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Background:  I spent the last 20 years of my professional career at the L.A. County Arboretum, frequently starting trees from seeds or cuttings and growing them on in containers for varying lengths of time (over a decade in the case of some very tropical ones in the greenhouses).  To paraphrase the (typically perceptive) Yiddish-American joke, "By the LASFS, I'm an Expert. By Expert arboriculturists, I'm no Expert". That said... I'll present my thoughts and opinions ramblingly, rather than by strict email protocol.

As I mentioned in a LoC Marty generously published in his APA-L zine, the patio of the (proposed?) new building looks dreadfully barren.  I may have more to say about that after I've actually seen the place and checked-out the paving & drainage.  I suspect that we'd do best to settle for a few plants in relatively-inexpensive containers or half-tubs at least until interior renovations are completed and paid-for.

I'm strongly in favor of Time-Binding, in fandom, and support the idea of carrying-over plant material from the present/old site to the new one, but it looks as though this will have to be done in containers -- to which that lemon tree (or its offspring) isn't well-suited.

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Mel Gilden - The Great Publishing Experiment PDF Print E-mail

author of Surfing Samurai Robots, the Fifth Grade Monster books, as well as Star Trek novel, and other novels for adults and children announces the online publication of two new novels:

Mel writes:  "I just wanted to let you know that my essay about how I came to write a

semi-sequel to Surfing Samauri Robots has been posted at
<>.  This is a great website full of useful, interesting, and timely info about the current mystery scene." 

Dangerous Hardboiled Magicians
Cowabunga, schweetheart!  A book in the manner of Surfing Samurai Robots!  In a
Los Angeles that is something like ours but more magical, PI Turner Cronyn doesn't know why he has been threatened by a supernatural being.  Does it have anything to do with the fact that zombies who look like him are turning up all over town?  But there is a bright side to his life, too.  A beautiful woman seems determined to help with his investigations.  Is she a goddess or does she just look like one?  (Cover by Glen Orbik.)

The Jabberwock Came Whiffling
Twas brillig, and Albert finds himself dealing with slithy toves, mome raths, borogoves, and a girl named Alice.  The only way that Albert can get home is by slaying the jabberwock and getting into the cave of a snark, which is, unfortunately, a boojum.  Wonderland was never so much fun or so dangerous.  A middle-grade novel for kids and for adults who remember when they were kids. (Cover by Sir John Tenniel.)

Both books are available at, and can be read on the Kindle, as well as by using the free downloadable apps for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad,BlackBerry, orAndroid Phone

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Kevin Dodds running for Board PDF Print E-mail
Platform of Change:  see Kevin's LJ blog
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About the LASFS Code of Conduct PDF Print E-mail


The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS) is a FAMILY FRIENDLY Location.  The Code of Conduct is designed to help keep it that way.

LASFS Members and their guests are unique, valuable, and deserve respect.  Moreover, we do not like losing them. To that end, your fellow club members ask that you show respect for yourself by:  taking care of yourself physically: bathing, wearing clean clothes, using deodorant, taking prescribed medications, resting, controlling your diet, exercising appropriately, not attempting to exceed your physical  capabilities or limitations, and generally valuing yourself the way we value you. This meas no putting yourself down, either!


LASFS Members also value their fellow members and guests. They do not demean or harass one another but treat each other as valued. They are courteous and respectful, allowing everyone who wants to participate, volunteer, or lead, an opportunity to do so.  They refrain from the self-indulgence that makes themselves martyrs and actively seek the help and participation of others, allowing others a chance to take on jobs rather than grabbing everything and complaining about the load they carry. They do not plot against others or undermine them behind their backs.  They receive credit for their contributions gracefully, and gracefully acknowledge the contributions of others.   They realize that their own behavior may give offense and so they take responsibility for watching their grooming, behavior, smoking, language, and they refrain from harassing anyone( sexually or otherwise).


LASFS Members are heirs to 75 years of fandom, history, and resources.  Our clubhouse, like LASFS and its members, is valuable and unique.  Feel free to enjoy your snacks or food here, but remember after eating or going to the bathroom to wash your hands with soap and water.  Pick up your own mess. That includes washing, drying, and putting away dishes and serving pieces that are used for setting out or preparing food. Do not abuse the furniture, computers, displays, machines, or any part of the club. Do not exploit or use LASFS property or resources (like electricity) that the club pays for. Turn off lights, computers, etc. Do not mess with the thermostat. If you need something, please ask an officer.  There is a right way to ask to borrow items belonging to the club—from the Board of Directors—and a small donation is always appreciated. Remember, we are stewards for the next generation of fans.



Respect Yourself, Others, and the Property of LASFS. Treat Them Respectfully While On the Premises.

LASFS Members enjoy being enthusiastic fans. Our mission is to bring the joy of fandom to all. Please join us in creating an atmosphere that welcomes new people and promotes a sense of community by adhering to our code of conduct.  Violations of the code of conduct will be dealt with individually as the Board of Directors deems appropriate.

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How big is the Phillip Pullman fanbase? PDF Print E-mail

I just got a copy of the Butterfly Tattoo.


I was wondering if Phillip Pullman has a big draw. I believe Golden Compass was only a moderate success?


Opinions anyone?



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