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Inside the Lines
Copyright 2019
by Joshua Dyer
Joshua Dyer has several published boks for sale.  See  He has writes in several different genres and styles including horror, fantasy, science fiction, and mainstream fiction. He has written for the Los Angeles Times, where some of his fiction won their “Reader’s Choice Award” for best story of the year. When he’s not writing, Dyer likes to read, study languages, play video games, and bake stuff.

The time had come. Carl sat in his car, wrenching the steering wheel until his wrinkled knuckles went white. Beyond the hissing rain on his windshield, loomed the massive complex of DynaCorp.
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Charles Lee Jackson has two more books now available, with another about to be released.

The Emperor Marked For Death [The Amazing Adventures of The Emperor #2]
Blonde Bombshells [The Emperor's Secret Files #2]

And coming this month:
The Mark of Cypher [The Emperor's Secret Files #3]

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LASFS's Charles Lee Jackson II has two books available for purchase on Amazon.


The Emperor'd Gambit:  The Classic Pulp Cliffhangers


 The Executive of Crime:  The Emperor's Secret Files


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Science Fiction with Intellectual Content and Laughs
Blüroof Press -- at
$14.99 Trade Paperback / $2.99 Kindle
Reviewed by Russell Blackford

It is little wonder that the master of the genre, Ray Bradbury, gave his endorsement to Seven Paul Levia's, "Traveling in Space."  In form it's a science fiction narrative, but not one that presents space-opera-style battles or one that aims at verisimilitude in the manner of hard sf. Instead, we're given a satirical story in the tradition of books such as Robert A. Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land," with which it shares something of a common sensibility, or even "Gulliver's Travels."

Look for elements of Menippean satire, such as a fragmented narrative, philosophical debates, and pervasive mockery of both sacred and "commonsense" ideas.
"Traveling in Space" is sufficiently sprawling and complicated to require a list of dramatis personae to help sort out its characters, which you can on Leiva's blog (, as well as find out quite a bit more about the book and its author.

The book's satirical force is generated by contact between two mutually baffled intelligent species: a bunch of extraterrestrial aliens traveling in space far from their home world; and human beings here on Earth, whom they encounter and try to understand. This opens up all sorts of possibilities. The aliens are not bug-eyed monsters, but humanlike beings from a vastly older, technologically superior civilization. They immediately strike Earth men and women as physically gorgeous and fascinating. For their own part, they find us equally fascinating ... though physically repulsive.

Many of the aliens' encounters with human beings are downright funny. They see the idiocy of many of our institutions and practices, whether it be religion, war, or prudishness about the body. As the narrative continues, however, and they are confronted by the facts of race hate and genocide, the satire takes on a different tone. The aliens still struggle to understand what they're seeing, but the denunciation grows more bitter (even when the horrors are filtered through the perceptions of the aliens, who examine human conduct in a rather clinical way).

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