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Hello LASFS --


I was looking at the photos from Baycon due to a recent link with the West Kingdom History Site and I believe that the identity of "Unknown" in image wor6830.jpg (shown below) is Tracy Zimmer.


P.S. Really nicely designed website.


-- Flieg




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Karl: This is a non-profit, and by God we're going to keep it that way.

(Talking about proposals to rent the building to one organization, and some of our drapes to another.)

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I recognize that little girl in ddn #54

 hat is Jeneveive Paurel Davis, aka The Widget. She was in the Masquerade as The Littlest Princess Leia vs the Trash Can Monster (no picture of the monster who was played by Harold Harrigan that I've found yet).

Jennie was 3 1/2 when she did that costume. I would submit a current picture of her, but it would make you all feel real old.


Lisa Deutsch Harrigan, Jennie's Mom

Many thanks.  --Lee Gold, webstaffer

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The price of sodas has gone up at the clubhouse to $1 as of the September 11, 2011 Board of Director's Meeting. Just letting everyone know! 
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By Barry Gold

From a discussion of floor coverings for the meeting room in the new building:

Elayne: And it's green.

Unknown:  Oh, no, not green!

Elayne: Not green as in color.  Green as in eco-friendly.

Christian: It will all be kelly green.

Elayne: I'm going to paint everything bright bubblegum pink!

Later on, discussing arranging to have a riser/small stage at the front of the new building meeting room, somebody mentioned a new member who builds things for a living, who has volunteered to do minor construction of that sort.

Lee Gold: Ask him to build a starship.

And, after Elayne requested a committee in charge of decoration, so that every little detail doesn't have to be discussed to death in the full Board, somebody started to suggest a list of possible committee members.

Karl: The Chairman can appoint and disappoint.

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