LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting # 3474, Mar 11, 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

The President called meeting number 3474 to order at 20:10:04.

Special Orders of Business: Upon due consideration, no.

The Menace were read and approved as "Jockeying for position".

The Registrars: introduced some guests. Johan Rundquist, Simmie Noble Collins, Tova Mozard, George Parker, Dione Capewell, and another guest to be named later.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

is Gavin Claypool

Hare Hobbs noted that whenever he went to The Price Club, there was Gavin. Did he live there?

CLJII: Has known Gavin for a long time. He is a graduate of Cal Tech, and runs a publishing house called ExTecher Press. He tried to get the final Uncle novel published over the objections of the copyright holders. He's a fun guy, and has been in and around the club for a long time. When we were having gatherings at the Bob's Big Boy, there was an occasion one 26th of December (St. Putregas Day), when it looked like Ed wasn't going to be able to join us very often, Gavin became the Ed Buchman in training. One day, we had a section of the restaurant to ourselves, with a buffer between us and the rest of the restaurant. The only chair left was holding up a "This Section Closed" sign. Gavin grabbed the chair, and put sign on his brain to indicate which of his sections was closed.

Jerry Pournelle notes, he was one of the Tech-ers who joined the club. Gavin was in charge of putting up monitors at the Nebula gathering so Dan Alderson could speak. He published my "That Buck Rogers Stuff" book, a collection of columns.

Francis Hamit says, "He's essential to the theater dept at Cal Tech."

Bob Null He keeps us flowing in phone books in the front hall.

Matthew Tepper stated, he's very helpful. Times were, he'd drive all the way from Pasadena to give Allen Rothstein a hand with something.

Gavin Claypool was given three cheers and a retired beaver.

Committee to Gouge: did not appear.

Old Business: None!

New business: None!

Jerry offered a motion to commend the people who redid the computer room. The Scribe was directed to make sure something appropriate happened.

And let's send Eylat an appropriate card, but not "congratulations on your bris".

Committee Reports

CLJII reminded people that the fourth Sunday, FWEMS features Dirty Harry movies in honor of St Patrick's day. It begins at 1 PM. In April, we have a whole day of mermaid movies.

Ed Green: The acquire the spire project has $348 out of $1200 needed. The fugghead contest continues apace. The Royal Canadian Mounted Marty Cantor is in second place. Ed Green third, Christian first, and Doug Crepeau's Sensitivity is a new nomination.

Brett Achorn: Saturday is Cinema Anime. Starts at 1 PM.

Board Meeting, Second Sunday.

LaLaCon coming up the first of May.

Arlene Satin announced the bookmark and button design contest. Submit entries to any members of the Marketing group.

Time-Bound Announcements

Ed Green announced that several members of the society were members of Torcon. You're eligible to nominate works for Hugos. Deadline is March 25. Matthew Tepper mentioned the Retro Hugos.

George Van Wagner announced Gruppo Sub Conscious playing at Hallenbeck General Store, tomorrow. Also, trying to get a group together for the first show Saturday to see Robot Stories. 1245 PM, Lemoli in the Alley. Meet at 11:30 at the clubhouse.

Doug Crepau: Today, they put a new star on Hollywood Blvd for Dr Seuss, in honor of his 100th birthday.

George Parker flogged his book, The Atomic Kid. It doesn't have lots of violence. There is a website –

Karen Anderson flogged For Love and Glory, now out in mass market paperback. Dedicated to Jeff Kidd for help above and beyond the call of friendship.

Francis Hamit announced that he has brought his own brass cannon. Francis Hamit Electronic Publishing. It publishes only his stuff. If you ever wondered what the hell he did as a writer, here's your chance to find out. $1.50 and up per download.

Joe Zeff was talking to Michael Mason last week. He said he'd be glad to have copies of almost anything withing reason written by regularly attending members and fans. He'll be dropping off a copy of his book.

Leigh Strother Vien observed that Beth O'Brien has just emptied the check-in box in the library.

Jerry Pournelle has had four people ask this question, so he's going to hold a Sage Break™ and answer it once. "What does a router do, and why do you want one?" He spent a couple of minutes explaining. It's $20 worth of insurance, available at the F-word. (Actually, mine was $40, but it was real nice to start up the new computer, plug it in, and have it access the DSL connection with no further setup required.)


None – Agenda light.

Fannish Committee Reports

None – Agenda light.


The meeting adjourned at 20:51:36 and the program began....

Meeting # 3473, Mar 4, 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

The President called meeting number 3473 to order at 20:11:47.

Special Orders of Business: did not exist this week, which was good.

The Menace were read and approved as "If I were Cthulhu".

The Registrar: Had an un-guest-at announcement.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

Being a newbie, our President is not familiar with Dave Fox

Hare Hobbs recalls, "He was our official Dirty Old Man." He was rumored to have made it to the third LASFS meeting, and all the others, except when he was in the Marines. He was a very active fan, and if LASFS is haunted, he's doing it.

Phil Castora: He was a contributor to APA-L and his articles on Khorlia are fondly remembered by all who read them. No particular reason, but it was very nice reading.

Joe: Two more Khorlia comments: Official languages were English and Japanese, even though it was a Mediterranean country. Once, he his computer following the tradition at Earthlink. By tradition, Earthlink servers were named after countries. He named his Khorlia.

CLJII: In Lembengard, there is an embassy and consulate for the Empire, and Charlie even has official imperial stationery, indicating there are imperial offices there.

Matthew Tepper: He left us too soon. In this case, there's a particularly poignant observation. At the time, Matthew was out of town. He'd show up in the club and Dave would ask, "Well, Matthew, how long are you with us this time?". When he moved back, Matthew wanted to be able to tell him, "I'm staying." Alas, the timing just didn't work out.

Jerry Pournelle: He would go hiking in the hills behind his house. There is a house behind them. One hike, he ran into Dave Fox. "What are you doing there?" It turned out he was visiting the teenage girl who lived at the house. Later, the young lady's mother asked him, "Would you trust him to teach your daughter D&D?" Jerry replied, "He was a marine in WWII. I'd trust him with damn near everything."

After his death, Dave's friends were hunting through house looking for will and post-mortem instructions. Bill Warren was standing in the middle of the living room, trying to logic it out. He observed, if this were a mystery story, the papers would be in an envelope fastened to the wall right over there ... where ... that ... envelope ... is. They were.

Hare: One thing to mention: He was the someone you cold talk to about authors who were no longer with us. He was extremely knowledgeable.

Jerry Pournelle: Dave was one of my favorite people. He had an external hearing aid. If you started boring him, he would ostentatiously turn the volume down to zero.

Dave Fox was given Three Cheers and a blessed beast.

Old Business: None!

New business: None!

Committee to Gouge: did so.

Committee Reports

Joe Zeff announced the new Magic Tournament. Or not. Come and find out.

Committee to make sense out of computer room... George offered thanx to Chris, Leon, Bob Null, Mike Thorsen, Greg Kanolian, George and Vanessa, Pearl Newton, Giz, Jeff, Karl Lembke. Wendy Newton too.

Ed Green announced the standings are mostly unchanged. Monty Cantor is fighting for the bottom position with Not Marty Cantor. And a new nominee appeared. All this, while Mike Thorsen collected for the Spire

Tadao announced La La Con Ten.

Loscon 31: The price is now $35 until prices go up again.

Time-Bound Announcements

Eylat Poliner announced that she's been sick. Next Thursday, she's going in for surgery, and will be out of action for two months.

Mike Thorsen announced Sunday is TRIPE.

Larry Niven raised his hand and displayed covers for Scatterbrain, formerly an expensive hardcover, and now a cheap paperback

Rick Foss notes now is a good time to observe Jupiter. Four of the moons should be visible.

Dorry Tomomatsu announced there will be an Estrogen Zone. There will be movies shown, starting at 2.

Frank Waller has graham cracker choco bunnies, malted milk balls, and speckled eggs for Easter.

Tadao Tomomatsu has an odd little thing. Comedy Central has decided to pick up Banzai. It starts the 18th, at 10:30.


Ed Green reviewed the Del Mar Hilton near San Diego. The hotel itself is nice, and would be great for a small convention. On the other hand, the staff and how they deal with conventions – ugly, nasty, vile, die and go to hell. Apparently, they were hired from an old Red Lion Inn someplace. On Saturday night, there were to be five room parties. The night before, the hotel went to the Concom and told them the parties can only last until 10 PM. More than 2 complaints, and they will be shut down, and no more than 6 people per room. Four parties were moved into function space. The fifth, the Loscon party, got a space of its very own.

Brett Achorn reviewed a Disney production from Philadelphia: The Michael Eisner Song and Dance show. His review is "Hahahahaha...."

CLJII: A DVD – The Something Weird Sampler, from Something Weird video. They took the name of the company from a movie. The company logo is the title logo of the movie. It's a sampler, trailers, excerpts, junk from 100 different films available from the company. It's got lots of terrible stuff, including the Erotic Adventures of Zorro. In the Adventures of Fannie Hill, one of the four people watching the action turns out to be Bill Rotsler.

George Van Wagner remarked on a couple of weird movies

Ed Hooper: The judge hearing SCO vs IBM has told SCO to put up or shut up – show which lines of code were stolen by IBM.

Fannish Committee Reports

Dorry: From Vegas: Newest show for Treasure Island, or TI. A bevy of beautiful sirens captures a cabin boy. The amazing plot element is that the cabin boy objects to being captured by beautiful sirens.

Rck Foss: Tips for car thieves, if you're going to counterfeit license plates, don't make them all with the same number. If you do make them with the same number, don't put them on cars you park next to each other.

Hare Hobbs: A crook breaks into a house, and sees what he thought was a good bottle of wine. The family kept their vinegar in a wine bottle.

Doug Crepeau: Oops in a 1 G field. Lockheed Martin was building N-prime satellite, and dropped it 3 feet. $400 Million in damage. Lockheed shares also fell 59 cents.

Don Wenner: From his home town, a stupid crook who really wanted to go to jail. He got stealing a car, he was caught by the person he was trying to steal from. He decided to have a beer while they were waiting, and it was a location where he wasn't allowed to drink beer. They found a stash of pot in the glove box. After they found the pot, they dug a bit more and found the car itself was also stolen.

Doug Crepeau notes there's a Hooters opening across from the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

George Van Wagner, committee to preserve sanctity of marriage. After an unnamed 20-year-old bride left a store where she was getting make-up for the big day, the clerk mentioned she had slept with the groom. This led to a fracas. When the police talked to the groom, he turned out to have outstanding warrants.

Hare: Has some 5036 vinyl albums. In about 2 years, he may have more CDs than vinyl.

Jerry Pournelle has heard four different reports of desktop fusion, with neutron flux in some cases. If it works, it'll change the whole ball game.


The meeting adjourned at 21:11:16.

Meeting # 3472, Feb 26, 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

The President called meeting number 3472 to order at 20:10:45. and more successfully at 20:11:52.

"Help, help! We're being suppressed!"

Special Orders of Business:

LASFS member Samuel Edward Konkin III died Monday night. A member of the Libertarian group in the south bay. He was found in his tub, and we don't know the cause of death at this time.

Jerry Pournelle pointed out there is a tribute to him on Jerry's website.

John De Chancie said everyone expects him to say something. He was a very complex man, and was unique. He was very interesting to talk to, he was a trenchant political theorist, and professional revolutionary. Don't ask him to explain his notion of "revolution". He didn't like governments at all. John lived with him for 4-5 years. See him for Sam stories. One time, Sam talked to John (he was one of the best nonstop talkers). John came in one day, and Sam was talking in the kitchen. They got into an argument over whether John had bene home while Sam was talking to him. He was a hard man to love, and I'm going to miss him.

Karl pointed out he was a member of APA-L for some time, and many of his thoughts can be found in the archives.

He was given a moment of silence.

The Menace were read and approved as "The market will take care of it".

The Registrar: The registrar announced we have guests!

Rebecca and her son Amnin Carmi were in attendance.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

A woman George regrets having never met, Marjii Ellers.

Tom Safer remembers her as being this vibrant woman who never let her age get in the way of being active and having fun. She was very good person

Jerry Pournelle knew Marjii and doesn't recall her aging a day during the entire forty years she was around

Scratch Galloway said that Marjii did the artwork and tilework in the front bathroom.

Hare Hobbs recalled that when she was the guest of honor at Loscon, she brought ten pound blocks of chocolate for the con suite for each day of the convention in thanks for being made guest of honor.

Marty Cantor: Marjii was one of the good people in fandom – master costumer, you name it, she was probably good at it. And she never lorded it over anyone. She was one of the most helpful and thoughtful people in fandom.

Bill Ellern: Recently, within last month, he was rooting around for some stuff from the garage and discovered several pictures of Marjii, from about 40 years ago, in costume. He will bring them in.

Joe Zeff recalls that when he was Vice President, the second Sunday nearest her patron saints night, she arranged to be here and brought ice cream for everyone. She was a SMOF, but not a politician. She knew how to get things done, and was good at matching people up with stuff that needed to be done.

Phil Castora didn't know her as well as he'd have liked. He has never known anyone that sweet and cute who didn't turn his stomach, besides Marjii.

Beverly Kanter knew her, and during a time when she was suffering from side effects from her medication, and Marji was always willing to listen when she needed an ear. Even at two and three in the morning.

Sandy Cohen: Marji dressed up as black queen from Barbarella at the Worldcon masquerade. Her costume was almost topless. She carried it so well, though, it wasn't until he was developing the photos that he even noticed.

John Hertz: She wrote for APA-L, and earned the Big Heart Award. She was like the best German wines. There was enough backbone and acidity to balance the immense sweetness so she was never cloying.

Frank Waller: She was the only one who he ever called "mom" by accident.

Dr. Pournelle: Doesn't know anyone who didn't like her. She was very knowledgeable about what she knew about. She could correct you, and it would be five minutes before you realized she had done it.

"She could correct ME, and I wouldn't mind!" he said.

Karl Lembke told of another of Marjii's hidden talents. One time, Lee Gold had managed to set her hair on fire. It was put out quickly, but some weeks later, Lee ran into Marji. "Oh," she said. "I see you caught your hair on fire. Well, in a few weeks no one will ever be able to tell." Marji, a professional hairdresser, was the first (and last) ever to notice.

To paraphrase Will Rogers: Marjii Ellers never met a fan who didn't like her.

Don Wenner: Another of Marjii's talents: she was part of the writing group. She wrote a story that he'd have liked to see finished and published.

Marjii Ellers was given Three cheers, and an eye patch.

Old Business: None!

New business: None!

Committee to Gouge: did so.

Committee Reports

CLJII reminded people of the St Patrick's day celebration on the fourth Sunday, starting at 1 PM. He also wanted a sense of the club regarding a spring holiday party. Since the club has no sense, there will be a party.

Marty Cantor urged us to save the club money. De Profs are on the Lizdesk.

Ed Green announced this weekend is the front room cleanup; the fugghead contest results have Christian in first place, Ed Green is in second, Marty Cantor is all over the place, Monty Cantor is in last place, fighting it out with Jerry. Matthew Tepper is in third place.

Time-Bound Announcements

Michelle announced that the LRH fiction people invite one and all to the live radio shows, Saturday. For $5, this is a Hubbard SF story, titled The Unwilling Hero.

Tadao announced LaLaCon 10 will be on its way soon. Pre con, $15.43, $21 at the door, $6 for the banquet.

Ed Green: Loscon 31, the prices go from $30 to $35 on 2/29. Tonight is the last chance for anyone not at Condor. Or pay more money.

Frank's niece is collecting tabs off of coke cans for a fund raiser. Please give to Frank.

George Van Wagner announced a program item for next week: LASFS round table. Anyone who wishes to discuss "What you're reading now?"


Karen Anderson reviewed Silverlock. This edition has over 500 pages. These include last editions' introductions by Niven, Pournelle, Poul Anderson, and a new intro by Anderson. Lee gold made sure NESFA got all the music to the songs. There are additional verses to some songs, the inside scoop on John Myers Myers by himself, The Maker's Poem, a piece by Myers' daughter Celia, by Fred Lerner, and much other neat stuff... Published by NESFA Press. PO Box 809 Framingham MA, 01801, $26. Go buy copies. e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or Or, try Borders.

Jeff reviewed Starsky and Hutch, the sneak preview. It wasn't as bad as everyone expects. They turned it into more of a comedy than the series unintentionally was. He rather enjoyed it.

Hare noted that Michelle Trachenberg has been coming into his store. He went to see her latest movie, EuroTrip. It was almost funny, but at least it wasn't boring. It has a nonzero Buchman rating. Michelle's topless scene is on the cuttingroom floor.

Rick foss called attention to a project: Taking broadway musical and horror genre, and making "Shoggoth on the Roof". It was closed down due to a threat of lawsuit by people who did Fiddler on the Roof. Every musical piece from Fiddler is there. CDs are available at yog sothoth . com. Or google shoggoth on the roof. Heartily recommended.

Fannish Committee Reports

Matthew Tepper had a serious fannish committee report. An article from NYTimes, Wil Eisner, known for Spirit, is still going strong with a new project. "The Plot". He was appalled at how many websites, including many aimed at Middle East, promulgating Protocols of elders of zion. He did a lot of historical research and found there was a specific reporter who traced it and nailed down where the forgeries came from. Someone took a newspaper lampoon of Napoleon III and replaced "Napoleon" with "The Jews". He also took out all the funny bits.

Joe Zeff: Notes the Protocols were traced to Tzarist secret police, who plagerized French original.

Hare: You all remember we were joking that the local strip club closed after Dave Fox died. Somethign similar: Now Loscon is no longer to be in Burbank, Burbank will have a Hooters.

Tom Safer: Surrealism: Looking at Yahoo News Oddly Enough – Reuter's Beijing China, A Chinese woman unhappy with the trousers she stole from a shop made an error when she took them back to be shortened. I gather she won't have to worry about buying clothing for a while.

Dorry: LA Times Calendar: Harry Potter is being translated in to Ancient Greek. Retired classics teacher Andrew Wilson has been hired to translate Harry Potter into Athenian Greek. P:ublicatoin this summer. He had to be imaginative in translating terms such as "Quiddich"

Phil Committee to nauseate lasfs notes a song by Ozzy Nelson and Harriet Hilliard.

George Van Wagner: Those caught doing stupid things. After Leshon Pettis Brown made a date with a girl, she googled him and turned up a fraud warrant. She notified the FBI, who arrested him on their first date.

Scratch: Dr Arizona has been in the hospital with a problem. She was released, is up, moving around, and has gallstones.

Hare: Several species of furry animals gathering in a cave.... by Pink Floyd.


Tom Safer announced today is Tex Avery's birthday.

The meeting adjourned at 21:21:24.

Meeting # 3471, Feb 19, 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

The President shellfishly called meeting number 3471 to order at 20:10:47.

Special Orders of Business: None had been brought to Charlie's attention.

The Menace were read and approved as "no facts were used in the writing of these Menace".

The Registrar: We have two guests, Uriah Carr, from Glendale, and Tom Barkley of Long Beach, who looks very fannish, and found us via Wil Wheaton.

Tom announced the Los Angeles Writer's Conference is putting together a three day weekend oriented toward writing as it's changing as a business, and how it'll change in the future. There is a writers' and readers' club discount, $265 with the discount. There is a lot of Farscape input.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

is Maureen Garrett

Marty Cantor notes she used to attend all the time, and was a budding artist at the time. She soon succumbed to the blandishments of Lucasfilms, and took over their fan club for a while. She still gets her copy of De Profundis, and it doesn't get returned.

Matthew Tepper remembers her as a sweet and warm person. One thing she liked to do was draw a circle and then draw a beautiful fantasy landscape in the circle.

Phil Castora says she was a very pleasant person and he liked her art a great deal.

Maureen Garrett was given three cheers and thinks for the circle.

Old Business: None!

New business: None!

Committee to Gouge: waited for the committee to show up.

Committee Reports

CLJII announced the program tonight, described by Fred Patten: Another animation program, SF animation from Japan with in group references to Ringworld. There are three different programs, with a lot of SF, making up about 75 minutes. We'll vote on whether to watch it dubbed or with subtitles.

Be here Sunday at 2 PM for a day of B Mysteries, along with Homes, Chan, and others.

March, we have a salute to Saint Patrick's Day, with an assortment of Dirty Harry (Callahan) movies.

George Van Wagner announced a new appointment: Ed Green is now top kick to coordinate special cleaning projects. And he has an announcement:

Ed Green: "On 2-28/9, major clean-up and remodel of computer room. We need people to move stuff and clean up. We have plenty of tech people to work on the computer stuff. We need people to help lift, clean, and move stuff. See Mike Thorsen who will help coordinate the taking of names and kicking of butts."

Ed Green: Prices for Loscon 31 go up at the end of February. We will recognize this is a leap year.

Ed Green: Fugghead of the year contest results were announced. Christian is still 1, Ed Green 2, Matthew 3, Marty still Marty, and Jerry Pournelle is in last place with -13 votes.

Ed Green: The spire project moves apace. The collection plate was passed.

Marketing: Arlene announced the art contest for bookmark and button design. It will run until April 1, and the winner will be announced at LaLaCon. Submit entries for both, one, or the other. First prize is a Loscon 31 membership, second is a $25 gift cert to Borders, and we have Honorable Mention. Return the entries to any member of the Marketing Committee...

Time-Bound Announcements

The Skirball Cultural Center is doing a "Red Menace film series", including classic SF films from the Red Scare era. 2/22 and 3/28. Info at

George announced that in about 26 hours, Gruppo Sub Conscious will sally forth at Hallenbeck General Store.


Matthew Tepper recalled that when Star Trek, the Next Generation was still on the air, he reviewed an episode that seemed to combine the plots of "Laura" and "Who Goes There". Last week's Enterprise seemed to be a combination of 4D Man and Moonlighting, the TV Series.

Jeff noted that last night's reminded him of the Twilight Zone episode with the man on the wing of the plane.

Crepeau: Priceline has had a transition from Shatner to Nimoy in their ads.

Hare Hobbs said it was Shatner's idea. Ben Massoglia says it was a great commercial.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff: On Slashdot, for old time RPG people, and old game from the 80s is to be revised, re-edited, and re-released, Paranoia XP.

Dorry announced, "They're filming The Green Hornet, the movie. "

George Van Wagner, from the "Can't a guy get a break?" file: Two friends were snowboarding together and lost contact. He managed to hike out after two days, only to find his car had been stolen. He got home from the hospital to find his house had been burgled. He called the police, and they found an outstanding drug warrant with his name on it, and took him off to jail."

Hare: The big headline in his Simi Valley hometown paper: Coca-Cola is making a commercial in the area.


Mark Poliner: On The Smoking Gun, a guy was running a tanning salon, and a customer noted what looked what looked like a mini camera behind the fan in a tanning booth. They found the camera, DVDs of customers disrobing, marijuana plants, and kiddie porn.

Phil Castora notes that KSUR, 540/1260 AM, has been running the old Jack Benny shows on Saturday evenings, 9 PM.

Fred Patten reminded people that C/FO is meeting Saturday from 1-8.

Ed Green noted that we should be careful parking around the clubhouse. Burbank is a busy street, and people don't always pay attention. A LASFS member just got rear-ended while looking for parking.

Hare had seen a William Rotsler movie, The Double-D Avengers. He now owns a copy, with Forry Ackerman in 4th billing.

Jeff: Star Wars Original trilogy is coming out on DVD soon.

Ben Massoglia notes it's the special edition.

John DeChancie reported that will feature him, Neil Schulman, and Tom Montoyen on a show hosted by Jack Lanman. It'll be four hours of craziness, starting at 4 PM Pacific time. Tom Montoyen will tell of how he plays hoaxes on UFOs.

George Van Wagner notes the LASFS has received a lovely postcard from Bill Anderson in Australia.

The Committee to auction miscellaneous stuff auctioned off stuff, and neglected to auction off some comics the stork brought.

The meeting adjourned at 20:55:31.

Meeting # 3470, Feb 19, 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

The President moused meeting number 3470 to order at 20:13:48

Special Orders of Business: We have one, a member of First Fandom, a Forry recipient, and a member of LASFS, Julius Schwartz, a fan back in the Eo-fan days, which may have fallen before the Old Oolithic period.

Happy 195th Birthday, Charles Darwin

The Menace were read and approved as "What's a joint like this doing in a lady like you?".

The Registrar: We have a guest... Mary Turzillo

The treasurer announced that people need to pick up ballots.

Tonight's Patron Saints:

Craig Miller is diligent, witty, cheerful, a good person to have on a convention bid, and well connected in the movie biz. He tends to share news items about the industry

Marty Cantor: Craig was the co-chair of the 1984 Worldcon bid in LA, and has been hotel liaison for other conventions.

Hare Hobbs: Craig is one of those who really started and perfected hyping movies at conventions. When he started it, the fans appreciated it because it gave us an idea of what was coming.

Old Business:

We had presentations of Loscon bids. The two presenting were Karl Lembke and Greg Bilan. Votes were cast on officially transparent ballots.

Karl Lembke won the bid in a closely fought election.

New business: None!

Committee to Gouge: No official appearance, but they did auction off the ballot color.

Committee Reports

CLJII announced the Fourth Sunday movie showing at LASFS. The theme this month is, "I Love a Mystery".

Tadao announced that LaLaCon membership is now open, the convention will be held on 5/1-2. Elizabeth Klein Lebbik is the fan GOH, Dr. Gleason is the artist GOH, and the author guest is TBD. Cost is $15.43 at the door, $21.0 at the door. The banquet is $6.

Marketing requests that anyone heading to a convention should please grab flyers. And hand them out at the conventions.

Ed Green announced the latest Fugghead contest results. There was no real change in the order. Christian 1, Green 2, Marty Cantor bringing up the last several places...

The President announced that the library needs volunteers. When you get sick enough of this announcement, volunteer, and the announcement goes away. Also, since most of the Gallifrey people are at the AirTel, he announced Gallifrey One starts tomorrow. And by the way, Galley needs volunteers.

Tom Safer announced the program, a collection of PePe Le Pew cartoons, not all of which have the same plot.

Joe Zeff had a comment – We always get to wonder how the cat gets the stripe down her back this time.

Time-Bound Announcements

Michelle Pincus announced a movie at the Nuart, one which is strongly reminiscent of Ed Wood's Style.

Brett Achorn announced Cinema Anime, Sat, 1-8.

Fred Patten announced that he's willing to provide a program next week. He has a collection of anime with Ringworld references in it. Larry Niven gave permission for the showing. "It's ridiculous, let's do it," he said.

Richard Costas announced the same movie Michelle had announced.

Charlie Jackson reviewed an envelope. He was able to guess what was in it before he opened it. Mail. He's now the adoptive father of a fruit bat, with a LASFS attitude.


CLJII had a review: a TV program that, under normal circumstances, would not be considered for a LASFS review. Los Vegas – thsi week's episode had Jean Claude Van Damme, playing himself as the actor making a movie in Los Vegas. He wound up doing a stunt himself, driving a motorcycle off the top of the hotel, falling to his death. Real death. They did not bring the character back. Charlie found himself thinking, "They should have an announcement at the end of the movie – 'No JC Van Dammes were harmed in the making of this film.'" ...And they did!

Remember the Drew Carey episode with monkeys flying out of a character's rear end? It has happened again. Someone on that show has a fannish heart. In a jar of formaldehyde on his desk.

Doug Creapeau called attention to the casting for the Lord of the Rings on RecallBush.Org, with George Bush in the part of Gollum – Lord of the Right Wing.

Brett Achorn observed, it's not often you find yourself hoping your company will be bought out by a giant cable conglomerate.

Tom Safer announced, anyone interested in Hercules Legendary Journeys, the first two seasons are out on DVD. It's expensive, but worth it.

George Van Wagner reviewed a book, Those Who Walk in Darkness, by John Ridley. This is set in a universe where there are superheroes. After several hundred thousand people die in the crossfire between good and bad superheroes, the government decides superheroes must leave the country or be tossed out. The protagonist is part of metahuman police force that tracks down heroes who won't leave.

Ed Green reviewed 28 Days Later, directed by Danny Boyle – This is a post apocalypse film, and deals with a virus that turns its victims into raging monsters, a twist on the zombie field. There are a few bloody and graphic scenes. They don't dwell on it, but give clues. The movie is very evocative, and very frightening, and it's a pity it didn't keep that up for the whole movie. It's still a good film, and worth seeing.

CLJII reviewed The Ring. The trailer made it look like a techno thriller. It turns out the movie's just a ghost story.

Jeff has just read that Battlestar Galactica has been picked up. They're going to do one repeat episode from before, and they're thinking of doing an episode about the ghost ship.

Hare: There is definitely negotiation in the works for a Babylon 5 feature movie. Nothing has been decided yet. And a British company is negotiating for a series in the Babylon 5 universe.

Doug Crepeau: According to Daily Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, A new Hitchhiker's guide film is in the works.

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Saved for next week.

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