11, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3461 came to order at 20:13:10.

Special Orders of Business:

Matthew Tepper reminded CLJII that David Hemmings had died last week. He had a fine role in Barbarella, as well as other horror and fantasy films.

The Menace from 3460 were read and approved as "deferred until next week".

The Registrar: was too busy passing out bribes to introduce any guests.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

Tonight's is Fred Patten, who is hiding in the APA-L room.

CLJII: There was a time when Fred would sell you comic books you couldn't read at prices you can't afford. Now he's selling books you can read at prices you can't afford

Kris Bauer stated, it's not a Furry party until Fred falls asleep at it.

Larry Niven told how Fred once let him stay at his house long enough to read "Darker than You Think".

Sandy Cohen: He was one of those very helpful in bringing in new fen.

Phil Castora: He's a good man and true like most at LASFS (except for the women, of course). He's, in his own quiet way, an active member. He doesn't do lots of silly things. I don't know how he got in, he must have lied about something

Alice Massoglia: Anyone ever doing business at a con knows that a booth or table will attract more people if there are people already there. Fred spent a lot of time at tables looking at stuff, acting as bait.

CLJII: Remember that among Fred's contributions, he's served on the BOD and was the chair of a Loscon.

Marty Cantor: Fred's also been an occasional contributor to APA-L. Only on the occasion of it being published, that is.

Phil Castora: When Fred does anything, he does it right, and he does it thoroughly.

Len Moffatt: He was on a panel Fred moderated. The panel made Fred moderator because he joined later, but he knows more about early history than almost anyone else.

Fred Patten was given an Amazing Three Cheers, and a commutation of his sentence as one of the 13 nastiest bastards in fandom.

Appointed Committee Reports

CLJII's lovely assistant passed among us with the Lantern O'Jack. Charlie announced the Winter Holiday Party. It will run from 2 PM to 11 PM on 12/25, pausing for the onerous task of holding some sort of meeting. Films will include "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". Maureen O'Hara in Miracle on 34th St will be shown after the meeting. LASFS members and guests are welcome to stop by.

On the 4th Sunday, FWEMS features a double feature cliffhanger day. This is for those who want to see movies without all that food and partying going on.

Scheduled weekends for next year are in the works, including a Roger Korman summer. We'll also have a special tribute to Mysterious Island. Also, don't forget, there's a black box that rings on occasion. Feel free to respond to this noise.

(At this point, the Menace were hijacked by Ed Green) There was a discussion on how to pronounce the name of the club. Len Moffatt offered, "LAS FASS"! Ed Green offered "Those Bastards!" Ed Hooper claimed it was Los Foss. It became unspeakable from there...

Yet another important note, if the deadbolt is open and propping the door open, close it. Its not good for the door...

(At this point, Ed the usurper was ousted from the golden keyboard and returned to his spider hole in the desert.)

Time Bound Announcements

Bob Null announced that we have new Christmas lights, and the whole strand he showed us draws only 0.7 watts.

Alice Massoglia: Any interested in the extended version of The Two Towers Block AMC 30 in Orange County should have tickets and is empty.

Marty Cantor won't be here tomorrow night so someone else needs to run the pool. Doc is willing to run it, and Liz will collect the money.

Fred has the new issue of a furry fanzine, and it's not Yarf!

Committee to Gouge:

Old Business: Election of officers


George Van Wagner Karl Lembke Matthew Tepper Sandy Cohen

David Gerrold

Vice President

Mike Thorsen was railroaded in...


Karl Lembke Matthew Tepper Phil Castora Joe Zeff

Registrar on the (cyan's fiction ballot)

Ben Massoglia, Michelle Pincus, Robert Keller

Ben Massoglia, Patrick Beckstead

Ben Massoglia, Ed Green

And we have whiners winners!

New business: None

Time Bound Announcements

Committee Reports

CLJII: Next week, Martians Attack our Republic

Chaz has 1400 photos taken over Loscon by the official photo dept.

Fred Patten announced the meeting of Cinema Anime this Saturday.

There is a Board Meeting Sunday at 11 AM.

Time-Bound Announcements


Fannish Committee Reports


The Laugh Factory is hosting a free turkey dinner for the out of work, homeless, or just plain lonely, on Christmas Day. There will be entertainment provided.

Michelle: Friends at ASI invite all and sundry to an open house Christmas party at the ASI building in Hollywood.

The Gift Exchange is tomorrow. People will start to gather at 7, and the exchange itself will start at 8, Fannish Standard Time.

The meeting adjourned at 21:39:31.

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