LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting # 4012, Jul 03, 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Meeting # 4012, Jul 03, 2014

Marty Cantor presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Doug Abe

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

Having finally finished his cookie, President Marty Cantor called meeting #4012 to order at 8:00.

Comments from the President

Thanks for electing me.  I know I am LASFS’ leading curmudgeon, but I promise that whilst president and in this chair I will not curmudge. At least, not all of the time.

Many of you know that I am of the opinion that movies are not SF and that I do not like movies.  However, most of the members do like movies and I am not about to institute a ban on them here.  And, to prove this, the first person I am appointing is a committee chairman is Mister Movie himself, Charlie Jackson, II.

The by-laws llow for the order of business to be modified and I will be doing some of that, with the first change being the bringing back of the Treasurer’s Report, listed in the by-laws but not used by recent presidents.  The LASFS has money problems and I want the members to know about them so that they can help solve them.  And, to further help solve our problems, next week I am instituting a new item, reports by any board member who wishes to speak.

To make life easier for our scribe, I am going to insist -- or at least attempt to insist, that the members stick to the topics at hand and making their comments at the appropriate time.  I will wield the gavel when necessary.

One last change.  When time-bound announcements were introduced, the attempt was to limit announcements because of time restraints.  What happened was that all announcements became “time-bound announcements” even if the event was in the next century [not counting events announced between December 23, 2000 and December 31, 2000 when events in the next century really were time-bound].  I intend to go back to the original intent. Therefore, if I announce “time-bound announcements”, that means that any announcements must concern events up to the next meeting -- and no later than that. This is because we have to keep things short in this meeting.  Now, if I just indicate that the topic is “announcements”, this means that members can make announcements for things as far in the future as they wish -- even events planned for Trantorcon!

Now, that is enough of my blithering.

No special orders of business.

Matthew Tepper reported that Brand Bookstore in Glendale is closing its doors.

Menace from the previous meeting were read.$2 from Eric Hoffman.  He opted to name them “I have no idea what the hell is going on because I came in late.” They were so accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

This week, the totality of the report was, we have money.  Don’t spend it.

Patron Saint Doug Abe

Tepper: He attended regularly through the 70s and 80s.  He was from Hawaii, and is remembered for bringing SF books to give out to people.

Marty Cantor recalls the company for which he worked sent him to Japan.  He is Japanese descent but doesn’t speak a word of the language.  People insisted on speaking to him in Japanese.

He is still alive.

Patron Saint Doug Abe was given three cheers and a year of Berlitz lessons

Introduction of Guests

In the absence of Michelle Pincus, Marty provided the nickel tour and introduced guests.

Joe Helminski, Walter Helminski, Walt Helminski, Chris Lemcke.

Board of Directors Report: none yet

Committee Reports



7/3, More Like the Movies part I

7/10: No program yet

7/17: Auction

7/24: Tom Safer presents Bugs

7/31: Steve Landshaw speaking on low budget films

SP Hendrick will be here on a future panel.

David Okamura had a science report.

Things have been looking up for the space program.  A successful test of a Mars entry system, a flying doughnut or flying saucer. Hopefully this will handle larger landers.

They’re having another try at a lander to detect CO2 in the atmosphere.

ISS is going to be getting a cappuccino machine. It can do espresso but not latte, because bubbles don’t form in a low gravity environment.

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

From out of the woodwork, Ed Buchman, Roger Hill, Bea Barrio!

Brad has some original cels from Ralph Bakshi. Do people have an idea for a cel to donate to the club?  Bring ideas to Elayne.

Matthew Tepper reported on the passing of Frank M Robinson co-author of The Glass Inferno.

Mike Thorson remarked on a controversy over whether Diet 7-up should be one of the constant flavors in the machine.  From August 1 on, the space just after Diet Coke will feature Diet 7-up.

Nick Smith: The old pasadena film festival begins this weekend. This year they do at least five genre films on big screens in public settings.  Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Them, two Vincent Price films, and Gravity.

Peter Santel: when will the lights be fixed.  The electrician will be called Monday.

Hare Hobbs: The woman Kevlar was named after is in the science hall of fame.  Kevlar was a happy accident and she was smart enough to investigate it.

Debra Levin: Tom Safer not being here, sent her a reminder of the Bugs Bunny showing on the 24th.

CLJII announced he has a whole pile of SF fantasy adventure books out.  They’re available as digital and as physical books.  He’s made arrangements with the publisher to send him a bunch of them. He’ll have them available for $6 each, 25% less than Amazon’s price.

Marty announced we’re trying to get more people board gaming here. It was something a lot enjoyed, but he’s been getting more from a group in Sun Valley.  This is Friday nights.  Since tomorrow is a holiday, he’s opening at 4:30.

Debra announced we have gaming and socializing on Fridays.

Old Business

New Business


Debra Levin and Matthew Tepper saw How To Train Your Dragon II.  It’s worth seeing in 3-d.

Mike Thorson has been watching Penny Dreadful. It seems entertaining and well thought out.

Nick Smith went to see Rover, a post apocalyptic Australian film  When directed properly and given a good script, Robert Pattenson is a good actor.  If you want a grim, post apocalyptic Australia it’s  good film.

Eric Hoffman reviewed a book.  World Gone Wild, alphabetical list of Post Apocalypse movies almost to date. Someone in Australia is doing a remake of Mad Max.


CLJII misced that the necessity for doing remakes is ending because if the excuse is to give actors work, they can put the actors on a green screen and insert into existing versions of films.

Marty Cantor: any who read APA-L know that Karl Lembke and I have been throwing atom bombs at each other.  We really like each other.  

Mike Thorson issued the Aetna warning.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 8:43
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Meeting # 4011, Jun 26, 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Meeting # 4011, Jun 26, 2014

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Alan Frisbie

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Eylat Poliner called meeting #4011 to order at 8:00. And there was much rejoicing.

Michelle thanked Eylat for her service on behalf of the membership.   

Menace from the previous meeting approved as vague hand-wave.

Time bound announcements:  

Charles Justice was not able to make it to tonight’s meeting, so tonight’s program is canceled.

This meeting, Eylat’s last, is a free-for-all.  Tonight’s program is “What-evah”

Patron Saint Alan Frisbie was honored.

Joe Zeff: He’s a nice man who is a member of “that” family.  He’s the only patron saint to be thrown out of the meeting on his own saint’s night.  He was being too noisy, and Ed Green threw him out, and was suitably embarrassed when he had to call him back in.

Larry Niven: Nice guy, good sense of humor, wicked storyteller.  

Karl Lembke:  He is the Sacred Flying Disc

Tom Locke: he had interesting hobbies including messing around with Ma Bell. He was invited to become a guest of the US Government, but with the help of a lawyer, he was able to decline the invitation.   Because of the usual clientele of the lawyer, he was asked “who did you kill?”  (The answer, of course, was “Ma bell”.

Alan Frisbie was given three cheers and a sacred flying disc.

Committee Reports

Tom Safer announced July 19th, TSPC presents Disney’s Mary Poppins! starring many famous and worthy folks, including Mary Poppin’s Penguins.  July 4 we have the annual Bugs Bunny Show.  Requests will be taken.

Mike Stern imitated David Okamura and reported on some retro science.  They’re doing space capsules that are being sent up by balloon.  World Enterprizes of Houston can get capsules up 20 miles. They’re starting to charge tourists.

CLJII: 7/3, More Like the Movies, part 1

17 Auction

24, Tom Safer presents

31, Steve Landshaw speaking about low budget films

Registrar Michelle announced guests.

Art Davis, and Chris Horrocks

David Okamura had a science report. The World Enterprizes system is what they used to lift Felix Baumgartner into near space.

When the Kings won the Stanley Cup there was a crowd standing around.  They noticed a drone which they knocked down with a t-shirt and smashed with a skateboard.  It’s at the police department waiting to be claimed.  Flying a drone in public is not a crime.  Yet.

There’s been a change of plans with LACMA.  Its expansion project is being modified. They will demolish some of the old gallery and instead of extending the overhang over the tar pits, it will extend over Wilshire to another lot owned by the city.

Tom Safer reported on a sculpture his dad made in honor of astronomer James Dobson who recently died.  It’s called galaxy.

It’s called “Galaxy”. It was made for the National Astronomical Society as a trophy, It’s called the John Safer award. This one is being given in memory of John Dobson, who did more for amateur astronomy than anyone else, and who died a few months ago at the age of 99.

Fannish committee reports  Reviews  Announcements  Misc

Milt Stevens watched the pilot of Dominion.  It did something for his sense of wonder.  He wondered how anyone could make such a movie.  God has disappeared, Archangel Gabriel makes war on humanity.  He watched it, probably won’t do it again.

Scratch enjoyed two movies, one of which was How To Train Your Dragon II, the other Maleficent.

Tom Locke says M is great, it’s a wonderful take on the original story.

Scott Beckstead: Dragons II -- it’s a push as to whether first or second is better.

Hare Hobbs found out Phil Collins, drummer for Genesis, was a fan of the Alamo and a collector.  He had bought Davy Crockett’s rifle and had collected quite a bit of memorabilia.  He’s donated it to Texas so they won’t forget the Alamo.

Tom Safer has a surrealism story from the New York Daily News.  This is about the fellow who logged on to Facebook while burglarizing a home, and forgot to sign out.

Tom Locke declared this fellow made OJ look like a genius.

Milt Stevens could come up with a bunch of stories about dumb criminals. One was about a couple of would-be terrorists who learned they need to set some time on the timer of a time bomb before connecting the explosive.

Mike Stern recalled a fellow who went to holster his gun and shot off a part of himself from a very sensitive spot, qualifying himself for a Darwin Honorable Mention.

Hare Hobbs recalls a time his father had a classic car to be worked on.  Someone stole it, with the head still bad.  The thief replaced the spark plugs.  He stole drugs from the hospital, placing them in a box with identifying paperwork.

Mark Poliner related how a black bear fell through the skylight of an Alaskan couple during a kid’s birthday celebration, and proceeded to eat the cupcakes.  

Then: Darth Vader Popcorn Bowl and Storm Trooper mug.

Lastly: Wheezits, a snack loaded with THC.

Tom Locke notes someone has put out a Darth Vader Hot Wheels car.  It will cost $100 each.

Art Davitz noted the attack of the drone represents the intersection between techies and the paranoid.

Eylat Poliner called for fans of 24.  She’ll speak to the other fan offline.

Tom Safer saw Maleficent.

Mike Thorson asked if the soda auction was held, and what was the outcome.

Hare Hobbs rose to tell of another encounter with the topless woman with the Internet show.

Milt Stevens notes they have reverse engineered a raspberry using raspberry juice and a 3-D printer.  This technology can be used to produce fruit that never existed in the first place.

Doug Crepeau observed they have successfully printed a set of human lungs.

Eylat reviewed her trip to Israel, calling it great.

Michelle Pincus ran the monthly Last Soda Slot Auction.

Diet 7-Up is the winning soda.

Paige Willey is starting a convention next year, Fandomverse Expo in Palmdale.

Anyone interested in helping out, find her and talk to her.

Mike Thorson would have thought it was obvious: It’s annoying to shuffle the flavors already in the vending machine.  So new rule: the auction winner has to choose a flavor not already in the machine.

Milt Stevens saw Titan AE from 2000. Tolerable SF.  

Eylat had one final act as President.  She asked Marty Cantor to take the seat.  And he took it away.

Barbara Harmon moved to thank Eylat for her service.

Doug Crepeau asked her if she was going to be President again.  Hell No.

Matthew Tepper moved to adjourn and so we adjourned at 8:47 PM.
Meeting # 4010, Jun 19, 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Meeting # 4010, Jun 19, 2014

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Ted Johnstone

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Eylat Poliner called meeting #4010 to order at 8:03.  

Menace from the previous meeting were read.  Marcia Minsky bid $1 to approve them as “chirp”. They were so approved.

Time bound announcements:  

Patron Saint Ted Johnstone was honored.

Nick Smith called him a heck of a writer. He wrote the good Man from Uncle novels.

Milt Stevens: he wrote under his real name and attended LASFS under a pseudonym.  He and his friends, when joining, didn’t want to be known by fans, so they joined under assumed names.  He and Bruce Pelz were omni-apans, joining all the APAs in existence at the time.  APA-X was founded to exclude him.   In college he majored in broadcasting. He didn’t get as far in life as he should have.

Barbara Harmon remembers him from 1958.  He seemed like a nice young kid.

Scratch” His writing ability was phenomenal if you could get him to write.

CLJII:  I conducted fan activities with him but was more involved with David McDaniel.  First LASFS meeting, was introduced to him.  He featured Hoover Dam in his first UNCLE novel, and Forry Ackerman in his second.  We fell into partnership, broke up briefly over a woman, but in his last year, we were collaborating on a Star Trek novel because he’d been invited to write a novel.  Turned out the inviter wasn’t a person with the authority to invite.

When he would sit down to write he was a very good writer. Often, having writ, he would move on before it was ready.  He was a very good cinematographer, understood the technical and artistic aspects of cinematography. It was my misfortune to find his body after he’d left it behind.

And of course, being a comic book character, he never dies -- he goes to limbo until an editor needs him again.

Ted Johnstone was given three cheers and It Wouldn’t Be a Picnic Without Ants.

Committee Reports

David Okamura had a science report.

Scientists have found a mutant gene that protects against heart attacks by keeping triglycerides at a low level. (I wonder if I have that.)

Those who have type A diabetes have to constantly monitor glucose levels.  Progress is being made on a bionic pancreas, with an iPhone hookup. They’ve done a study with 40 adults using the device for 11 days.  So now your doctor is threatening to put that cell phone where the sun don’t shine…

Scientists have probed behind the blue room.  When Pablo Picasso was 19, he was painting in Paris and tended to re-use material.  One painting, The Blue Room, seems to have had a layer underneath.  Improved infrared imaging has uncovered details of a man’s bearded face.  Can’t tell what the colors are -- yet. (X-ray fluorescence might uncover what the pigments are…)

CLJII:  There will be no FWEMS this month.  Not here next week, but back the following.

Incoming program committee:

first meeting next month, video of More Like the Movies I.  

no program week 2,

week 3 auction,

week 4 Tom Safer, and

week 5 still up in the air.

There will be a FWEMS next month.

Matthew Tepper rose to announce the passing of Author Daniel Keyes, author of Flowers for Algernon. He was 86.

Tom Safer announced TSPC presents Song of the South by Disney.  Saturday at 10 AM.

CLJII notes we just lost Carla Laemmle,

Eylat Poliner embarrassed her best friend by noting that today is Debra Levin’s birthday.

Registrar Michelle announced we had a guest Friday, Chris Venuti

No New Business.  

Old Business:

Fannish committee reports  Reviews  Announcements  Misc

Debra announced “Bill Brought Cookies”.

Jerry Pournelle was at the Solid State Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems Workshop. He rose to speak on the subject.

Building stuff on the micrometer level used to be SF.  A nanometer is a thousandth of that, not much larger than single atoms. Projects under work include:

*  Brain probes with thousands of channels per probe, imaging everything in the brain, and designing prosthetics that are activated by the brain.

*  A gadget that attaches to your computer and does electron microscopy.  It exists, but he’s trying to get the price below $100.

Comments on Jerry’s page,

We had the auction, including the Nitpicker’s Guide to Star Trek TNG, for the Nit-Picards in the audience.

Karl Lembke moved to adjourn and so we adjourned at 9:41 PM.
Meeting # 4009, Jun 12, 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Meeting # 4009, Jun 12, 2014

Debra Levin presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Hare Hobbs, Sandy Cohen

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

The lights having flickered out, Vice President Debra Levin called meeting #4009 to order at 8:06.  

Menace from the previous meeting were read.  Marcia Minsky bid $8.50 to approve them as “Need a flashlight?”. They were so approved.

Time bound announcements:  

Tonight is mark poliner’s last night of freedom. He’s looking for partners in debauchery.

Marty Cantor notes there will be a celebration of George Clayton Johnson’s 85th birthday, 7/12/14 at 2 PM at Mystery and Imagination Books.

Matthew Tepper notes that there’s another used book store across the street, Brand Bookstore.

CLJII had an item: we have a special guest, Lydia Van Vogt!  This is her first visit to the clubhouse, she was brought by Brad Linaweaver.

Christian announced sometime after Friday the 13th, we have the full moon, the honeymoon.

Mark Poliner announced today is the 20th anniversary of the famous OJ Bronco Ride.  Listen my children and we will say, of the afternoon ride of old OJ

TSPC presents Song of the South, along with discussion of the film since it’s become controversial. Saturday, June 21, at 10 AM.

Christian: next thursday will feature a Big Auction.  Bring Money.

Patron Saint Hare Hobbs was honored.

Matthew: admires how he’s very determined when he sets out to do something.  He’s dyslexic, but he decided he wouldn’t let that stop him.  He would jolly well read books and has been a constant reader.  

Mary Ann said it’s not easy being green.  (Well, it’s easy for him.)

Scratch: Hare collects music, and is very knowledgeable in his field.  He once had a large number of LPs.  Close to 6000.  He now has close to 5000 CDs.  He’s very knowledgeable and enjoys telling about his field.

Glenn Olson. He’s a gentle man and has picked a fine family to belong to.

Tom Safer always appreciates that you’re here, always smiling, and have a good sense of humor.

Barbara Harmon: Likes that he always contributes.

Scratch: He has the good fortune of running into some interesting pretty ladies.   He had to sign a model release for that one.

Debra: Hare is one of the more interesting people I know, and appreciate that he always has things to contribute, and appreciates that another dyslexic reads as much as he does.

Hare Hobbs was given three cheers and a Moeba.

Patron Saint Sandy Cohen was honored.

Christian: He has lousy aim, but he has chocolate.  He’s a sacred object -- the sacred chancellor of chocolate.  He is a conscientious and well intended member of the club.  

Scratch:  He has a wonderful time with chocolate.  He also is kind, plays cards, and is generous to a fault, all when he wins money.

Joan: He’s a wonderful guy to be around, and a wonderful companion for any adventure you care to go on.

Eric Hoffman: Sandy is one of the first people I met when I got involved in conventions, and I consider him a good friend.  He’s good for yak sessions.  He’s one of the saints who’s still with us.

Michelle Pincus: First three rules of hell: number 3 is Kill Sandy.

Darnell Coleman: he and Sandy talked about fandom and SF books. He was a wealth of knowledge and we hope this continues.

Matthew Tepper: Sandy was generous with advice and taught him how to talk to the single women he meets, thus he’s married at the age of 59..  “Slow learner” -- Sandy

Christain: over the past decades, Sandy has given a substantial amount of time and energy as a volunteer at conventions.

Sandy Cohen was given three cheers and a sacred chancellorship of chocolate.

Committee Reports

David Okamura had a science report.  Kepler is back.  The space telescope stopped its search when it became unstable. NASA scientists have been using the solar wind to stabilize the satellite.  

A private team has re-activated a NASA satellite that was launched in 1978, and sleeping since 1997.  International Sun Earth Explorer 3 is awake again. The group hopes to be able to do more research with it.  

Registrar Michelle announced two guests.  Zando Schnitzer and San Ann Villagomez

No New Business.  

Old Business:

Tonight we handle procedural elections.

Presidential Nominee so far is Marty Cantor.  Darnell Coleman was nominated this week and accepted.

President Marty Cantor won, 38/10/3/1

Vice President:

Nominated were Debra Levin and Greg Bilan.

Debra Levin wins.


Nominated were Michelle Pincus and Darnell Coleman

Michelle Pincus was re-elected to the office of Registrar


Nominated were Karl Lembke and Joe Zeff

Karl Lembke was re-elected to the office of Scribe


Nominated was Elayne Pelz.  Nominations were closed.

Elayne Pelz was railroaded into office.

Fannish committee reports  Reviews  Announcements  Misc

Joan Steward moved to adjourn and so we adjourned at 9:49 PM.
Meeting # 4008, Jun 05, 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Meeting # 4008, Jun 05, 2014

Debra Levin presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Jim Glass, Michael Bloom

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

Mattthew Tepper interrupted his phone call to his father so President Debra Levin could call meeting #4008 to order at 8:08.  

Menace from the previous meeting were read.  Matthew Tepper bid $2 to approve them as “Irving.  Big irving. Big dumb dumb Irving…  142nd fastest gun in the west”.

Patron Saint Jim Glass was honored.

Marty spoke of Jim who was our librarian in 1975 when Marty joined.  The library was housed in a tiny room in a tiny clubhouse.  We lost track of him when we moved to the clubhouse on Burbank.

Jerry Pournelle: he did such a good job as librarian, we gave him the Evans Freehafer award, whereupon he quit and never came back.

Jim Glass was given three cheers and a tiny library.

Patron Saint Michael Bloom was honored.

Maryann was playing hell here one night with Michael Bloom.  He had a hellish theme on his shirt -- fishes playing cards.  He made her a copy when she admired it, and refused money.

Michelle called him a terrific guy who supports the club.

Michael Bloom was given three cheers and a no two bid.

Michelle Pincus auctioned off the Final Soda Slot.  June Moffatt bid $5 for Diet Root Beer

Time bound announcements:  

Saturday is Estrogen Zone. Movies, Mah Jong, and Mayhem

Sunday morning is the Board meeting, followed by Second Sunday Socializing, Feasting, and Gaming.

Tom Safer asked about the parking restrictions.  They turn out to be what’s legally required to shift the guy in the pickup truck and trailer. He turns out to be the local fence, and it’s hoped this will cause the local illegal economy to collapse. Jerry Pournelle noted that the mobile flea markets seem to have been successfully displaced.

Old Town Music Hall will be showing The Thing from Another World, Sunday, 6/8/14 at 7:30 PM, $10 admission.  Location is 140 Richardson, El Segundo.

At the Atkinson Auditorium at UC San Diego.

Larry Niven announced Marilyn Niven has a new knee. It went optimally.  Standing up on it is expected in a few days.

Committee Reports

Marty Cantor: Friday Night Boardgames are here, and So Cal Games Day in burbank starts at 11 AM until 11 PM, $10. At $5, they have 6-8 games raffled off.

Tom Safer:  TSPC for this month presents a controversial film, Song of the South.  Saturday, June 21, at 10 AM.

Special Orders of Business

Matthew Tepper announced the passing of author Jay Lake.  He would have been 50 today.

Paul Turner was lost while hiking.  The search was called off because he turned up, as Turners are wont to do.

Mark Poliner reported his wife and daughter are in Israel.  Eylat was brave enough to ride a camel.  (“Brave camel!” -- Jerry Pournelle.)

David Okamura reported on local news: P-22, the mountain lion in Griffith Park is on the mend.  Still a question what caused it. He’s also at the age where he may be looking for a mate.

Yesterday there was a 286 page report on Nasa’s space program.  The Agency has unsustainable and unsafe strategy for Mars program.  

More historical revision: they have reconstructed the spine of Richard III. He turns out to have had scoliosis, but was not the hunchback portrayed by Shakespeare.

Another group has grown a new ear for vincent Van Gogh, from genetic material from a descendant of his brother.  It will be featured in an early exhibit traveling the world.

Registrar Michelle announced no guests.

Hare Hobbs reports the booklet he got in the mail was pix of the cast members, and an explanation of what’s going on.  They were doing a sequel to Beverly Hills Bordello.  Cinemax backed out. Now enough has changed at Cinemax that the series may be on again.

Tonight we nominate for President of the Club.

Nominee is Marty Cantor, and possible others to be named next week when nominations re-open.

Jay Freeman announced Space-X has a launch a week from today.


Mark Poliner saw Maleficent.  Good movie, with some liberties taken with the plot from the animated film.  It’s the story from the Witches point of view, with a surprise ending you won’t figure out until a minute before it happens.

Gavin Claypool rose to go over the changes to the by-laws.

New Business

1)  Add to Article IV, section 6, a new subsection:

C.  shall respond appropriately to personal and electronic correspondence addressed to the Registrar;

Passed unanimously.

2)  Amend Article IV, section 2 to read as follows:

Section 2: Election.

The procedural officers shall be elected from the Standard Membership.  The Treasurer shall be elected at the second regular Society meeting of June.  The other elective procedural officers shall be elected at the second regular meeting of June and at the second regular Society meeting of December. Nomination for President may be made at both the election meeting and the last previous regular Society meeting. Election of the President shall be followed by nominations for and election of the remaining procedural officers in the following order: Vice-President, Registrar, Scribe, and Treasurer (in June only). All elective procedural officers shall take office at the first regular Society meeting of the month following their election, and shall serve until they die, resign, or are removed from office, or until their elected replacements take office.  Election of procedural officers shall follow the procedure given in Article X.

Passed with 1 abstention.

3)  Add to article IV, sect 1, a new subsection:

B.  When elected, and continuously while serving, each procedural officer shall meet the following qualifications: be 18 years of age or older, and otherwise legally competent.

After some discussion, including the expected quibbles over the circumstance under which an officer might somehow decrease in age below 18 years...

Most / 1 / 1

All changes passed with significant margins.

Fannish committee reports  Reviews  Announcements  Misc

Milt Stevens got to the last nominee for the Hugo.  It’s a 14-volume series. He went back and read volume 1 from 1995.  In comparison with the other udder crap on the ballot, it’s quite good. It’s a very long book, feeling like trudging through Jell-o but it wasn’t bad jello.  But philosophically can’t vote for a 14 volume series as best novel

Tom Safer got the 2 DC action adventure films, Justice League, Flash Point Paradox, focusing on the Flash, recommended; Justice League: War -- best of the good vs the best bad guy. Both of these are quite good. Recommended. Go buy or rent.

Debra Levin has been watching Orphan Black. Some have issues. It’s exceedingly violent, and grown-up. Concept is intriguing. They’re handling the issues with cloning people quite well, and the acting is excellent. The lead plays the part of the clones, and does a very good job.

How many supporting nominations does she get at the Emmys? -- David Okamura

David posted a listing of the clones so far.

Milt was reminded of the show The United States of Terra, where the actress plays someone with multiple personalities, including one male. Toni Collette is impressive.

Tom Safer recently got a new video projector. HD/High Light projector.  He’ll be breaking it in this Saturday.

Darnell Coleman: David vs the Spider People, 120 page book with 6 short stories.  Jewish History and Call of Cthulhu. Recommended.

Jay Freeman reported on Space-X -- Landing video, June 6, a credible reconstruction.

Matthew Tepper announced he and his wife are proud owners of a bookcase previously owned by Greg Bear’s grandparents.

Hare Hobbs announced he forgot what he was going to say

Joe Zeff is lab-ratting on a study of diabetes medicine.  Got a letter looking for people with asthma interested in being lab rats.  Compensation up to $900.  

We moved to adjourn and adjourned at 9:07 PM.
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LASFS Bookmark (2013 edition)

LASFS Bookmark