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The NBC show TV Kings is a unique thing.
The writers of the show seem to draw from the story of David (not David and Goliath) and Saul.
When watching the show think of it as an alternate Earth for every name of the nations in the show is not a nation on Earth.
Also the showhas modern military combat in it (on a small scale) with tanks, so if a person is into tanks they should see the show too.
To me the show was a combination of a modern monarchal nation, the story of David and intrigue. Watch the TV show on and watch part 2 next Sunday.


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Firefly fanciers may want to look at Steve Brust’s free fanfic book, downloadable at 


I liked it better than I liked the TV series, maybe because we watched the show back before we got a new TV with a bigger screen, and it was easier for me to tell the characters apart in text than it was on the old TV, maybe because it was easier for me to figure out their motivations in text than on the TV. 

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