LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting # 3489, Jun 24 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

President George called LASFS to order at 20:10:28. Send not to ask for whom the lobster tolls…

Special Orders of Business: We have one that takes precedence over others. This very day, we lost Allan Rothstein. This morning, right after speaking with someone on the phone, he fell asleep and could not be roused. Paramedics were called, and all they could do was pronounce him at the scene. Allan had been a member of the club since the 60s, and became active again in the 70s. Arrangements are pending – the funeral will be on Sunday. The funeral will be held at: Home of Peace Cemetery, 334 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 323-261-6135. Members of the LASFS family will be as welcome as any other family members.

The Menace were read and approved as “we’ll think of something funnier next week”. (“No we won’t either” – CLJII) (I suppose “beheaded” is in bad taste. – Jerry Pournelle.) (So is “newly headless Nick”.)

The Registrar: introduced Peter, from Agoura. It’s his fault.

Tonight’s Patron Saint: Another about whom the President knows very little... The sacred flying disc, Alan Frisbee. Interestingly enough, dogs don’t like him. (The question is, do they chase him?) He’s one of the few LASFS members to be arrested. He used to be a phone hacker. Matthew Tepper: Allan Rothstein would have said, “Alan was a nice guy– too bad he misspelled his first name.” CLJII recalls that he bought one house atop a hill, then bought the lot right below so no one would build on it and spoil his view.

Zeff: Once in the 80s, the information number for a convention turned out to be his car phone. He ran up a sizeable bill before the number could be changed. Tom Stern: Nowadays, he’s active in the anti SPAMmer community He ran the 84 Worldcon photo area and handled the counting and assembling of Hugo ballots. Marina Stern: He turns out to be a major celebrity at Cal Tech.

Fred Patten: Most memorable memory of Alan is when we were organizing the 84 Worldcon. They were both on the committee. One time, Fred needed to visit him at his home, and it was first time visiting him there. Fred sat down in big soft chair, and suddenly heard a teeny sneeze. It was Alan’s pet rat. He had wanted the rat to be the mascot, and it was adopted. Problem: Worldcon was bid on 2 years in advance, and lifespan of rat is 2 years. The Rat lived long enough to die at the con, presumably from stress due to being petted by so many. He was given Three Cheers, and a busy trunk signal. SQUEEK!

Committee to Gouge: auctioned off space.

Committee Reports: Ed Green: Brother Frank passed among the club members to collect for the spire…

George: committee against histamines asks people to go easy on their use of personal fragrances.

Ed Green, clean up crew, announced: we have new computers in the front, and we have new chairs. In a new record, one week and a new chair is broken. They may be industrial strength, they’re not fannish strength.

Time-Bound Announcements: Hare Hobbs asked: Anyone planning a trip to Mojave for the next shot? He needs a ride. (Going all the way out there is too much trouble, so why do we not shoot him here? – ed.)

Frank Waller has a new chip of the month. Veggie Chip: low salt, low fat, no sugar (no flavour – ed.). Three flavors, all yummy. $3.50 the bag.

Reviews: Karen Anderson reviewed the Science Fiction Museum. It’s up and running. Since Astrid was running a large part of the opening, it was running smoothly. It has a large number of advisors, media people, etc. Exhibits include a lot of major movie and TV items, R2D2, ET, some stuff from Destination Moon, Saturn scene from Titan, and far too much more stuff to even begin to list. And they have lots of stuff to sell. Two boxes were given to the committee to gouge. It also has a kiosk linked to so you can order any books you’re inspired to want. It’s in Seattle, practically at the foot of the space needle. The monorail goes straight through the museum. <>

Jerry Pournelle: “Sixty miles straight up.” He and Niven were out in the desert before dawn Monday morning. It worked. It was only 400 feet into outer space, but better than 400 feet short. The pilot has no college degrees (Take that, NASA), has been awarded the first civilian astronaut wings, by the FAA (Take that, NASA), and is in his 60s. (Take that, NASA). And when they go for the X prize, they’re planning to include an 18-year-old beauty contest winner (Take that, NASA!).

Given the problems that occurred during the flight, the pilot did a hell of a job.

This won’t lead to orbit, but it cost $20 million, a lot less than NASA could have done it.

This led to an extended sage break.

The Aldridge report about NASA looks like it could have been cribbed from Jerry’s report.

Fannish Committee Reports: Joe Zeff: 1) BBC – someone sent a videotape over to BBC at Bristol. Someone took the label off and stuck it on the fridge. This resulted in a phone call: “Hi Paul, this is Beth. Apparently someone shipped us a 6’ fridge instead of the tape. Could you send the tape?”

Doug Crepeau: a longtime reader of Analog and Astounding, and enjoyed many short stories. Here’s a scientific report: deals with a rodent called a vole. There are two kinds: the meadow vole is a love rat. The prairie vole is a model of fidelity. Now they’ve found a gene that controls this. Male and female members of this club may have different takes on the possibility of a “commitment pill”.

The meeting came to a merciful end at 21:36:22.

Meeting # 3488, Jun 17 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

President George called LASFS order at 20:14:01, “Because I can!” That’s what you think…

The Menace were read and approved as “railroaded”

The Registrar: Michelle asked for guests. We meet Roland Dobbins, UNIX wizard, brought by Jerry Pournelle. Joe Fekete did verify the spelling of UNIX, and told the club nurse, “never mind”.

Tonight’s Patron Saint: George never met this one either, but read many of his books as a kid: Ted Johnstone.

Joe Fekete, met that guitar player at his first convention in Pittsburgh. He and Bjo were kind to him, and took him under their wings. Len Moffatt rose to recount, back in the late 50s, having once gotten a phone call from three fans: George Williamson, Ted Johnstone, and one other calling from neighboring town. They were trying to find Moffatt House, in a process of tracking down local fans. At the first meeting, he found Ted more impressive than those in tow – he was cheerful and very entertaining. Then time passed, and Ted started writing, but not enough. Both Len and Jerry got on his case about writing, with limited success. At the ’58 Worldcon, George was running the art show, and Ted was the novelty inspector. He came up with some propeller beanies and fell to the job.

Phil: Ted had taken to answering interesting ads in magazines, and would use different names in each one. Ted Johnstone was the name that he used when answering the LASFS ad in F&SF. He wrote under his real name, and socialized under his fannish name. He wrote good books with complex plots. The characters were often Tuckerized; what characterization he did, he did well. After he was turned down on his request for a raise, he put a clever acrostic in the table of contents of his next book. (The first letter of each chapter heading spelled out A A WYNNE IS A TIGHTWAD. – ed.) It was hard to be unhappy when he was around. He liked to play with words, doing things like pronouncing Foothill Blvd as Foo-Thill Blvd. He’s missed.

Matthew Tepper was among those who knew Tedron best. He was an obnoxious teenager when he joined LASFS. (Now he’s no longer a teenager.) He was lucky to have a mentor in genial backstabbing and filksinging in Ted Johnstone. When you speak of the great secretaries of the LASFS, his is one of the names mentioned. Jerry Pournelle had a serious point: Met him in ’61 in Seattle. He introduced himself as “I am a hobbit, sir”. He hated to write. The story he did for 20/20 visions wasn’t written until Jerry went over and dangled a beer in front of him. It’s a good story, and anticipates the Internet very well. He wrote it on a typewriter, because we didn’t have computers then. Jerry wonders if he would have written more if the mechanical work had been taken away. Seriously: he almost never finished anything. Moral of the story, marijuana may be a storyteller’s worst enemy. If you’re going to be a serious writer, stay away from that stuff. Tom Safer: Sounds like a wonderful talent. He died in 1978.

Bill Ellern noted, a long time ago, in a universe far, far, away... Shortly after he joined, we mo ved and a group of very young high school types showed up, along with Bjo. There was a period of about 2 years when he would, being a wealthy engineer, take the crew out to supper. There was Ted, Langley (Steve Toliver), and occasional others, such as Bjo, and Jack Harness. He would feed them food and they would have some of the damnedest conversations you could imagine. A large number of conversations wound up becoming fanzine articles. It was a very bright and enjoyable time, and certainly the Lion Barbecue and Ben Franks appreciated the business. Ted was one of the few who went looking for folk songs, not filk, and came up with a few things like the Walloping Window Blind and the Cat Came Back.

CLJII: Sometimes it seems people are destined to run into each other. He had already been a fan of serials before joining LASFS. In “The Dagger Affair”, McDaniel had a sequence set at Boulder Dam where the bad guys had set up the Theta Device to destroy it. Although best remembered as a writer, he was a damn good cameraman and an outstanding film editor. When making Triple Doubles, spent weeks with one day or night filming, and the first couple of times, he’d ask what the shots were. A few weeks later, he’d call, “I’m sitting here with ten little strips of film, and they fit together perfectly! How’d you know?” “I didn’t. You did.” They Collaborated on some novels, but neither sold.

He probably passed on All Saints Day, the day after a Halloween party at LASFS. He was thinking of crashing the party, and decided not to come. The following Thursday, when news of his demise came in, there was still a coffin left from the party. He was a great asset as Scribe, a great partner and collaborator, and in the top five of the Missed Ones. Charlie has completed at least some of his literary legacy, and some of his stories have been published.

Phil Castora: Reading a set of a month’s worth of minutes, and marveled at how he brought the club meetings to life. We’ve had some marvelous talent doing the job, but Tedron was one of the best. CLJII: Triple Doubles is available on videotape, in the library. Three Cheers, and a furry foot, and a donzerly light,

Committee to Gouge: featured Cathy Beckstead donning a Gateway-inspired neckerchief to become the

Cow Belle. A Gary Louie auction was held to unload a proof set.

New business: Yes. In honor of this being the 30th anniversary of the Watergate break in, we, the LASFS committee to root out all plumbing problems (except the front sink) move that the meeting remain silent for 18½ minutes. A motion to table until midnight was made, followed by a motion to table Doug Crepeau

Committee Reports: The committee to make announcements noted that the cork boards are labeled with what’s supposed to be on them. Don’t put stuff on boards not designated for it.

CLJII: We held a silent auction, and CLJII will do what he always intended to do at FWEMS. Later this year, we’ll run the other version of Secret Agent X9. Tonight, part 1 of More Like the Movies. Next week is part 2.

George, as member of programming committee: a program in August. Get a hold of a list of Hugo nominees, read as many as you can, and we’ll discuss them and hold a straw poll.

Tom Safer announced that the annual Bugs Bunny show will be on the 26th of August. If there are any requests, please make them known. (Yes, ye ed has a request – remember that this is an SF club and Bugs Bunny ain’t SF. – ed.)

Ed Green: LOSCON 31 walk-through for committee or staff, June 26 at noon. To carpool, be here at 10:30.

Time-Bound Announcements: Joe Fekete: went through a prostate procedure, and survived. In mean time, he has officially retired. “Now you’re stuck with me.”

Joe Fekete has been publishing a paper SF magazine. He’s decided to increase page count, and it will now be a CD, with a nice wrapper cover. PDF, HTML, Doc, Text. Chances are, you’ll be able to read it no matter what you’re running. Instead of $7, it’s now $3.50.

Scott Beckstead announced that the neighbors want to use their driveway.

There then ensued a deposit on our 18.5 minutes of silence.

June Moffatt brought a bag of coconuts from Marji Holt in Santa Barbara. These are miniature coconuts.

Reviews: Jerry Pournelle had several items to review. Al Qaeda won. They imposed TSA on us, probably the worst thing we could have to put up with. At a convention he and Niven attended they met Jewel Strait, the actress who played a mechanic in a series called Firefly. She’s very nice, and charming. Before the free internet service was closed down at 8 p.m., Jerry managed to order the series. (The hotel closed down outgoing traffic because someone at the con used the Internet service to send spam.) This convention was the first he had attended at which there were no booksellers. None. Zero. They had two actresses from Buffy, one from Firefly, and Erin Grey, the actress who played Wilma Dearing. She is still good looking, and is now the travel agent for other stars. The convention expected Larry and Jerry to bring books to sign. (On an airplane??? Maybe on business card CDs...) The US Coast Guard Training Ship Eagle was there. It’s not a ship but a barq. It was an interesting tour.

The wheel is outside, but the computerized chartroom is sealed off from the weather. On a slightly serious note, he laments the latest trend in the careers of actresses: If you’re over 25, you’re dead. In any event, it was a media convention, and Jerry’s first, and Larry’s second, at which there were no booksellers. In the case of Larry’s first book dealerless con, the con had had a dealer lined up, and he had to cancel due to illness.

Fannish Committee Reports: Because we’re running long, and have a program, we’re switching to agenda lite. If it’s important, announce it.

Hare: They’re not putting The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon in the SF section.

Matthew Tepper: The Committee to Watch Helplessly as Allen Rothstein Gets into Predicaments reports a dismaying success. He spent time in Washington, officiated at his son’s wedding, and went to Newark. Then he flew back on Tuesday, and on plane, went into restroom, passed out, and broke his right ankle. Resting more or less comfortably at home. He could not be here tonight. Anyone wishing to send good wishes may do so. Call on his cell phone – 818-621-6407.

Miscellaneous: CLJII had a near misc: He’s back over par for the year.

The meeting teed off at 21:31:48.

Meeting # 3487, Jun 10 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Following a plea of “Mr. President, tear down this spire!”, LASFS was called to account at 20:12:38

Special Orders of Business: We do, sadly. First, the passing of Kate Worley, from cancer on the spine. She was once Ms. Reed Waller, and contributed to writing of Omaha the Cat Dancer, the B/W magazine. She was a member of MinnSTF while Matthew Tepper was there, and he spoke about her for a short time. She was a loud, genial, bossy, hilarious, witty woman, with a beautiful speaking voice. She was brilliant beyond belief. When she met Reed, there were sparks. Kate appears to have moved in and enforced deadlines, and taken up the writing for him. Jim Vance has an email address, and it might be a good idea to assist with medical expenses through PayPal.

Late last week, we last an actor who was in Murder in the Air, and Bedtime for Bonzo. Ronald Reagan, last Saturday, of pneumonia. (He was never known as a fan, but he did have good taste in jelly beans. – ed.)

The Menace were read and approved as “the usual ups and DOWNS!!!!!!”

The Registrar: We have one guest, Marie Jennings, of Hollywood, who found us through the Festival of Books.

Tonight’s Patron Saint: Once again, one George has met.

The Sacred Chocolate, St. Sandy Cohen. Matthew Tepper mentioned Sandy’s a civil engineer. A Very civil engineer.

Joe Fekete announced that he negatively reviews stuff.

Thorsen: He gave us chocolate. CLJII: He’s not here throwing chocolate at us. (Would that be, er, grounds for removing his sainthood? – ed.) Brett Achorn: A gracious host, a fine collection of hard rock café t-shirts from around the world. Someone behind Mike Thorsen said, “He’s run good dealers’ Rooms.” Three cheers, and a chocolate bruise.

Committee to Gouge: Tadao is listless. In view of the elections, if you feel like throwing extra money at Liz, please do so…

Karen Anderson, Temporizing: Cassini Huygens space craft nears the end of its mission. First event is closest approach to Phoebe. First photos with any detail are being taken about now. Closest approach is 13:56 Pacific time tomorrow.

Joe Fekete is on a disability leave from Universal, with bad health. Tomorrow, he goes through a procedure to ablate his prostate, hopefully without prostrating him.

Bob Null: We have leftovers from the yard sale. This includes good monitors. We also have a fridge.

Rose is looking for sponsors for the walk for life, vs. cancer.

Ed Green announced, anyone a member of LOSCON 31, 6/26 is the walk-through of the new hotel. Must be on committee. Parking may be reduced, but will not be free. Meet here 10:30 a.m. to carpool.

George Van Wagner: this Sunday is Second Sunday, featuring a Board Meeting and the usual second Sunday festivities.

After voting, George Van Helsing Wagner was installed as President.

Vice President: Mike Thorsen was railroaded in as Veep. Veep Vail.

Liz Mortensen was railroaded in as Treasurer.

Karl Lembke, in a closely contested election, was elected Scribe after the chads were re -counted.

The new Registrar, a tag -team of Vanessa Van Wagner and Michelle Pincus, was elected on the ultra -maroon ballot. What a pair of maroons!

Old Business: Election of Club officers from candidates who fail their saving throws…

Committee Reports: Brother Thorsen passed among the faithful to collect for the spire.

There were no further appointive committee reports.

The meeting adjourned at 21:24:49.

Meeting # 3486, Jun 03 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

At the call of “Horse Before Cow, Except After Sow”, the LASFS was called to direction at 20:08:26.

Special Orders of Business

The giant Gila monster’s death was not mentioned this week. The Sheila monster, however, was devastated.

The Menace were read and approved as “Hah!”

The Registrar: Ben Massoglia announced that we have two returning guests, from whom he didn’t take names. Fortunately, he also neglected to kick…

Tonight’s Patron Saint: I remember Dr. Pournelle mentioning that once he achieved sainthood and achieved the Freehafer award, disappeared. Jim Glass. Jeff: I hear he’s bulletproof. Marty Cantor: In 1975, at our previous clubhouse, Jim Glass was the librarian, and a good one, too, under very trying circumstances, as this whole clubhouse was the size of this room, and the library was one room of that, and it was full. Scratch: He was a nice guy, and he gave us money. Three Cheers, and a vastly improved institutional memory…

Committee to Gouge: “I’m glad the cute thing works...”

Old Business: Nomination of the President of the Club...

The crazy George Van Wagner was nominated.

Nominations will be re-opened next week.

Committee Reports: CLJII: Next week, elections. The third and fourth week of the month will be “More Like the Movies” parts 1 and 2. Tonight, after the meeting, we have the first episode of “The Death of Ed Green”. Following that, Mr. Safer presents something. In a change of gears, classic comedy. Moses Horowitz, Jerome Horowitz, and Larry Fine, aka the Three Stooges.

Brother Thorsen collected for the Spire, and Ed Green announced the standings in the Fugghead Of The Year Contest. Doug’s Sensitivity won, Ed and Christian tied for second.

Arizona Tomomatsu announced the craft fair taking place the day after tomorrow, ice age optional. It runs from 9-5, and then falls in a heap to catch its breath.

CLJII Tomomatsu reminded all that FWEMS this month is the Serial Double Feature, The Masked Marvel, and Secret Agent X9.

Kris Tomomatsu announced Estrogen Zone, taking place on Saturday.

Mike Tomomatsu Thorsen announced TRIPE, taking place Sunday.

Time-Bound Announcements: Joe Zeff announced that he’s recently gotten a proper router, and Phil Castora is now on the Internet again.

George Van Wagner announced the Trio Cable Channel is doing a months-worth of flops – series that bombed abysmally. (I never knew that there was any other kind. – ed.)

My mother the car? We had to tie the children up to make them watch it when we were doing something else!” – JP.

Reviews: Jerry Pournelle had a serious review: If you’re interested in the situation in Israel and want to know what’s going on, Richard Ben Cramer, an American secular Jew, correspondent with Philadelphia Inquirer, How Israel Lost. What does it matter, who’s done what, why isn’t there any peace... It’s not a fun book, but it’s well done. Thesis: Neither side wants peace. Sharon can’t exist without Arafat, Arafat can’t exist without Sharon.

Here’s to the Irish. They may not know what they want, but by God, they’re willing to fight for it.”

George Van Wagner reviewed a book, Speak Commentary.

It’s commentary on DVDs, all attributed... It’s very entertaining. Ed Green had an update. The Sensitivity still leads. There is a tie for second. Dr Sideburns is gaining. Voting will end after the first film in tonight’s program.

Miscellaneous: Hare remarked on an idiot who tried to steal his bicycle from the club. He took a saw to the lock, when he could have sawed through the bench a lot more easily. However, don’t leave outside here stuff you want to keep. Thorsen: “So if I chained the refrigerator to something, someone would try to steal it?”

Bob Null is preparing a donation box of magazines and stuff to send to Kaiser Hospital. To donate, either remove the mailing label or render it illegible. Hospitals are always looking for magazines. There are waiting rooms going begging. (Would they not take up a lot of room on sidewalks? – ed.)

George VW had another stupid crook report. This one broke him of the habit of grabbing envelopes and scribbling notes on them. This bank robber was easily traced because he wrote his note on the back of his paperwork, listing bail conditions. (Good. I assume that George now thinks that he will never get caught when he robs banks. – ed.)

CLJII has been taking a course called Adaptive Physical Education. He has reached 100% of his goals on the weight machines.

[Karen Anderson mentioned the Science Fiction Museum website at]

The meeting adjourned at 21:02:34.

Meeting # 3491, Jul 8, 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

President George called LASFS to order at 20:16:29..

On this day, we honor the impeachment pox, and a feud in baseball. A pox on both houses of the legislature!

Special Orders of Business: This week we honor the passing of a giant in the motion picture industry, Marlon Brando. A moment of silence was held in his honor.

The Menace were not read or approved because the computer had been Raptured earlier today. The Vice President will install some sin files in order to make the next computer un-rapturable.

The Registrar: announced that guests were likewise missing, though probably not for the same reason.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

Marc Schirmeister

Tom Safer thanked him for the ice cream.

Marty Cantor said Marc is probably one of the most gifted artists never to be Hugo'd. He was doing covers for APA‑L in 75 or so, and still does some from time to time. He has also drawn covers for "Holier than Thou".

Len Moffatt wanted to say he's so old he can remember when Schirm couldn't draw flies. Unfortunately, he's always been very talented. His art is reminiscent of old‑style cartoons, back when cartoons actually were art. In addition, he's very good at re‑creating styles. And, he has a quick wit.

Phil Castora, who has used mimeo in the past, on this occasion dittoed the previous remarks.

Matthew Tepper remembers a joyous time when Marc and Elst were looking at some of his art, and felt that thrill of discovery.

Charlie Jackson, II observes that Schirm didn't quite spring from nowhere – Hippolytae's brother molded him from clay.

Ken Porter called him "someone you can sit and chat with, and discuss fan politics. The man is better than his work."

Marc had a dog named Jimbo, and it as Jimbo's indiscretion that got him, and all other quadrupeds, banned from the club. (Presumably except for service animals.) (Jerry Pournelle says, "Oh yes, that's why we passed that rule...")

Fred Patten recalls that Jimbo got in a fight with a coyote, and the coyote was rather the worse for it. He also remembers being at a barbecue when a doe and her faun wandered out of the bushes. Schirm is partly responsible for the growth of Furry Fandom, making it accessible to all. He has a fine sense of wonder. He also has quite a collection of recordings, including one of the German equivalent of the USO, entertaining the troops occupying Riva.

Scratch notes that, with all that was said and done, "he's a nice guy and he gave us money."

Jerry Pournelle added, "He brought ice cream."

Marc Schirmeister thanked the members. He's been in the club for years, and the club gave him the confidence he needed, and a chance to grow in his craft. Now he has a career in storyboard animation.

Committee to Gouge: featured the Ronald Reagan of auctioneers. "May your palm trees be crossed with silver."

Old Business: None

New business: None

Committee Reports

Joe Zeff reported that there may be a magic tournament tomorrow.

Ken Porter reported that the Mah Jongg tournament will be held during Halloween weekend.

Vanessa stated that we have a visitor after all. Martin Young is visiting, and has joined the club.

George Van Wagner warned us that Sunday is Second Sunday, board meeting at 11 AM, followed by the usual time‑wasting activities. July the 15th features a talk by Tim Powers. Tonight is another round table, "What are you reading now?"

Brett Achorn announced Cinema Anime on Saturday.

After Joe Fekete bid $1 to hear Charlie Jackson's report, we were told that FWEMS this month would feature the first part of the Salute to Roger Korman; the second part would be next month. After the Captain Marvel serial runs its course, we will begin Secret Agent X‑9.

Time-Bound Announcements

Tom Safer announced, for all those interested in Bugs Bunny, he'll be showing his latest arrangement at the Porter Ranch Library, and the Robert Lewis Stevenson Library.

Doug Crepeau notes that James Doohan's star is being installed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This will be his last appearance due to Alzheimer's.

George Van Wagner announced we've received a post card from Bill Anderson.

Karl Lembke announced that we have a pillar fund for Allan Rothstein. Donate early, donate often.


Tom Safer reviewed Shreck II. Go see it. It's fun, and a good parody of Hollywood.

Hare Hobbs enjoyed Spiderman II a lot. It has a good story line. He's also enjoying Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold.

Joe Fekete also enjoyed Spiderman II, more than the original. In this one, the villain is a good person who goes bad as the result of an experiment gone bad.

Jerry Pournelle says Spiderman II has the best depiction of Pierson's Puppeteers he's ever seen.

Ken Porter noted the existence of "Black to the Future", an organization for Black SF and fantasy writers, and asked, "Do we really need a separate branch of fandom?" This led to some discussion, which was eventually postponed for a discussion program someday.

Doug Crepeau suggested that a listing be placed on Craig's List, and that we invite any interested members of Black to the Future to come, with their 2¢ worth.

Fannish Committee Reports

Tom Safer had an interesting encounter with the photo enforced stop light program. He received a notice that his car had been photographed running a red light. The people in the car were his wife – and her lover.

The Los Angeles Times notes that Broadway is soon to host a Monty Python and the Holy Grail play take‑off, "Spamalot".

Vanessa Van Wagner, for the Kvetch Committee, thanked those who washed the dishes in the front sink.


Jeff noted that he has recently delivered some posters to NewLine Cinema for "Blade ‑ Trinity". No, they wouldn't give him one.

Doug Crepau says some of the artwork in the new "Around the World in 80 Days" is an homage to "The Wizard of Speed and Time."

Scratch has 77 kids learning AD&D in his class.

Tom Safer notes the first animated Spiderman series is now out in a 6‑DVD set.

Marc Schirmeister notes Disney has released Werner Von Braun's "Man in Space" series.

Frank Waller reported that the Cartoon Network had a 42‑hour Spiderman cartoon marathon.

CLJII was handed a nice ad card for "Baby Bat's Lullaby".

Hare Hobbs notes that the French are still angry. If Lance Armstrong wins the Tour de France next year, he'll be the oldest to win it, unless they start it a week earlier. And they just might.

CLJII updated his numbers. His lifetime verified total is 5320.

The meeting adjourned at 21:09:56.

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